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  1. I was struggling with FM15 too and decided to type out what i wanted from my tactic and then watched the games back - again typing out the analysis and you will be amazed out how much you noticed
  2. I use a very similar tactic and reckon that your struggles against Malmo would be more to do with formation/role differences - if the opposition moves the ball wide, say with a winger or attacking fullback the three midfielders get pulled out of position. Also from you picture i take the the CM (D) is part of the CM slot rather than in the DM slot - the CM D has a 'close down more' PI always on - meaning that your midfield would be left open more often as the RP could be anyway and the CM (A) would have pushed forwar so if the opposition midfield quickly moved the ball then it would leave your back line exposed - even more so since i just noticed that your full backs are WB (A) so they will also be in the attacking half. Just some thoughts
  3. I reckon you set up is quite good actually i use something extremely similar myself - just might require some minor tweaking! I would think that you would mostly crowd the middle of the pitch for large parts of the game as : - the WM is set for 'roam' and 'cut inside' - you have WP who activity looks to drifts inside - the CM (A) pushes up to where the WP is\ - the RPM gets everywhere but can frequently push forward as well So as you can see there is lots of players in a tight space - meaning that the defenders can cover multiple people. I will suggest that you think about allowing your players some overall freedom, maybe a flexible team shape? This would still allow you to be defensively solid but give your attack minded players some freedom to make decisions based on what they see (and you mentioned that they had good decision making stats) As your tactic is very narrow, i would look at providing some width somehow - there would be two obvious ways to do it either by setting your LB to a more attacking role so he gets forward more - this will still give you 3 designated defenders with your anchor man. The other way would be to set you WM to a winger (if you have a player that can fill the role) to a winger. Also of note is that the HB will often sit deep in attack - meaning that he is often not available to recycle possession in the midfield. Just some thoughts for you to mull over
  4. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! So further tactic tweaking has resulted in the tactic now taking on the following: As you can see - I've switched the midfield (again). I didnt like the Central Winger in the right hand midfield slot as i felt that he wasnt having as big an impact as i would like - especially as i was hoping to see him push wide and draw defenders and with Sterling earmarked for the role a natural fit you would think. I am now using the CM (A) role in the middle of the midfield (usually an attacking player like Coutinho, Sterling, Lallana) and a roaming playmaker in the right mid slot (usually Gerrard, Henderson, Allen though I have used Coutinho and Lallana). The CM (A) has dribble more PI. Now I feel that in the effort of full disclosure that I should mention that I have been unable to tweak this tactic to be successful in every game and in fact have even used different formations completely when the situation has required - mainly based off the formation that the opposition is using. For example, at home to Man City who lined up in a 4-3-2-1 with 3 CM and 2 AM i felt that i would be be midfield battle and one that i wouldnt necessarily win as City have some world-class mids. I switched to a 4-1-4-1 to use the space on the wings - for the record a somewhat lucky 1-0 win with 3CC and 1HC for Liverpool and 2CC and 4HC to City so in hindsight my decision not might as clever as i thought i was The next game for tactic was against Swansea team that lined up in a 4-4-1-1. I thought that with no DM my CM (A) would contribute enough defensively to outnumber the Swansea midfield while pushing forward hard enough to to exploit that space in the DM strata. As you can see, i feel that my tactical change was a success, especially when you few Swansea's shot chart with only 1 shot on target and all their shots from outside the box (or really close to outside the box) I couple of observation regarding the Swansea game. As you can see in this clip - my wingbacks have pushed forward causing the Swansea defense to be pulled out of position, leaving my DLF in space. Meanwhile, my midfield has done what i hoped they would do with the CM (A) in and around the box, while the CM (S) has also found this space - not so happy with that. You can also see my Roaming Playmaker has pushed over to offer an outlet. As you can see, Gerrard (as he should!) finds Sturridge wide open in the middle of the box. As a results, Coutinho pushes into the box forcing the defender to make a choice between marking him and Henderson on the edge of the box while the other defenders are occupied with my CF. With the defenders worried about Sturridge, Coutinho is left free in the middle - in this case his shot is spectacularly saved by the goalkeeper, but that is almost inconsequential as it's the movement that i'm most pleased with. As I said, the low score and the missed chances dont bother me as much because at least i'm creating those chances. As stated above, i was really pleased with the opportunities that this created as well as how it restricted the quality of Swansea's shot.
  5. Probably the main reason i wasnt overly thrilled with the Central Winger was the somewhat deep position that he took up
  6. I have experimented with the Central Winger in the right midfielder spot and a Roaming Playmaker in the center midfield spot - i found that the Central Winger struggled to get forward and drive to the wing as regularly as i would like (even with 'get further forward' and 'run wide with ball'). However, from what i loved the idea of the central winger and the potential impact it could have. Thanks
  7. With this formation he almost never plays - there is no role for him that I can see. How's he doing I'm yours? Counter might he the only option - and we are pretty much trying to recreate the same style from liverpool a second half of the season where nearly all their goals were on the transition. I was using the dlp for a bit but found a defensive forward with move into channels showed showed promise. Tracked back better as well as shooting less (though with ball, lambert, and borini all shoot from distance this sometimes former work
  8. Interesting idea but from the articles I read that central winger fills the space created by the DLF - I'm not sure that the space wld be there with the two strikers as the remaining striker wld be clogging everything. However, I will definitely be trying this in my one striker formations as sterling suits the perfectly
  9. Have you got a link to thread that contains some information?
  10. im finding the exact same thing - crossing is almost the only way we score! however, im super determined to make this 2 striker work and will persist until i can. I am sure there is a way to get the goals from multiple points
  11. Firstly, it's a shame that you barrack for Man U - otherwise what an excellent first post The DM as a Regista is an interesting option - i will give it a go and see how it plays. I assume if you had Di Maria as a Roaming Playmaker then you had a defensive midfielder in the middle and What was the 3rd mids role? I am curious about your whole tactical set up actually as i have some continuing difficulties with the tactic - especially against a 4-3-2-1 set up - i imagine this struggle is due to the space the wingers have and the overload created when the opposition full backs get forward. If you could give me some more details on your success and tactic it would be greatly appreciated
  12. So after a restart due to a crash that corrupted that game file, I had re-start the save. Luckily, I always save before creating a manager (to avoid loading times if I wanted to play as a different team) which meant that I re-started back into the exact same database. Some tweaks were made from the original tactic. The Mentality was made more aggressive with Control. The team instructions have a minor update. I now use ‘pass into space’ and ‘play narrower’. I also have ‘low crosses’ as I’m intending to have my AF get on the end of these. First up was Man United – I mean what an easier game for a Liverpool manager to ease into job with! A draw first up even though it was at home – but to be honest I was disappointed, we were in control of the match from the outset. 14 shots for 1 clear-cut and 3 half chances doesn’t seem too bad – especially combined with the number of headers we had that didn’t register as a chance. While we managed to create a few chances you can see there was also an extremely large amount of crosses – the overwhelming majority provided by my wing backs. Not sure what this means yet as all but 1 were in play though they were nearly all intercepted or blocked. I’ve never paid much attention to crossing percentages before so I am unsure if this is good thing or not. But there is certainly a lot of them! The passing shows a good use of the AP (s) when moving the ball forward but his view shows no chances created and a number of passes sideways. Mata managed to open this scoring with this effort from right on the edge of box – not sure why I only had a two man wall (evidently need to review the set piece set-up) and with no wall from that close Mata does what he should and puts the ball into the back of the net. After the score, I decided I needed to up the ante to give me the best chance to score – I switched the CM (D) to a (S), the AP (S) to a (A) and the B2B to a CM (A). These changes had my midfield pushing forward when we were in control of the ball. The changed allowed my attack to look a little different – with almost four players in and around the box and Moreno (out of picture) pushed heaps further forward on the left wing. Johnson in this case puts a cross in – which is good option as my AF, now Lambert, is between his marker and the ball while the remaining CB is forced to cover the other striker in the box and the Man U midfielders have to mark my midfield pushing into the box. While Johnson’s cross was poor this time and cleared to by the CB his clearance goes straight to my advanced Wing Back whose cross back into the box is met by Sturridge, who jumps above his marker to head home. As you can see, there is no fewer than 5 players in or very close to in the box providing plenty of targets. After my review of the game, I decided to make a few minor tweaks to the tactic to see if I can draw some improvements. I change the midfield to the roles I gave them towards the end of the match – CM (S), AP (A), CM (A) – I am thinking that this midfield will push forward more and provide opportunities for my strikers. I'm keen to see how these changes may or may not impact the way we play.
  13. As always Cleon, awesome reading your stuff. The only problem is that you have a life outside of fm and csnt therefore 24/7!
  14. While Gerrard does have 'tries killer balls often' I like the idea of him being super aggressive when pushing the ball forward - hence why it is on. What did you mean by more positive?
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