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  1. Game crashed. I would go back and redo it, but I'd miss out on a load of decent results I had. (Well actually it was just 4 points but one was a 2-2 draw after being 2-0 down at 80 minutes.) It just seems counter-productive. I'm think I'm just gonna resign from this current job. I was on August 28th, but now I have to restart on July 28th. There is no money whatsoever at this club and it seems pointless wasting time here when I could find a club that would at least pay the 500 quid to do my coaching badges. I don't think a 13th place finish is really gonna boost my reputation that much. I'm 11th right now and there is no way I can ever hope to finish higher than that with this club. P45 time!
  2. I'm still not counting it. (That's just my personal preference.) Yeah China is crazy. Shanghai SIPG are in the 2nd division and are currently in admin. Beijing also got relegated last season as well. It seems so easy to lose money in China and wind up in trouble, no matter how big you are as a club. My club were actually due to move into their own stadium in two years time but apparently the board have decided to shelve the plans because I'm 2m in debt.
  3. FM 15 - Donald Duxbury (Fighting 'round the world) So after spending the next few months finishing up my National B license. I found myself as the new manager of Chinese Super League side, Liaoning, based in the far north of the country right near the North Korean border. The club is in a bit of a mess. They shouldn't get relegated, but the finances are hideous, the big earners are now moving on and I'll be tasked with clearing out the entire squad over the winter and building up a team of young and hungry (read: cheap and cheerful) players in order to stave off further trouble next season. The team is currently 13th and 8 points clear with 4 games remaining. So barring an absolute hideous run of form I should stave off relegation for this season. The board asked for midtable, so I'm not quite sure if they are ******** or just genuinely stupid. The main aim is surviving you silly gits. Worry about trying to achieve 10th place with nothing to spend next season.
  4. FM 15 - Donald Duxbury (Fighting 'round the world) After sitting out of action for almost 6 months and getting rebuffed for nearly every single job I applied for (Jeju laughed at me) I suddenly came across this little gem sitting in my inbox. I furiously had to delay my successful job interview at Mohun Bagan in India and leap at this chance. South China are a huge club in Hong Kong and it would give me a real good opportunity to establish myself in the game. I would be stupid to turn it down. The finances are just insane for a club of this size. A 40,000 all-seater stadium, a 250k transfer budget and a remit to win the league by any mean's necessary by signing high-profile players. Competitions http://i.imgur.com/iEg326Y.jpg League: 1st place (completely dominant from start to finish. Nobody challenged me at all. I could have ended the season unbeaten but lost my final game against Kitchee.) Senior Shield: 1st round (a terrible 1st round loss to Citizen. We scored 3 but conceded 5 in a shambolic performance. Easily my worst of the season.) FA Cup: Winners!* (A comfortable 2-0 win over Citizen in the final, which saw us clinch the double despite a few key injuries.) AFC Cup: Quarter finals (ongoing. See below) *The Senior Shield is essentially the 'cup' of Hong Kong. I don't consider this FA cup-win an actual cup-win for the purposes of this challenge. Key Players: Sean Tse - a complete rock at the back. The Irish-Hong Kong defender/midfielder made his debut for the HK national team and led my team from the back. Evan Kostopoulos - 20 odd goals. He was the main reason why I'm celebrating my maiden title right now. Godfred - signed to keep up my Hong Kong player quota. He led the line along with Kostopoulos and helped me romp to the title. Rocky Visconte - a canny little Aussie winger signed on a free transfer. Instantly slotted into the side on the left-wing and never let me down. Why am I leaving? Well firstly the Hong Kong league is broken. Unfortunately the Asian Qualification doesn't work correctly meaning that every year the game generates two teams from the lower division (non Premier League) when it should be between the Senior Shield, FA Cup winners, and 2nd and 3rd placed teams. Because of this, my team was actually parachuted into this competition this season despite not being qualified to do so from last season. Its a massive bug and unfortunately means I can't continue. In addition to this, I think the board are imposing some quite stupid demands on me. (Like winning the AFC Cup.) The talent just isn't there in Hong Kong and you can't establish anything with the talent on offer unless you are willing to spend a good 10 to 15 years here. You used to be able to play China PR players and they would obtain Hong Kong nationality after two years and this would help plug the immediate gap - but this isn't the case anymore. Therefore I don't see myself being able to challenge and push myself further by managing here. The Hong Kong league will get deactivated and will be replaced with the Indonesia league from next season. My last ever game in charge of South China would be a 4-2 home win in the 2nd round of the AFC Cup to Burmese side Kanbawza. Despite winning and scoring 4, it was a shocking performance. I laid into my team at the full-time whistle and they all kicked up a fuss. Whatever. I ain't here anymore, so bitch to my replacement instead. It does suck to leave these guys but I can't manage in a broken league. I will take my National C qualification and Cantonese phrasebook and look back with fondness of my time at South China. Challenge Progress Club 1/10 top domestic leagues (Hong Kong) 0/10 domestic cups 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments Languages: English, Spanish, Cantonese. Season League Team Achievements ====================================================================================== 15/16 AUS Newcastle Jets Left after 7 games, FFA Cup Semi-final 16/17 HKG South China AA League and FA Cup winners. AFC Cup quarter-finals
  5. FM 15 - Donald Duxbury (Fighting 'round the world) Profile 1 Profile 2 Introducing Donald Duxbury - a young loudmouth college dropout from New York. Son of the famous Duxbury family and borrowing several plot lines form the Talented Mr Ripley his rich shipping daddy, fearing societal shame after his son's expulsion from an elite ivy league university has decided to send him off overseas to become a football (or soccer?) manager. Can the Talented Mr Duxbury live up to the family name? Or is he doomed to spend the rest of his years bumbling around the depth of Mongolia searching for a win? After deciding to "find himself" in Asia, I applied to numerous jobs in China and Korea and was laughed out of every place from Jeonbukakguku to Zhongjiahuakong. I actually scored interviews with Beijing and Shanghai SIPG - so clearly there were some big clubs interested in my talents and my famous pappie's name. Ultimately only one club would take a punt on me, and that was the rather curiously titled Newcastle United Jets in the Australia A-League. Well where to begin? Firstly I was rather interested in managing in Australia but soon the harsh reality of that would creep up on me. The Jets are probably the worst team in the league. They also had an extremely young squad which necessitated me bringing in so much needed quality and experience. First off my marquee signing in John Daly from Rangers on a free transfer and then the enormously talented, but perhaps luxury playmaker in Iraqi Nashat Akram for the paltry sum of 15k. Results were largely poor, and the economic situation of managing Newcastle, as well as the extremely low ambition of just "upholding the club's honour" didn't exactly chime with my own motivation. In short, it was the wrong club, the wrong man and perhaps the wrong league. The only respite and motivating factor for me was the Australian Cup - in which I went to the semi-finals. I would face Brisbane Roar and knew that a win would see me play against NPL side Marconi Stallions in the final. This gave me a great chance to score some silverware straight away. Alas it was not to be, and a dour 0-0 and equally dour penalty shootout loss in which I missed 3 kicks saw me falter. With this in mind and my ever-increasing boredom and inability to settle in Australia - I decided to call it quits and tender my resignation. I think I might well have been pushed before I walked as I was slowly losing the dressing room and just couldn't get on terms with my squad. After losing 1-0 to a last penalty against rivals Central Coast Mariners - I was so enraged that the player's never really looked at me the same way again. So, its 7 games and out and a cup-semi and I'm heading for P45 already. Funnily enough my stewardship in signings and sorting the staff out, helped my predecessor lead the Jets to 1st place after I left. I'm claiming the victory there. (Okay maybe not.) Challenge Progress Club 0/10 top domestic leagues 0/10 domestic cups 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments Season League Team Achievements ====================================================================================== 15/16 AUS Newcastle Jets Left after 7 games, FFA Cup Semi-final
  6. Tranmere. There is something quite enjoyable about trying to bring back a team from non-league and into the Premier League. Want to create a 3rd power on Merseyside. In Europe, probably Racing Santander - again fallen giant, restore to past glories etc etc. Also next year I'll be able to play as Darlington on Dafuge's Challenge.
  7. Chairman stats. One of the things I used to like about the old Champ Manager game is that you could see what type of Chairman was managing you. For example Jesus Gil have 1 for patience. () I thought it was great because rather than just looking at the club, you are also looking at the people running the club as well. For me there needs to be more times when the board starts interfering and giving you unrealistic goals. In a way its masochistic - but I think there is some sort of challenge in trying to appease a Massimo Cellino type chairman. Look at Brentford as the current classic example. For me that doesn't happen enough on FM. (or maybe I'm just that good.) The ability to gain nationality. Kinda like how players can naturalize in their new country. Managers should do the same too. So if you are Englishman managing in Brazil, you should be allowed to gain Brazilian nationality.
  8. I had this issue at one point. I basically just drilled them at defending set-pieces in the tactics screen. After a few weeks, we started conceding far less.
  9. Name: Kenny Yamamoto Date of birth: 17/09/1997 Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan Nationalities: Japanese, English Height: 181cm Weight: 71kg Position points: AMC (20), MC (12), ST (8) Favoured Clubs: Arsenal, PSG, Spartak Moscow Disliked Clubs: Chelsea, Marseille, CSKA Moscow Liked people (and why): Dennis Bergkamp (idol), Disliked people: Marcelo Bielsa 3 technical attributes at 20: Passing, First Touch, Technique 3 physical attributes at 20: Stamina, Balance, Pace 3 mental attributes at 20: Vision, Composure, Decisions Up to 2 preferred moves - Tries long-range passes, tries killer balls often
  10. Gonna restart this. In typical FM fashion the tactics that were working in the beta have gone to **** on the main game.
  11. I'm finding way too many goals being conceded from crosses now. Was never an issue in the beta but seems just absurd now. I've just conceded two identical goals from crosses form set-pieces where my defenders couldn't even judge the flight of the ball.
  12. - Changeable or dynamic away shirts. - An "adult mode" like the old Premier Manager games where you can take bungs, witness stadium riots, players getting banned for failing drugs tests and other type of Suarez-biting type hilarity.
  13. Except plenty of non-league players do that. Ricky Shakes, Aaron Moses-Garvey, Keiran Murtagh, Jorrin John, Nathaniel Jarvis etc. They will never be good enough to play for England so settle to play international football in the Carribbean where the standards are lower. In the case of Jamaica its a fairly big place and can probably scour enough talent locally. So young low level English players wouldn't really be that keen on playing for Jamaica as it doesn't mean guaranteed 1st team football.
  14. Probably because Iraq isn't a top ranked football nation. Iirc, its something like 75% of games for a NT inside the top 50.
  15. I'm tempted to wait until Beta is over until I resume this. I'm finding it too unrealistic atm. Far too many goals for my liking.
  16. Neymar was coming from South America, Costa and Aguero went for their release clauses and Ozil was not a first team regular (or surplus to requirements.)
  17. I am finding some of the instructions being ignored from the 1st minute. Told my players to keep hold of possession and play it short whilst keeping a low tempo. From the kick-off the ball gets passed back to my defender who then immediately launches it straight forward under no pressure whatsoever. Has happened a few times now. edit: just to add. This only happens in the 1st minute. From then on - they follow the correct commands.
  18. Holiday(man) in Rimini - A.C. Rimini 1912 - Serie C - 2015/2016 Rimini is an idyllic seaside resort on the east coast of Italy and is more famous for its sunny beaches and being the birthplace of famous movie director Federico Fellini than its actual football. Ten years ago Rimini gained an unlikely promotion to Serie B and took a point off newly relegated and controversial Italian champions Juventus. The future looked bright for this little coastal club. However the honeymoon period was not to last as long and the club sound found itself back in Serie C. After dabbling around Serie C for a few years, the club fell into financial ruin and were relegated to Serie D at the end of the 2013/14 season. However under the leadership of manager Marco Osio, the club has sparked a change in fortune with the club dramatically sealing promotion back to Serie C at the first attempt. However once again happiness would turn to sadness and then to bitter disappointment as manager Osio was found in bed with the owners daughter after the club's annual promotion party and was promptly issued his P45.Now chairman Fabrizio De Meis was at a crisis point. What should have been a glorious return to the 3rd tier of Italian football had become a PR nightmare. What he needed was a fall-guy. An idiot, a buffon, an ugly son of a bitch who would never sleep with his whore of a daughter. A hopeless foreigner who he could deflect any blame onto should things go wrong. After a day of long soul-searching and walking down the beach he stumbled into a cosy little seaside bar, set up by Winston Kasbarian - a former English teacher and entrepreneur in Rimini who had arrived in town 3 years ago and decided to stay after his flight from Ryanair was delayed and his luggage was sent to Barcelona. One thing led to another and after several cocktails, Kasbarian was appointed in true Italian Cellino-Hockaday fashion because according to De Meis "he's a pretty cool guy" and "knows his stuff about the Serie C set-up." So let's see what we've got; Profile Information Club Overview Squad Facilities Finances Prediction: 18th. Avoid relegation!!
  19. I'm starting to think that this "bug" might have something to do with the manager reputation and the rules governing the league. For example, don't you need to have a certain minimum qualification in order to manage a club? For example, at semi-pro level it might be a C license and at a Premier League one it will be the highest one available. What I'm thinking is the parameters for the game are being buffed because it doesn't fall in line with the realistic expectations of your appointment. For example, if you were an ex-professional you would get hired without the necessary qualifications, but if you were a Sunday-League player you would only get hired with those relevant "higher" qualifications. Without it, you might not actually be eligible for the position. Think of it as like when your board increases the capacity of your stadium due to Football League rules etc. I'm almost certain this is what is happening. I'm thinking maybe that you must have to choose having a basic C-license in order to avoid the game automatically bumping up your stats. However perhaps you should simply select the default qualifications option but bump down your playing experience to Sunday-League. This might stop the game trying to level you out automatically. It might not be favourable to everyone and I appreciate we are in the testing stage at the minute. But perhaps it is necessary to select a default qualification for everyone, rather than having no qualifications?
  20. That has to be a bug. Why would a coach with national rep and a continental pro license join a non-league side?
  21. Don't really get why youth team coaches always want senior team bonuses in their contracts. I really feel as if you could make this better. For example, I'm trying to sign an u18 coach for my Milan team but he is asking for 5k if the senior team qualifies for the Champions League. Why? That competition has nothing to do with him. He should be getting bonuses for what the youth team do, not what the senior team does (he has no control over the players I bring into the seniors.) Maybe try to include more realistic bonuses such as wining youth team competitions etc.
  22. SI doing their best to reduce the strain that the funny screenshots thread is having on the server forums.
  23. Having trouble trying to organise friendlies atm. Can only find two nearby teams. When you select one of them it automatically selects the other one instead.
  24. Aye. Its working now. I got the steam key code straight after purchasing. Its right on the final purchase page. Very prompt.
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