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  1. Don't know about anyone else, but that tactic looks like it is just asking to be hit on the counter attack. Positive mentality + aggressive roles in attack and for the fullbacks + no one holding in midfield + aggressive pressing + lower defensive line. I suspect that you are leaving a lot of space in which for the opposition to counter attack into.
  2. I agree with this to some extent. I'm just going through some of the older threads in the Important Links sticky (can't believe in all my rage quitting I didn't look in there. After all, the ideas will still apply to newer games) and I noticed that the content from the FM13 discussions was very different to the discussion threads for FM15 and even FM14. There seemed to be a lot more discussion about the more basics about simply setting up the team, what each players' role was and how they interacted with each player and stuff like that. There were also more threads from newer/less experienced players going through their tactical experiences. I have to admit I feel like some of the more recent guides and such come across less as beginner guides to tactics and more beginner guides to advanced tactical ideas and theories. Perhaps this is just me, but I sometimes even struggle to understand these threads (I still don't have a good idea of how Mentality or Structured/Fluid/whatever work or how they influence how players play. Should probably read through that gigantic thread by The Hand Of God on the subject at some point) and I sometimes notice that some responses to fairly innocuous questions or thoughts in discussions come across as a bit patronizing, so asking for help can be off putting. Anyways, those are my semi-coherent thoughts.
  3. None of the wingers are what I'd consider to even be decent defensively - especially as they're one of the strongest parts of the team. Wouldn't particularly want to limit them going forward either. The DM has technicals and mentals. Not particularly strong and pretty slow as well. He's more a DLP than an Anchor.
  4. Trying to develop a tactic as Colchester United (Predicted 21st in League 1, so not quite as low as Buckie Thistle, but I'd still consider it "Lower League"ish). Anyways, I've had a look through the squad and identified the squads strengths/weaknesses, but am struggling on how to actually build a tactic from it. What I have so far: Goalkeeper is a poor distributor. Weak defensively. We have 5 centre backs, but we lack any real quality. None of them are particularly strong mentally and all of them are fairly average at marking. The most experienced of the 5 is strong in the air and is the fastest, but is probably the weakest mentally and technically. All of them are pretty one footed (all right). The first choice left back is good going forward and defensively but our right back is slow, poor at marking and isn't very strong at distribution. No depth at fullback. Midfielder. VERY weak. Best (and only) DM in the squad is a strong technically and mentally, but is slow and not very strong. All other midfielders are youngsters with very little experience who have reasonable physicals and mentals but are lacking in the technical department. Wings - strongest area. Plenty of pace here. Some are decent dribblers with good finishing, others are purely pace only but with room to improve. Forwards - plenty of options. I have forwards who are pretty good at running in behind defences (fast, solid Off The Ball, good Finishing/Composure). Also have players who can play as a DLF/TM. One is more of a passer and is a better goalscorer whilst the other has better physicals and is much better at keeping the ball at his feet. I've got a vague idea of what I should do with this band of borderline clueless misfits - make us as hard to beat as possible, try to score goals on the counter attack with plenty of pace. It's just that I have no idea how to set them up so that I have something that is vaguely cohesive. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Does anyone know how to get wingers to actually take on anybody? This is how it goes for me: Winger gets ball, winger ambles/jogs/walks (whichever he's feeling up to) up to nearest defender and then does one of 3 things a) Turns around and passes backwards or starts ambling/jogging/walking backwards until someone kindly tackles him b) Walks straight into said defender and loses the ball (the game does not consider this a dribble attempt and neither do I) or c) "Crosses" from deep which in actual fact is more just smashing the ball straight into the stands.
  6. Just picked up FM15. So here starts my annual Colchester rage save.
  7. You talking about me in that first sentence Jogo? Dan Holman actually signed for Colchester over the summer. Interesting little tidbit for you all.
  8. Does anyone know what has happened to The Dugout? It says I don't have permission to access it and that registration has been disabled? (though whenever I tried to register in the past I would always get rejected).
  9. Could be a few issues here. Setting your players to Press More and Tackle Hard may be leading to your central defenders over committing themselves and leaving gaps in behind. The BWM may also be leaving gaps. The role already has naturally high closing down, so combining with Press More may be leading to him leaving gaps in the central areas which the centre backs may feel they have to move out to cover, leaving space behind them which other players cannot cover in time.
  10. You could try a short corner routine. They don't usually work particularly well but it might be worth trying to set up if you think you have little chance of scoring from corners that are just crossed straight into the box.
  11. Well firstly I see a side that is sat deep with plenty of players behind the ball. There is very little space in behind, so any sort of tactic that involves playing the ball in behind will be ineffective. A possession tactic probably won't work if your team is disciplined enough (which it is) so what sort of playing styles does that leave? (Bearing in mind I'm not the most tactically encyclopedic here). I first look towards some sort of tactic that tries to take advantage of the fact that you have quite a lot of players forward, so some sort of counter attacking formation. I sort of found that quite difficult to envisage without risking my team conceding quite a few from your attacks, barring playing the exact same tactic as you (which would lead to some sort of stalemate I imagine). Then I look towards your deep line and think how could I take advantage of the fact that you sit so deep. I realise that long ball or deep crossing wouldn't be a flawless plan (as you say, your defenders would most likely clear most of the time) but all it would take is a couple of mistakes or the attacking players winning the ball ahead of your defenders for a reasonable chance to be created. I just feel it would be more likely to create reasonable goal scoring chances over say other tactics I mentioned previously - tactics that rely on through balls or passing in behind would have to be absolutely perfect with a deep line and a possession tactic would likely result in a fair few long shots out of impatience unless the opposition is particularly skilled and patient at playing it. I apologise if I've managed to get this completely wrong, or that you don't remotely understand how I've managed to get to this. I get the feeling I may be thinking this through the eyes of a side less technically proficient than yours is. I more than likely need greater education on the subject.
  12. The strange thing is (after having a bit of thinking over the tactic and some of your other posts on this thread) I could see it having more problems with long ball sides and fullbacks who cross from deep rather than any sort of overlapping run (It still probably wouldn't cause a great deal of trouble due to your shape and the numbers you have back, the opposition would probably have to throw 5/6 players into the box to have success). I doubt any AI side would play one dimensional enough to try it though.
  13. You could try keeping one or two players up - that usually causes the other team to leave a few more back. Also, having too many players on marking duty (particularly if they can't mark or aren't good in the air) could be causing you trouble.
  14. Well... how do you currently set up for corners (attacking and defending)?
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