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  1. Good luck on those remaining games! Not only is it close on points, but the goal difference could be the decider.
  2. You're halfway to achieving your aim already!
  3. Unlucky on just missing out on the title, but at least with some off-season strengthening, you can certainly go for it next season.
  4. Good performance in the league, with a trophy to lift. Hope to see another thread of yours soon, if not the continuation!
  5. That's a mammoth gap! Can you see Barry building a new stadium soon?
  6. How do average attendances look in the league? I suspect a huge gap between top and bottom clubs?
  7. It will more than likely be created, but wouldn't expect it straight away.
  8. The Netherlands manager takes charge at Manchester United. We know how this turns out!
  9. If you fail to catch Real Madrid, can you at least guide Cartagena to a more secure position!?
  10. With such a successful season and a youth system really coming up strong now with a great showing in the O-League, I felt it was time to leave Titikaveka and put this story to bed. I've won the league, the cup, and done well in the continent, but the book has reached it's final chapter. Junior Puroku, Titikaveka's fitness coach and favourite of the players, also left. Kennedy Aiturau, the club's chairman, sold the club 3 days after my resignation. It's clear to see what an impact I had on the club, and makes me curious to see what lies ahead for the team with this consortium in charge. Terry Paniani has taken over my post. He held managerial roles at Nikao, Matavera and Avatiu, only winning the knockout cup once in that time with Matavera in 2017. I took the seat home though, the throne is mine.
  11. TITIKAVEKA - SEASON 2020 ROUND CUP Topping the table again for the second year in a row, we're establishing ourselves as the top team on the island, far above the wage-payers of Tupapa and Nikao who have not won a title in years, so why we're not the top ranked club in the country is beyond me. Nevertheless, success is ours and we know we're great. Winger Romano Tangata seals us the first game against Nikao (4-1), and Tupapa fall to John Paul Tua Hinderson (3-0), our star striker for the third season now and only 20-years old. A routine win against Avatiu (2-0), thanks to some substitutes, is followed by a loss to Puaikura (0-1). We were a shambles and looked fools against the eventual wooden spoon winners. Hinderson grabbed another 3 points for us against Takuvaine (1-0) before we headed in to the start of our O-League campaign in Samoa. More on that later. We come back to suffer a draw to Matavera (1-1) and a loss to Nikao (0-2), but an entertaining game against Avatiu put us right back on track. When all looked god damn awful with Avatiu going 0-2 up in the opening 5 minutes, the trophy was slipping away from my sweaty fingers. The second half begins and it's nice to wait until at least 10 minutes in to concede, but we soon find our feet, granted 3 goals down. Defender Taurau Robertson surprisingly scores, and then the centre-mid Joshua Ngarua scores - woohoo, 2-3 with 30 mins still left! And then substitute Anonga Vulcher gets a brace and we're suddenly winning, and then Robertson scores again! Sure, Avatiu score again but we win 5-4 and a twisty turny tremendous tussle. That win puts us on a victorious home stretch, rounding up the season with wins against Tupapa (1-0), Puaikura (2-1), Takuvaine (4-1), and Matavera (3-1). The only thing of note being youngster Gabriel Tekeu scoring his first hat-trick against Takuvaine. FIXTURES KNOCKOUT CUP Titikaveka win the knockout cup for the first time in 5 years, and the first team to complete the double since I started this game! Avatiu 2-1 in the Quarter Final, left winger Makea Tua scoring both and stealing the show from Avatiu's wonder strike from Ioane Victor. Tupapa 3-1, Hinderson and Vulcher sharing the merits. We absolutely destroyed Puaikura in the final. Tangata, Ngarua, and hot prospect Andre Tangaroa stealing a brace in the final moments. 4-0! O-LEAGUE My personal goal was to take the team past the Prelim stage and in to pastures new. It was the same teams as last time: Moaula United from Samoa, Popua from Tonga, and Lion Heart from American Samoa. Moaula kept us to an uneventful goalless draw, but Popua, a team who has beaten us well and truly on both meetings previously, fell to a stunning display from a spirited Titikaveka 4-0. 4 points but Moaula won as well, we had to beat Lion Heart. It was close but Gabriel Tekeu got us the win (1-0) and we went through to the group stages for the first time, and only by a single goal in the end. This was it, the big time. The 12 best teams of this sparse continent congregate here to battle it out. New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, they're all here! We're not the first Cook Islands team to make it this far, Avatiu gave it a good go in 2014 drawing 2 and winning 1, and just last season Puaikura made it too, drawing 1 and losing 2. We were chucked in with Nadi from Fiji, AS Magenta from New Caledonia, and Canterbury United from New Zealand, the only team who can challenge the mighty Auckland City in their league. This was just an experience for me, I expected nothing, and Nadi gave me exactly that. Hinderson infiltrated enemy (goal)lines, but we were duly pushed aside and left with a 4-1 loss to our name. I feared the worst against Canterbury, but bizarrely, we thrashed them 4-0. A fluke, surely? All 4 goals were scored by youth squad members too, whom I started with because I expected an onslaught and rested the better players for the game against Magenta. That game ended 0-0, however, and Nadi topped the group with a complete 9 points. There's 3 groups so the winners go through alongside the best second-placed team, and with 4 points to our name, it surely wasn't us. Except it was. All second-placed teams ended with 4 points and Titikaveka had the better goal difference, by 1 again. We were through to the O-League semi-finals! We drew AS Tamarii Faa'a from Tahiti who won all of their games. We hosted the first leg in front of a large crowd but could only muster up a 1-1 draw. In Tahiti, on a wet chilly day, we fell 2-0 down before the half hour mark. It felt like the end of the road, that a wall had been hit and we remembered we were Titikaveka from the Cook Islands, an O-League semi-final was beyond us. But before the break, Romano Tangata got one back, and after that we drew level with 30 minutes to go. We could do this, we must! We are Titikaveka from the Cook Islands, and we want to play in the Club World Championship! But a penalty was given to Tamarii, and it was not controversial, it was not soft. The ball hit the net, the Tahitians cheered, the whistle was blown and the boys in blue were out. Tamarii went on to face fellow countrymen in AS Tefana and lost 1-0. It's always tough to go out, but I cannot let heads drop, this was more than deserved from this group of young boys determined to become men. Their character makes them men, not trophies. Besides, we've got 2 this season already.
  12. Has Jari Pukki made any international appearances?
  13. You've done well so far! Good luck in trying to bounce back.
  14. It's up, it's down - every club's league history looks like a stock exchange out of control.
  15. TITIKAVEKA - SEASON 2019 A glorious season, crowned kings of the island with little resistance! This is my 3rd title won with Titikaveka, and the club's 17th. With 12 goals scored in the first 3 games, it was hard not to think the title was in the bag already. Using the same format as last season, chosing a core 11 alongside the talented youth as substitutes, everything clicked and ran smoothly, and an improvement even on last season's great performance, though it helped not having another team on form, everyone else was not up to scratch. With the first 10 games won, it was disappointing to lose the last 2, but having the title in the bag after 10 games I gave the youth a chance. We only lost by a goal in each game. However, the morale dipped and we went in to the Cup on a low, and despite winning 1-0 against Avatiu, I was taught a lesson by Tupapa in the semi's. Still, with some fantastic performances from John Paul Tua Hinderson (9 goals in 11 appearances), Makea Tua (8 assists, 3 PoM's), and goalkeeper Murare Allen (8 conceded in 11, 5 clean sheets), plus a number of youth players showing great potential, I hope to keep as much of the squad as possible as we head in to the Oceania Champions League next season. FIXTURES - CUP
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