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  1. Is there another way of downloading apart from rapid share and steam? And could someone give me screen shots of how to do it using rapid share? Because this is really starting to P!SS me off!
  2. Still not working. Having problems downloading and updating. Does it matter where you download it too, as in the file. Because once on rapidshare it tells you to browse for a file to download it to. (does it matter which file?) Then when i click on the .exe file it takes me back too the start of rapid share, no box appears.
  3. Ive downloaded it, now how do you update it?
  4. I downloaded the knew patch but can't get it too work, i launch it but everything is the same, how do you get the 9.3 patch to work?
  5. Everytime i start a new game, after about a week i go to load the game and it says, Save game could not be loaded, so i have to start a knew game. Any help?