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  1. Dulwich Hamlet - End of season review - 2019/20 Manager at end of season | Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances | Schedule 1 | Schedule 2 | Inbox season review So our first season in Vanarama National League was a disappointment. We were very inconsistent, and a dip in form with only 6 wins after Christmas was never going to be enough to keep us in the playoff spots. We can only look forward. We lost a lot of very important players we had on non-contracts during the season, which I believe contributed to us not being able to sustain our form throughout the season. At least we got a good group of young players through in the youth intake. Finances were again very good. We made a taxable profit of £42.95K after investing heavily in the club's facilities. The board once again granted my requests to improve both junior coaching and youth recruitment, as well as a Continental C Licence. We also improved our capacity by 1000 in total with 500 of those being seated. We finished 2nd in the league in terms of average attendance in % of total capacity, with 59 %. Average attendance ended at 1959. @Warhawk, @HighFlyingDwarf
  2. Dulwich Hamlet - End of season review - 2018/19 Starting profile | Manager at end of season | Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances | Schedule 1 | Schedule 2 | FA Cup | FA Trophy | Inbox season review Decided to try out this challenge for the very first time. After reloading a lot of times and very nearly starting with Altrincham, I finally decided to go with the Hamlet. Not quite sure what expectations I could have at the start of the season, but of course making the playoffs was a natural target. Decided to switch between a direct 4-2-3-1 and a short passing 4-4-2 and it worked reasonably well. I thought we were more solid backwards than I'd expected and decent enough going forward. Dartford and Billericay were too strong for the rest of us all season, but we were firmly placed in the playoff spots since the start of September. Playoff games were tough, but we managed to pull through to gain back to back promotions, and we'll be looking forward to playing football on a national level next season. I had the pleasure of being voted manager of the season by my colleagues. Our performances in the FA Cup and FA Trophy however were a bit disappointing. Finances were surprisingly good. We made a taxable profit of £369K. The board granted my requests to improve both junior coaching and youth recruitment, as well as a National B and National A licence. We were the only team to sell out our stadium (twice), and averaged 57 % of our capacity. Average attendance ended at 1719. After the season the board decided to expand the standing area of the stadium by 1000. For some crazy reason, I was also linked to a vacancy at newly relegated Premier League side Middlesbrough. @Warhawk, @HighFlyingDwarf
  3. I've been looking to start this challenge for a while now, but I just can't pick a team. It's basically down to Stalybridge or Altrincham now, where Alty seems to be the easier option.
  4. Are you sure this is not a bug? Plenty of newly promoted teams to VNN and VNS have u23 squads already, even if they do have poor youth ratings.
  5. Do you still not have a u23 side? Have you been given the chance to participate in the u23 league?
  6. Anyone updating the leaderboard for this challenge in the absence of @HighFlyingDwarf?
  7. That's great. I've put the club folder only into the base skin dark, but names and faces of manager and key players are missing. I've been playing FM/CM for around 20 years but I'm fairly new to the skinning side of things so this is not really intuitive to me yet. Thanks for all help.
  8. Is there a club overview panel around with both the stadium pics and the city pics on the black background?
  9. I think I must have used the other version before, because I tried downloading both again and the one in this thread worked now. Thanks!
  10. Anyone know why the kits aren't in the place of the results on my screen?
  11. My first two games will be with Fiorentina/Napoli and the dafuge challenge. Not sure which one to start off with, but probably the Fiorentina/Napoli one.
  12. I play with 2D classic and the opponent's formation in a widget in the corner. I have turned off the "show info between highlights". At seemingly random points during a game, the game lags for 5-15 seconds before continuing, even if there is no highlight to show. I have noticed that after some of these lags, the opponent has made tacticak changes. Could it be that the lag is caused from tactical changes being made by the AI?
  13. It helps if you turn off the info showing inbetween highlights and play on 2D classic.
  14. I don't think this is the case. I'm watching key highlights on 2D classic and it takes around 10 minutes to complete a game. The game seems to lag at completely random instances during a game, as well as everything having to do with tactics taking around 10-15 seconds to respond. Also when I'm trying to leave the game after it's finished, the game lags for about 15-20 seconds.
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