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  1. Just watching my team win the second game in a row having reverted (I actually got a message in the media saying how going backwards had helped us go forwards, was a really nice touch by SI) I can see how the strikers have much more of an effect in Brobs 17 Ultimate 11.3 tactic - by using the two wide strikers as wingers, out wide to recieve the ball the central striker has space, the centre backs drawn wide by the STL/Rs, as opposed to what was happening with Complete Dom 11.3 where it was a static front two for me and the ball forwards was too one dimensional without a good playmaker in the AMC role, with the wide strikers dropping deeper to collec the ball there are more crosses and side passes into the box for the central striker. Hope my observations are of some help and not taken as critacism - there has been no perfect tactic for 11.3 but if anyone can do it Im sure you can Mr Hough, your track record is sublime. Dave
  2. Hi, dont message often, but wanted to give some feedback. Managing Bournemouth (predicted 18th in League one), was in 2nd using Brobs 17 Ultimate 11.3 Dec 26th, when after getting fully acclimatised to the tactic I unleased your new Complete Dominance. And... Well it worked like a treat. I won my first two games 1-0, good possession, nice flowing footy. However I then lost three games in a row, won a game, drew a game, won a fourth game and then lost four in a row - my championship dream fading I reverted back. In summary played 12, W4, D1, L7. This is in comparison to the original tactic P28 W18... This tactic works well sometimes, but for a low team like bournemouth without the players required to make it work (its also far more tiring than than Ultimate 11.3) where the players arent great at passing, there is no creative midfielder for the AMC slot and then decent balls to the strikers to score. I am hoping that when I get promoted to the chmpionship Ill get enough money to buy good players (or loan them, got my eye on bostock for the AMC role as I got Spurs as a parent club) I might be in a better place to implement this tactic. Thanks for all your hard work, Im sorry I cant report a better result with Bournemouth, but Ill get back to you when I can get a few better players!
  3. I currently have Zidane as my own scout, but Beckham, King, Toure, Hargreaves, Joe Cole, Crouch and Carra all as coaches. Beckham in particular isnt bad - 4 star on attacking and ball contol. As well as that Drogba is the Ivory Coast manager, Hyypia is Finland manager, Rosicky manages Sheff Wed, Heskey manages Southampton, Keiron Dyer manages Shrewsbury, Henry manages Almeria, Inzaghi manages in the Italian 3rd division, James Beattie manages MK Dons, Giggs manages Furth in the German 2nd Division, Csse manages FC Lorient, Malouda manages Monaco, Saha manages FC Metz. I love how diverse it gets in the game, currently in 2017, looking forward to the regens starting to go into management.
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