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  1. Is anyone making an update to suck the money out of football? Cheers
  2. Regens are a necessary evil, but i think they are far too over-powered and far too many become great too quickly. 5 years in and the premiership is littered with high quality regens, mostly foreign when in reality that isn't happening and hasn't happened at all over any period of time. I'd love to be able to tone the regen rate down, make it that special players only come through now and then, related to players that are retiring (i remember this used to be the case, you'd watch out for Sheringham retiring as a player would be generated in his place)
  3. I’m in 2022 and spurs are still playing at Wembley. Not sure if bug or a prediction.
  4. Going back to mentoring. Does this mean I could bring in some old guy I'll never play to sit in the u23s and as long as he's got good mental stats he can mentor and improve my prospects?
  5. If this takes any longer i'll be in danger of having to spend time with the family tonight.
  6. Looking forward to giving this a whirl....been using 433 and or oathbreaker and it really doesn't feel like authentic football and more a cheat tactic. So hoping to start a new saves and buy some wingers
  7. wow, 30mbs all the way through, actually starting a new game already. good stuff
  8. Missed the sale last week as I was on an iPad 2 and it wouldn't let me buy it...just bought an iPad Pro, any plans of dropping the price again soon? Gutted I missed out
  9. Enjoyed the ME in the beta, totally stupid since the full release. Every shot is a goal, for the opposition of course. Kind of got to the point with this game (in general) to do nothing but laugh at the swings in changes to the ME from update to update. It really shouldn't be so wild, it should be small tweaks to get it right.
  10. I've had this issue as well. Seems the editor corrupts the file randomly. I found that before you exit the PGE if you save as and create a new copy it will work. I had this issue and went to load up my file in the game but it didn't work, i luckily had the PGE still open so i saved as another file and this one loaded up. Also twice with two corrupt files the PGE has decided to move my save up a DIR level. I spent 7 hours yesterday sorting out the prem only to find i had wasted most of my day with thi issue.
  11. Wonder if anyone can help. I've just spent ages doing an edit file only to try and load it in game. It wouldn't appear so i went looking for it, found it up a level in the DIR where it should be. However it still will not load in game or pre editor. Im not sure but i saved it as hidden as it looked like it was going up on the steam workshop. I've tried making a new game and it loads, any reason why my 7 hour edit file isn' getting picked up by the PGE or FM? Thanks,
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