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  1. Hahahahaha, it has 3 English players =D Would never list at least two of them even in my reserves. Anyway, these might be the best individuals, but that does not make them the best team. I for one, would play with a more defensive minded CM to make the team more stable and tactical sound. Also, this is not the best 11 at the start of the game for the simple fact that Kaka is injured, thus cannot play at the start of the game =)
  2. For me the "Perfect" team would be: .....................Buffon................ V/d Wiel.. Chiellini.... Pepe.. Lahm .......Mascherano.......Essien....... Robben.......... Messi...... Ronaldo ....................Aguero................ Makes me wonder how close I can get to owning this team.. =D Makes me want to ditch the current save.. Or put it on pause at least. The weaknesses here would probably be Robben's injury proneness and Ronaldo's lack of teamwork (What is his game rating?). Also Buffon would eventually be replaced by De Gea
  3. This might come down to poor youth network and no big towns in the region? It would make sense for local teams to recruit local players, as for bigger teams to have a bigger scope.
  4. Biggest problem would be having a narrow minded manager who thinks one stat says it all.. How about you adjust your tactics so that a great prospect does fit in? Not trying to have a go at you, just getting so terribly annoyed by all those comments as to why a player is not good enough, while CaptainPlanet clearly is showing us a player with great potential. The kid as described here for example, he has every potential to receive the ball to his feet and make a run for it. His off the ball skills are poor, but there are plenty of stats which are good enough to turn this kid into a lethal striker. Granted, he is not perfect, but I can't think of any player who is. Again, not meant to attack anyone but I really think it would help more to identify and utilize what a player is good at, while pointing out what should be improved?
  5. Rohz, I have not tried the schedules, but here is what I think has happened to your Vidic. Composure is an attribute that is trained in Attacking. My guess is that the attacking in the DC training schedule is very low/non-existent? Give him some individual training focus on Composure if you want to keep him on the same schedule, it should at the very least balance out the lack in the schedule. Edit: Just saw I replied to a month old post, nice! =P
  6. There is the "Meet the Striker" thread, a definite must read I'd say. Thanks for your reply SFraser. Managing Feyenoord means there is a lot of potential around, but the attributes I value are not really present in the youngsters. However, I've just signed two 35+ guys to help me addressing that issue.
  7. The reason behind the 2nd question was mainly because I'd like to get the most out of those kids. Thus now knowing that their physical attributes will grow faster will probably make me emphasize on that first (e.g. until they turn 18/19) and tactics second (reduce the physical and increase the tactical side). I do suppose that the mental thing is something you want to work on early on, as it is pointless to create a wolf who thinks he's a sheep. Thanks for your answers, I'm off to make some modifications to my training schedule now!
  8. A select few under 24 appear to be able to tutor, although I am not 100% about why this is and have not tested it myself. I have a couple of questions for those more knowledgeable than me myself. 1. What are the stats you look for in youngsters? Obviously determination is a factor, but I always thought that Work Rate for example was hugely important as well. Are there other stats that are important guides to how well and how fast one will improve? 2. What is your main focus in training the youngsters? I know that physical is something that could be hugely boosted in FM10 before a player turned 24, but is this also your main focus or does it go more towards something like Tactical?
  9. Was waiting for this one! Started compiling info already myself, but am 100% sure that this is at least ten times better than what I could manage =D. Going to read the article now!
  10. He looks amazing! I've noticed the game creates a lot of "quicker" players later on. One thing about your Newgen bugs me though. I am the same height and only 3 kilo's lighter, yet I doubt that gaining 3 more kilo's will make me one of the strongest players in football. Your Newgen on the other hand has an 18 for Strength. But that's just purely a point of criticism on the game and definitely does not take away anything of the awesomeness of your regen!
  11. Hey all, I have recently started a new save with Manchester City after managing small teams ever since I've picked up a copy of FM11. The reason for me to pick City is because it is the complete other end of the scale and to be honest I think this thread can use some more active people. I have never used a Team thread though, so we'll see what happens. Strategy The strategy for me was simple. I have been "perfecting" the same tactic for a while and think that with 1 or 2 key signings it will do wonders for the team. The formation used is a 4-3-1-2 where all the midfield players are stationed in the centre. We will mostly start attacking and I have employed a rigid formation so that my players will rarely be caught out of position. I shall post more info, especially regarding my transfers, in coming posts after I get a chance to take some screenshots at home. The season however, started off very well for us with a 1-5 opening win away to Tottenham and an 0-4 away win with the B-team against Genk in the UEFA Qualifiers.
  12. Carlos Henrique Casemiro - Labelled the next Gilberto Silva
  13. Great work so far! I was wondering if someone could help me with a couple of my questions? (Since my thread not getting any attention and you guys seem to know a lot!) 1. I made a league using UAE as home country. Stadiums set around the world, but when the transfer window is open, my teams only buy UAE based players, is there any way I can change their buying behaviour? 2. I want my teams to receive more players from their parent team, which type of "affiliation" should I select? There were a couple more things but I'll play around with the editor for a little while longer before bothering you guys. Hope someone can help me! Might put my project online once finished.
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