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  1. Use the in game function, hold ALT then press F9. The screen should be under "mydocuments"/sportsinteractive/FM17/screenshots. Alternatively you can use the screenshot function in Steam. By default it is the F12 key, steam overlay should be enabled (this is also by default). Just press F12 in game and the screen should be in your steam screenshot folder (you can check this in steam "settings" --> "in game").
  2. Why would you want to replace Bellerin? I don't think you will find a better attacking right-back. Maybe take a look at Felix Passlack from Dortmund, but he is still young.
  3. Hi and welcome. Maybe you can add a screenshot with your player roles and one with your team instructions? There could be a number of reasons why it's not working as you intend it. If I have to guess based on your text, maybe you are playing too attacking or you lack players making runs. Hard to say without more info though.
  4. Romagnoli José Gimenez Aymeric Laporte Marquinhos
  5. Wow your team looks amazing. Didn't think it would be possible to sign so many star players so soon. Can you share your transfer history maybe?
  6. With 200 mil, sign both of them :-). Dybala is doing great for me as a CF (also Arsenal), have no experience with Griezmann, but he looks more like a IF or second striker (F9, SS).
  7. With stars you mean reputation? The fact you find only 3 star HOYD is probably because your nation/league has low reputation. For a HOYD (or most staff) I don't think reputation matters, I selected mine based on attributes and personality.
  8. As Arsenal, £68m (80m €) (all up front) in January first season. What helped a lot to get the price down: - adding him as a top transfer target in October - having him scouted all the time - attending some of his matches myself (just start the match and leave is enough) - making bids that get rejected (60m, 70m ...) - use your highest reputation player to "try and convince top transfer target" Juventus didn't want to sell at first, but Dybala got angry with them for rejecting bids and the player was flattered by me visiting his matches :-). You can maybe get him for less if you try this for longer, but after Man City became interested in him I chose to act quickly.
  9. Walcott's wages are too high for other teams to consider buying him I think. I offered him out and some bids came in at only 8 mil (€) and even then they wanted me to keep paying half of his wages. I'm keeping him for the moment and hope I can offer him a new contract with lower wages soon.
  10. yes and yes, but half a star will not make that much of a difference ... Why would you say that? It improves the fitness stats of your players. Although more so for younger players. I rotate fitness training for my u18's only personally. In general, players will gain more from natural development and game time than they do from training.
  11. Cech is a worldclass GK who can do the job for at least 2 more seasons, so look for a future replacement. (personally went for Donnarumma) Monreal is decent, but this position could do with an upgrade. Also very little depth in this position so maybe keep him first season. (I bough Gaya from Valencia) You can sell Debuchy when Jenkinson recovers I guess. Mertesacker, either keep him for tutoring or sell. Cazorla could also be kept for tutoring. He can still act as a good rotation player. Try to sell Walcott to free up some wage budget, he costs a lot but offers little. Giroud has been a beast in my first season. Now looking to bring in Dybala as Giroud is getting old. Have no experience with the ones you want to bring in.
  12. According to me that is one of the hardest styles to play consistently. It can work for some periods in a match, but I can never get it to work as a general system. Either it becomes counter-attacking or possession based in my case. (that or you end up wasting chance after chance) Do post back if you get it to work, that would be very interesting.
  13. If you are going for a control/build-up style then I think you have too many attacking roles. (don't know how strong your team is or how you want to play, so just assuming your style here based on your post) - You should consider changing your CF to support. Else the link between midfield and attack is a bit missing it seems. - Also wouldn't it be better to set your WB's to support? That way they will also stay more in midfield, helping out your MC's, providing much needed width. They will still attack enough. As for TI's I would go for slower tempo to help you keep the ball. Also pushing the D-line higher up can help, but this will of course leave you a bit open at the back (especially with those attacking WB's), so should be used with caution.
  14. I'm not sure this qualifies as a stupid question and might deserve a separate thread. Breaking down very defensive sides is not easy indeed, the following thread by Cleon helped me a lot, maybe it can serve you too: The art of attacking football When I play against these type of teams I tend to do the following: - Switch the roles of all my attacking players to "support", except the FB's which I leave at attack (in a 4-2-3-1). This way the attacking players don't go too far forward and find some space to use. The full backs provide width. - Dribble less. Dribbling through 6 defenders doesn't usually work ... - Untick "pass into space" as there is very little space to run in to. - Put the tempo slightly higher (I play a lower tempo normally). This is what works for my side, I play control/fluid usually. This could be completely different for your team, goal is to position your players in the best space to play in. Other ways of getting more space against these teams is to drop your defensive line or to change the team shape to more structured. Haven't personally tried these though.
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