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  1. Hi all, I was just wondering if I should accept this offer for Assane Gnoukouri? He has been pretty damned good for me as you can see by his stats for the last season. As well the AI controlled seasons beforehand. There isn't many world class players that I could sign to fill the void for less money so I am really in a dilemma. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hi all, I've posted the below in the Buy/Sell thread as well but I would like your opinions as well, as you have probably used him! As always, any help is appreciated.
  3. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Jeff Reine-Adelaide Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Everton Player's Value: £10,000,000 Offer: £64,000,000 - (£31,000,000 upfront - £9,750,000, 12 monthly instalments - £11,750,000 after 50 league games - £11,750,000 after 10 international games - 20% profit from next sale) Transfer/Wage Budget: £238,572,034 & £3,041,170 Patch: Latest Season: Start of season 3 As you can probably tell I don't need the money, and he will be a vital player in around 2 seasons time, when Alexis is either sold of starts to decline.. I don't want to sell him but I could imagine him to start getting annoyed with not being a first team player soon? Thank You!
  4. Giroud, not sure why people aren't using him... First season he scored 38 in 47(4) games, also injured for the last 2 months of the season. In March, second season, he has scored 38 in 42(3) games... Frustrating at times, but give him a chance.
  5. Hi all, I need a bit of advise please. I have had a bid of £48,000,000 from PSG for Francis Coquelin, and I am not sure if to accept it or not. I have Ramsey/Bazoer to play instead of him please not entirely sure! Lol..
  6. Hi Anxiietyyy I am a bit further in than that... Hope you dont mind! Dan Crowley - This is him at his peak. Serge Gnabry - This is Serge just past his peak. Thanks!
  7. Hey, I just got the below run-time error after trying to rest my team for a day. Anymore info needed? Thanks x
  8. I tried to do this but it the analyser completely disappeared from the screen.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before, but can you change the colour of the line/lines on the attribute analysis polygon? It's hard to see at present.
  10. Hi guys, I was just wondering how to make a game of true fully fake players? What I mean is, when you untick "Use real players" there is always the players left that you can tell are Messi/Ronaldo/Aguero etc etc.. Is there anyway at all to take this out and start with a game of truely fake players? Sorry if this has been posted before but I did have a look round and couple find anything. Thanks!
  11. Use Alt & F9 - Then it is in your FM13 folder in my documents or w/e it is for you in a folder called Screenshots. Then upload it to imageshack or some such.
  12. I usually do play Schneiderlin but Cork has been terrible everytime I have played him, over 6 games he has a rating of 6.4.
  13. I decided to start a game with Southampton as I really like the look of the squad at present and thought it would be a good challenge. I will dive straight into things with an overview of what has happened so far. Transfers In: Stefan Strandberg - Rosenborg - £575,000 - £8,000 a week Jonas Svensson - Rosenborg - £725,000 - £5,500 a week Leandrinho - Santos - £1,600,000 - £9,000 a week I brought in Strandberg as I believe he is a fantastic player for that price, and also slots in as a first choice CB. I think Svensson is also a great little player, still quite young at 19 so hoping he will either come good or I can sell for a good profit. As for Leandrinho I played a Santos save and he was rather fantastic, out-shining Arouca and Henrique. Out: Richard Chaplow - Huddersfield - £2,300,000 Steve De Ridder - Huddersfield - £1,500,000 Ryan Dickson - Leyton Orient - £75,000 Danny Butterfield, Jonathan Forte, Tadanari Lee and Sam Hoskins have also gone out on loan. Tactics The below is the one I use when I feel I can get a win. And this is for when I want to play defensively. Both tactics still need a bit of tweaking but are coming along nicely. If anyone has any ideas of how these can be improved would love to hear that. Season so far Well as you can see from below I haven't had the best of time with how the fixtures panned out. Now I have the hardest fixtures out of the way I am hoping the team can kick on and get up the table. We are currently down in 16th. Conclusions Well like I said at top I wanted a challenge, and definitely have one. I will be looking for a new CB in the winter transfer window as I feel I am leaking in way to many goals. Any recommendations would be great. I have also been trying to play JWP and Shaw as much as possible, with Shaw currently my first choice LB. I really do hope I am in this save for the long haul! Thanks.
  14. FM13 is the worst FM game I have played. The last 3 games I have conceded 4 goals where my keeper was around 30 yards out of goal for no reason what so ever, the ball was not even in the opposition area, it was at the halfway line. 3 of the goals have been from 40-50 yards from goal, with 1 coming with a player rounding the keeper (outside the D of the box) and shooting from 20 yards to score. I am very disappointed with this game, and I hope to God that they dont make one this bad again. Why release a ME that is so obviously broken and bug ridden, what a stupid beginners mistake. /Rantover
  15. Fair enough pal, I shall accept the transfer. Need to buy back-up RB&LB now as Gibbs and Jenkinson are not up to scratch. I would of like to of kept Gibbs but he has had around 14 months out so he is looking pretty terrible stat wise.