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  1. I like setting the DoF to handle all incoming deals but I retain the final approval. I think in real life a DoF does this and presents players to the manager.
  2. So doing a "career" save. No real goals. Here's the high points: 1. Currently with my 4th club which happens to be the club I support. 2. Kept them from relegation when hired in first season, won the Premier League for the first time two seasons ago which qualified for the Champions League for the first time. 3. Three straight seasons with a Top 4 finish (plus the win) and in the third season won the Champions League. 4. Was hired as England National Manager in this past season. World Cup is in two years (after the second season upcoming). So...my manager is 69 years old and will be 70 in the upcoming season. Do I go out on top with the Champion's League title...or do I keep going for at least two seasons and see what we can do in the WC?
  3. In my playing (and watching You Tubers playing FM), most seem to assign training to their staff. The staff should automatically apply the teams tactics and position choices in their training. Example: If I have wingers but no AMC, why train a player as an AMC? Or in a 4-2-2-2 with 2 DM type players, two wide wingers and two strikers, why would my coach train a player in a natural CM position when we don't play that in any of our 3 tactics?
  4. I had a young English player on his first contract with me. I couldn't get rid of the minimum fee release clause in his deal but the max he would sign was $99Million. Real Madrid came in after his first season and tried to get him for $40Million then immediately popped his release clause. I just looked and he signed a minimum fee of $563Million with RM. WHAAAAAA?!?
  5. I was only able to register 23 due to only having 2 HGC players. It was my first year with the club having just been hired. By the way...why are my HGC kids the only ones I get offers on and then they get upset when I don't want to sell them? LOL FYI he was registered and playing in the league matches.
  6. I have got to have the ability to ask a player who he wants me to bench or leave out of the squad when he comes in complaining about me leaving someone else out of the squad registration. This happens every window. I've got a fringe player that is 2* (Premier League) that was the one player left out of the Champions League registration. My captain and co captain both are part of a group complaining that I have something against him. It's not that...it's that I can't register him because of, you know, rules. Damn idiots. Put some common sense in the game boys.
  7. Having issues with loans that I don't recall in prior versions. I have my Youth Director and Loan Director set to find loans for players listed for loan. I am seeing a lot of rejections, very high percentage. Then out of nowhere I'll get one for me to confirm or approve even though I don't have responsibilities for me to do that. Any help figuring out what they are (or are not) doing?
  8. How do I: Pretty sure I saw this in a YT video a while back. I have a player in on loan. Part of the loan agreement (that I could not get removed in negotiations) is to play in a specific role. In this case center back as a central defender. My tactic calls for a BPD. So, how can I set a command to play that specific player as a CD even if my tactic calls for a BPD?
  9. Finally got FM24 after some time away. Got the ME24WOFKnap424MHDMCP108ALLCUPS listed as the top overall tactic. Playing with Yeovil in the VNL South. We were favored to win the league this year. Just into February we are on a 33 match unbeaten run (30W 3D 0L) and an 80 GD. Sitting on 93 points, 34 points clear of H&R in 2nd position.
  10. Seeing this alot in this version. I've got a young player, 21, he's been out on loan for three seasons. This is his first year in the team, we are 4 matches into the season. He has started all four matches and also two friendlies, so 100% of our matches since he joined the first team squad, he's started. So imagine my surprise when he voices concern that he isn't starting enough matches. Umm, and there is no response available to tell him to check the stats and settle down.
  11. So the new setup for transfers where you get a range is a bit confusing. I was managing Newcastle and signed a player. He is valued at $93-$147M. I was forever getting bids in the 80-90M range with news articles stating possible bids for up to $118M. I've moved to another club and this Newcastle player just popped up in the news. His value is still the same (93-147) but the news article said that Tottenham are contemplating a breathtaking bid of $181M. This is pretty consistent where whatever club I am at gets lowballed by the AI but then get legit offers when I leave and the club is AI run.
  12. When I look at a player card and then (to the top right) click on Coach Summary, I am looking at the comparison field (player rankings at a position). However, even when I select a different position the comparison does not change. (IE) it defaults to Attacking Midfielder. However I want to look at this player in comparison to Midfield (Center). I use the drop down and select M (C) but the comparison stays at the default AM (C). How can I get this to convert correctly?
  13. I find it ok when buying or bidding on players but as someone noted above it's almost worthless for my own players. The game gives all my players a range. Example I have a left back with a value of $61M. But offers cap out at 25-30M and a 100% cancellation of negotiations if I push beyond that. I sold a player for "near value" of $146M and immediately upon joining his new club his value was over $200M (both teams in the Premier League). Also I continue to get bully pricing on English players needing to go near double their valuation to buy but bids from other English teams on my English players are always lowballed with no chance to negotiate up.
  14. I haven't managed a national club in a long time, maybe FM17. Just got hired by my home nation and the differences are big from clubs, even to how you can see your staff page and breakdown. Question here: I've posted for several jobs but never get an e-mail in game about potential applicants. Is this a bug or just a nuance of the national team situation? I can't even see what my allotment of staff is.
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