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  1. @shaunvamos The Belarusian league is slightly bugged I think. Because its played over the summer in one calendar year, you won't be entered into the CL until next season. So if you ended the season in December 2035, you won't be entered into the CL until July 2036. If you look at your game, Dinamo Minsk won the title year before you, so go into the CL for this season. (i.e. the 2035/2036 season.) Its a more a visual bug than anything, so I wouldn't worry about it. I ran the Belarusian league on my game. Minsk and BATE got to the final of the cup, meaning that Zhodino got the Euro
  2. Game crashed. I would go back and redo it, but I'd miss out on a load of decent results I had. (Well actually it was just 4 points but one was a 2-2 draw after being 2-0 down at 80 minutes.) It just seems counter-productive. I'm think I'm just gonna resign from this current job. I was on August 28th, but now I have to restart on July 28th. There is no money whatsoever at this club and it seems pointless wasting time here when I could find a club that would at least pay the 500 quid to do my coaching badges. I don't think a 13th place finish is really gonna boost my reputation that much. I'm
  3. I'm still not counting it. (That's just my personal preference.) Yeah China is crazy. Shanghai SIPG are in the 2nd division and are currently in admin. Beijing also got relegated last season as well. It seems so easy to lose money in China and wind up in trouble, no matter how big you are as a club. My club were actually due to move into their own stadium in two years time but apparently the board have decided to shelve the plans because I'm 2m in debt.
  4. FM 15 - Donald Duxbury (Fighting 'round the world) So after spending the next few months finishing up my National B license. I found myself as the new manager of Chinese Super League side, Liaoning, based in the far north of the country right near the North Korean border. The club is in a bit of a mess. They shouldn't get relegated, but the finances are hideous, the big earners are now moving on and I'll be tasked with clearing out the entire squad over the winter and building up a team of young and hungry (read: cheap and cheerful) players in order to stave off further trouble n
  5. FM 15 - Donald Duxbury (Fighting 'round the world) After sitting out of action for almost 6 months and getting rebuffed for nearly every single job I applied for (Jeju laughed at me) I suddenly came across this little gem sitting in my inbox. I furiously had to delay my successful job interview at Mohun Bagan in India and leap at this chance. South China are a huge club in Hong Kong and it would give me a real good opportunity to establish myself in the game. I would be stupid to turn it down. The finances are just insane for a club of this size. A 40,000 all-seater stadium, a 25
  6. FM 15 - Donald Duxbury (Fighting 'round the world) Profile 1 Profile 2 Introducing Donald Duxbury - a young loudmouth college dropout from New York. Son of the famous Duxbury family and borrowing several plot lines form the Talented Mr Ripley his rich shipping daddy, fearing societal shame after his son's expulsion from an elite ivy league university has decided to send him off overseas to become a football (or soccer?) manager. Can the Talented Mr Duxbury live up to the family name? Or is he doomed to spend the rest of his years bumbling around the depth of Mongolia searching for a win?
  7. Tranmere. There is something quite enjoyable about trying to bring back a team from non-league and into the Premier League. Want to create a 3rd power on Merseyside. In Europe, probably Racing Santander - again fallen giant, restore to past glories etc etc. Also next year I'll be able to play as Darlington on Dafuge's Challenge.
  8. I had this issue at one point. I basically just drilled them at defending set-pieces in the tactics screen. After a few weeks, we started conceding far less.
  9. Name: Kenny Yamamoto Date of birth: 17/09/1997 Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan Nationalities: Japanese, English Height: 181cm Weight: 71kg Position points: AMC (20), MC (12), ST (8) Favoured Clubs: Arsenal, PSG, Spartak Moscow Disliked Clubs: Chelsea, Marseille, CSKA Moscow Liked people (and why): Dennis Bergkamp (idol), Disliked people: Marcelo Bielsa 3 technical attributes at 20: Passing, First Touch, Technique 3 physical attributes at 20: Stamina, Balance, Pace 3 mental attributes at 20: Vision, Composure, Decisions Up to 2 preferred moves - Tries long-range passes, tries kill
  10. Gonna restart this. In typical FM fashion the tactics that were working in the beta have gone to **** on the main game.
  11. I'm finding way too many goals being conceded from crosses now. Was never an issue in the beta but seems just absurd now. I've just conceded two identical goals from crosses form set-pieces where my defenders couldn't even judge the flight of the ball.
  12. Except plenty of non-league players do that. Ricky Shakes, Aaron Moses-Garvey, Keiran Murtagh, Jorrin John, Nathaniel Jarvis etc. They will never be good enough to play for England so settle to play international football in the Carribbean where the standards are lower. In the case of Jamaica its a fairly big place and can probably scour enough talent locally. So young low level English players wouldn't really be that keen on playing for Jamaica as it doesn't mean guaranteed 1st team football.
  13. Probably because Iraq isn't a top ranked football nation. Iirc, its something like 75% of games for a NT inside the top 50.
  14. I'm tempted to wait until Beta is over until I resume this. I'm finding it too unrealistic atm. Far too many goals for my liking.
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