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  1. I instaled the patch but I have problem again. When I'm starting second game my screen goes black and then goes out of game. It's annoying !!! ERROR low on memory .... what to do ? Please help ....
  2. Hello ! I have the same problem with crash dump. I was playing with Cambridge for 4 seasons, and now I get crash dump on every match. I tried everything you said here but nothing works . I hope SI will solve this problem with next patch because this is frustrating.
  3. FM 2010 system requirements

    Does anyone know when will be published system requirements for fm 2010 ?
  4. We in Montenegro are realy excited ....
  5. So the editor will let us do the job, that's ok.
  6. 50 leagues are in 2009, so no new leagues
  7. How many leagues are in the FM 2009, beacuse in the blog they said there gonna be 50 leagues in 10?
  8. thank you for the answer, is that 100% correct ?
  9. i understand that and thats fantastic for us in montenegro beacuse it was so difficult to create our own league, but I still wanted to find out is there gonna be our league, what are the chances that there gonna be our league ....
  10. Does anyone know will there be Montenegrin League in FM 2010?
  11. football manager 2010

    Yes i have noticed that:) , if someone have information about this please tell me...
  12. Is there any chance that in new version will be montenegrian league?