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  1. When you go on vacation as a Manager you should get a game pause and interruption of the vacation for important circumstances. An example is when the board contacts you with a new contract offer. As it stands, the game just blows through that and automatically accepts the contract offer. Face it, you'd interrupt your vacation or at least answer the phone/check the e-mail if your boss reached out to you.
  2. Just wondering if there is anything odd or unusual about South America and/or Brazil in particular? I'm used to playing in Western Europe for the most part; England, France, Sweden.
  3. Thanks. I'm setting up a new journeyman and thinking about a South America series. I just want to check a few things out first.
  4. Is this available to play? Also, where exactly do we put this in the game folder to access?
  5. Hugo, I am uploading that now. File save is Ragin Cajun - Workington bug submit.fm
  6. Playing a Director of Football challenge, I have my Asst. Mgr. selected in option to select the starting XI and bench with one option (90% or better overall physical condition). He is consistently selecting my AMC to play M(C) and he had no ability in that spot. (He has developed a small ability due to playing so much). In return, he is selecting one of my main M(C) to play AMC although, again, this player has no AM abilities. My AM has JPA as 12 and JPP as 11.
  7. I can't seem to even attempt to extend loans. Every player I've loaned in have been greyed out on the Extend or Recall from loan option. I'm at the end of the season and just got the e-mail notification that the loan ends "soon". They are all greyed out. I've done searches and all say I'm looking in the right place...but 100% never available? Seems broken.
  8. Hey gang, I'm attempting a Director of Football challenge. I've set the DoF/GM to handle all contracts. I've been caught offguard by his activity in the first transfer window as he's blown through the salary budget. Of course, the board is not happy with that and I'm catching the heat for it. Seems odd since the DoF (hired by the club President) is doing all finances that I'm on the hook... am I missing something in the setup of the league?
  9. Awesome, thanks. I'm doing a DoF challenge and lost my AM to a head coaching position my second day. Was waiting for the team president to hire staff including the DoF. I had a Youth Coordinator and I've used him before in my other save for Quick Pick.
  10. I've started a new league and the Quick Pick option is greyed out. I do not have an AM yet but do have a GM/DoF if that matters.
  11. That's not an option in game to access. Just C:/ or D:/ prompts.
  12. knap is there any changes to get tactics to show up in game? I've got about six of your tactics that I downloaded right after release. I downloaded them between 10/27 and 12/2 of this year. Today I was having issues on a new computer...none of the tactics were showing up...including the older tactics. They are not showing up on my older computer either where they were before. And I tried about five more tactics today just to try to get them to appear in game. No luck.
  13. Usually this disappears once you input it. Since the computer change (new PC for Christmas) the Policy shows up every time I start the game. Is there something in the Microsoft settings that might cause this? Or some other way to get this to trigger and turn off?
  14. Just ran across this on my new computer. I've even copies/pasted them into several other places but still not showing up in the game.
  15. Hmm, want to let us know? I'm searching for the same issue so an answer to the question would be nice..lol.
  16. So, got a new computer for Christmas. I've got it set up on a network paired with my original PC. I'm using a KVM switch to use one mouse and keyboard for both PC's. It appears that I had a Microsoft error (possibly with their cloud setup) with anothernon-Steam game. I've fixed that (It triggered the file in that case to be "hidden"). So the issue with FM19. I had files for tactics, skins, etc downloaded. They did not migrate to the new machine. So I've gone in and redownloaded the files I wanted and I have the files in the default folder. They are not showing up in game. I've gone in and copies/pasted the files into various places in This PC/Documents/..../FM19... and also C:/Users.../FM19 and D:/ProgramFiles(x86) which is were my Steam games are installed. However even with them in all four locations that I can find they are not appearing in the game. I have gone to Interface and Cleared Cached and reloaded. I've gone into the file and confirmed it's not hidden. Any ideas? Yes I know this does relate some to tactics...but it's more all files that the game uses so I thought general was a better fit.
  17. When playing in a lower league where money is an everyday issue, is there a way in the player search (under scouting) to limit to players with $0 salary requirements or do you have to go player by player? And a secondary question along the same lines, if looking for a loan player, is there a way to search for only those with a 0% salary requirement?
  18. Knap had tons of success with your volante and volante anchor last year. Doing an LLM save with a level 9 club this year. Got off to a solid start using the volante, 7W, 5D, and the lone defeat was in the FA Cup First Qual Round but seems goals are hard to come by. I know I've heard that FM19 seems that forwards/strikers are struggling this year. But with a LLM side it's hard to find even mediocre volantes and anchors. Any recommendations as I build the boys up? As noted I'm not "losing" but 1-2 goals seems to be my norm. 3-4 goals is an outlier. And been clean sheeted twice in the last four matches.
  19. Episode 24 went up today. Final episode of the "Early Release" going up now for tomorrow. Waiting (im)patiently (lol) for the datapack to level 10 to hopefully go up tonight and get started on my long term save for FM19.
  20. Ooh, I was puckered up seeing a post from Dan. LOL. Well, the Scotland viewers for my Rangers early release save will be happy..lol.
  21. Posted in beta release. Still an issue with full release update (same save however if that makes a difference). While in the tactics screen, either on a random day or on match day (Team Selection screen) unless a player is on the bench I cannot click and drag them onto the bench or the starting XI. Similarly I cannot take a Starting XI or bench player and drag/drop to swap with a player currently outside of the gameday side. When I click on said play, the entire row highlights in red. The only workaround is to use the drop down options at each position. There is NOT any issue with drag/drop from Starting XI to bench or bench to Starting XI...only with players outside the gameday listed 18 players.
  22. From earlier in the season? No. I saved that at the moment the e-mail popped up to notify me about the player concern, but before I attempted to have another player resolve it.
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