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  1. Well I've got no intention of playing by other games for now. Maybe that might change when I have a PC, my laptop would annoy me when trying to play other games on it. Thanks for the suggestion
  2. Hi, Been using an older laptop for a while but it's not in the best health anymore. Got a budget of about £1000 for full PC, Screen, Keyboard & Mouse. I don't care too much for any other games really just Football Manager. I only play with 2D, I'd like to run all leagues. But have them all on View only apart from 3-4 league available to play. So a database of over 200k preferred. So any ideas on what might be best to suit my needs. I have seen this, slightly over budget but not much https://www.costco.co.uk/Electronics-Security/Gaming-PCs-Consoles/Ga
  3. I have also had this Issue. I have my save file it was during the buying process. Would this help ?
  4. @Cadoni With my youth players, i bring anyone from my under 23 or 18 to my first team, train them like i do the rest of my players and mentor them. I also make sure they are available to play for under 23 or 18 using my first team tactics. I know the results of the youth teams don't matter but my under 19 are unbeaten in 24 games scoring 171 and conceding 1 goal.
  5. @RDF Tactics thank alot for your input. This is something I'm going to implement during this save. You players have progressed very nicely
  6. @RDF Tactics You have inspired me to do that same thing as your Man Utd team, but with my team Manchester City & only using Youth and maybe buying English youth. With the Fire&Water tactic you are using whats your suggestion regarding crossing delivery. Also Left foot LM & Right foot RM ?
  7. @FuSS Maybe because i don't set 'set piece takers' and he is by default free-kick and corner taker that helps with assist and the odd goal from a free-kick which I've seen him score.
  8. I find that Danilo Cataldi is great for the Mezzala role. Can be picked up for about £5.5M at the start of the game. Found him when I managed Brighton previously and just got him on a new save with West Ham.
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