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  1. Just to say I've been really impressed with the sign up so far and have been following with interest the whole way through (without posting, sorry!) What I find interesting is the diverse paths the players careers take, with success not always easy to come by and some very intriguing club loyalty/journeyman career stories. I just found it a more interesting read than the average 'give your player a PA of 200 and watch him dominate the world'. So well done Charlesbeams for creating the signup and if a similar thread happened with FM 2011 I'm sure it would be very popular.
  2. It's a shame Wisner can't take that final journey to ismailly with you to complete his own continental dominance too... :'(
  3. [FM10] Freedom for Tooting & Mitcham!

    Did you not learn russian when you coached them?
  4. [FM10] Freedom for Tooting & Mitcham!

    You know you're old when your ex players are managing your ex youth players
  5. Youth Intake Analysis

    Is there any particular reason for the high number of austrian regens with turkish second nationality?
  6. [FM10] Freedom for Tooting & Mitcham!

    Simon stevens seems to be rated pretty highly, what do you make of him?
  7. [FM10] Freedom for Tooting & Mitcham!

    He's got pace and his crossing's pretty high, you could take a gamble and try and make him a winger?
  8. Awesome stuff hrbfcrule! Keep it up Is your squad harmony stat very high seeing as your players have played together so long, and does it show in the performances?
  9. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    Stick with it MarkyMark, you're the benchmark for success! Has your squad harmony been very good in this challenge, seeing as so many of your players have played together for so long?
  10. [FM10] "Never felt more like singing the blues..."

    You should get carsley to tutor your youth prospects, imagine a team with his mental stats!
  11. [FM10] "Never felt more like singing the blues..."

    Great season Raware, good league win You should try and use some youth players as they can be very effective at those lower levels
  12. Inverting the Pyramind, FM style!

    Possibly time for a switch to the next tactic? (So you don't get relegated) W-M iirc...
  13. [FM10] "You'll never win anything with kids"

    Good season WH. Hogarth looks like a club legend in the making. I'm amazed at the impact he has had.
  14. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    MarkyMark none of your links seem to work for me
  15. [FM10] My Call for Assistance

    The updates are fine, i've been reading them steadily for a bit. In terms of your success it's hard to see where you're going wrong. You have good players and are obviously scoring goals for fun. I think you need to sort out your defense, i'm guessing you get some high scoring defeats? Do all the niggly stuff like defending set piece options and deciding if your defender is a stopper, cover, fullback, wingback etc. If you haven't already.