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  1. Don't know about anyone else, but that tactic looks like it is just asking to be hit on the counter attack. Positive mentality + aggressive roles in attack and for the fullbacks + no one holding in midfield + aggressive pressing + lower defensive line. I suspect that you are leaving a lot of space in which for the opposition to counter attack into.
  2. I agree with this to some extent. I'm just going through some of the older threads in the Important Links sticky (can't believe in all my rage quitting I didn't look in there. After all, the ideas will still apply to newer games) and I noticed that the content from the FM13 discussions was very different to the discussion threads for FM15 and even FM14. There seemed to be a lot more discussion about the more basics about simply setting up the team, what each players' role was and how they interacted with each player and stuff like that. There were also more threads from newer/less experienced
  3. You could try a short corner routine. They don't usually work particularly well but it might be worth trying to set up if you think you have little chance of scoring from corners that are just crossed straight into the box.
  4. Well firstly I see a side that is sat deep with plenty of players behind the ball. There is very little space in behind, so any sort of tactic that involves playing the ball in behind will be ineffective. A possession tactic probably won't work if your team is disciplined enough (which it is) so what sort of playing styles does that leave? (Bearing in mind I'm not the most tactically encyclopedic here). I first look towards some sort of tactic that tries to take advantage of the fact that you have quite a lot of players forward, so some sort of counter attacking formation. I sort of found that
  5. The strange thing is (after having a bit of thinking over the tactic and some of your other posts on this thread) I could see it having more problems with long ball sides and fullbacks who cross from deep rather than any sort of overlapping run (It still probably wouldn't cause a great deal of trouble due to your shape and the numbers you have back, the opposition would probably have to throw 5/6 players into the box to have success). I doubt any AI side would play one dimensional enough to try it though.
  6. You don't really need two DLP in your side. Try changing Matic to an Anchor Man or DM/D
  7. I'm playing with Colchester (or trying to, I keep deleting a few games into pre season because things don't "feel" right and I don't want to ruin match prep by constantly changing things around, I'm a strange person) and I don't really know how to set up my team. The team is rated as the fastest side in the league but, apart from Stamina, for everything else they're rated as bottom 4 standard. Thankfully, I'm not predicted to do too well (18th/24th), but I'm just wondering how to set up this side. Would I be better off starting a thread about it? Should I include screencaps of the players I ha
  8. Would it be better to tell my Goalkeeper to Take Long Kicks or tell him to Distribute to Specific and then select my Target Man? I've noticed in previous saves that when I tell my Goalkeeper to Take Long Kicks, he hits it out wide quite a bit.
  9. How do I get my Wide Midfielders to get more involved in play centrally? No matter what I seem to tell them to do (Cut Inside, Play Narrower, Roam From Position) they just seem to stay very wide no matter what.
  10. Could anyone give me advice on how to get my Inside Forwards to track back and help with the opposition wingers without setting them to specifically man mark them? Basically what I want them to do is to press the opposition full back when he has the ball, but track back when the ball goes further forward and towards the opposition's wingers.
  11. I know I can see a Mistakes stat for my players, but is there anyway to actually find out what the mistakes were that doesn't include carefully dredging through an entire match?
  12. Another (unrelated question). Sometimes when my team has sustained possession outside the opposition's box, I notice that my wingers (particularly my W/A on the right) offer no width and pretty much stand right next to my lone striker in the box. Is this supposed to happen? Is there any way to get them to come a bit wider, as I notice that setting them to "Play Wider" (Or whatever the individual instruction is) doesn't seem to have much of an effect. Edit: Is there a guide to Opposition Instructions anywhere?
  13. How much does the Regista offer defensively? Same question for the DLP/S and DLP/D in the DM strata.
  14. I have a Winger Support who is set to "Stays Wider", no PPMs except "Dribbles with Ball Rarely" (Not relevant here, he starts the game with it). For some reason, he plays incredibly narrow, almost like an AMC at times. Is this because my fullback has the "Gets Forward Whenever Possible" PPM? I really can't see any other explanation for it really.
  15. Strangest part about it is seeing Colchester up there. Haha.
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