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  1. Nice victory over barca! like to see that your tactic is working so well for you alinp
  2. I am feeling very similar ... I have been successful on previous versions but am struggling to produce results in my pre-season friendlies against some extremely weaker teams ... without a doubt due to the new set up of how the tactic variables interact with one another
  3. First game with the tactic ... left Coutinho as inside forward. Was happy with the result until I remembered that they had the early red card which would undoubtedly screwed the results http://imageshack.com/a/img854/6208/kj7l.png' alt='kj7l.png'>Uploaded with ImageShack.com[/img] The biggest problem I see with this particular tactic is what happens when countinho and Henderson need a rest? I guess that Sterling could probably play the inside forward role but he tends to shoot to often for my liking and Moses is again not a suitable option. In regards to Henderson, there is no one with the exception of Gerrard who could play the wide right role that requires a large work rate. It seems that the only suitable alternative is to switch the formation whenever one of those two need a rest. I am currently working on a back 3, 2 wingback line up like Liverpool used over the last month, however, I am concerned that it still faces that same problem expect this time regarding Johnson at RB ... there is no like-for-like suitable cover meaning another change in formation. Any ideas?
  4. Would love to see a this formation - I have been trying to put together one that would allow Sterling to actually play (I think that the formation Liverpool play in real life has no suitable role for him ... I can see Rogers adapting it within a few seasons to incorporate him) I am thinking that the ball playing defender role that agger has would push him further as he attempts to get into the play ... could always attempt Lucas' role as a support duty ... that would see him push up the field as well although could easily leave you a bit light on defensively ... and the generally accepted idea is to have at least one midfield on the defend duty.
  5. Thanks for sticking up for the thread alinp! However, doesn't necessarily have to be just for the Fulham game - just how they line up with a back four. In saying that, Lucas definitely needs a to stay as a left sided mid as Gerard always lines up on the right!
  6. Interesting that you have both strikers set on complete forwards, alinp, as I don't believe Sturridge displays that willingness, or is allowed to, drop that deep into midfield - whereas Suarez does so with greater regularity
  7. Agree with the 2 banks of four in defence, but as you stated, it was hard to say with confidence as Fulham didn't have extended periods in possession and, as Countiho moved around the attacking third he wasn't always set up on to track back on the left wing.
  8. G'day people, with my utter failure to grasp the tactical elements of the game initially (resulting in some very embarrassing score lines!) I have decided to undertake a experiment with tactics using my utterly favourite team, Liverpool! Firstly, I am not an experienced FM tactician - so this is just my experiences. Secondly, I would like to say a massive thanks to wwfan for the article on 'How to Play FM14' which can be found here I believe that Liverpool, at least this season, have been using two distinct formations based a key aspect of two central strikers - either with three centre backs or the traditional back four. After watching Liverpool dominate Fulham recently, I have decided two start with the flat back formation. Starting front to back, I decided to set up two strikers as that is the way Liverpool line up – with the most common pairing Sturridge and Suarez. On the left of the pairing, I placed Sturridge due to his stronger left foot (although I did toss up moving him right but ultimately put him left as I want Henderson/Johnson filling that space). He was placed on an Advanced Forward as he leads the line more than Suarez does – attacking mentality as only option. Individually, I gave him the shoot less and move into channel shouts as I need him linking him with teammates. With Suarez, I quickly discarded the non-creative roles as that’s definitely not his role at Liverpool – after some further review of his role I decided on a False 9 as that would hopefully allow him to drag the left centre pairing/left back out of position – space that could be exploited by the right side of my formation. In regards to shouts, shoot less often again (for the same reason as above) and roam from position – I would like him to pop of everywhere (the way he plays in real life). On the left is Coutinho – he plays as a attacking midfielder but starts out on the left – I choose an inside forward on attack role with ‘sit narrower’, ‘shoot less often’, ‘dribble more’ and ‘play risky passes’ – to reflect the creative role he has bridging the gap between centre midfield and the attackers. Centre midfield was Lucas (a ball winning mid/defensive – ‘shoot less’ ‘play short passes’) and Gerrard (deep lying playmaker/support ‘play more direct passes’). I was trying to implement the break up play/simple passing game of Lucas and the more expansive role that Gerrard plays. My biggest dilemma came with the placing of Henderson, who has been a regular in the Liverpool side – I was unhappy playing as attacking winger role as he normally starts more around the centre line and uses his impressive work rate to push forward and back. He also regular links with Johnson who pushes forward from RB, so I choose a wide midfielder role on support with ‘sit narrower’ and ‘shoot less’. This helped with the setting of Johnson (wing back/attack with ‘push forward’ ‘shoot less’ ‘cut inside’) I really want to see Johnson screaming up the wing to help with the attack with Henderson covering or Lucas if Henderson is caught forward. My opposite back, Enrique was also set on wingback but a support setting to help link play rather than create it – ‘shoot less’ ‘dribble less’ shouts. My two centre backs set on defender/defend – to hold back and provide cover in case the opposition break. I thought about a balanced team instruction but was concerned about the amount of players I had in the up field and wanted the cover by having the midfielders push back to help out. I struggled with team shouts – however, finally settled on fluid/control with ‘retain possession’, ‘shorter passes’ (hoping Gerrard’s individual shots override this), ‘pass into space’, ‘work into box’, ‘roam position’, ‘play out a back’
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