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  1. My supa striker!!

    I can't find any of these Players
  2. First season got Forest promoted through play offs, got offered the Arsenal job. To add David Moyes got fired from a relegated Everton, Harry Redknapp left 3rd place Spurs and took over, David Moyes got the Spurs job. It left me puzzled.
  3. More communication with the board over transfers whether i have funds or not, for instance ive had problems signing a paticular player so i ask the board for help in negoations with the club, and also if im at low repuation club but i have an expierenced well know assistant or well known chairman or director of football i should be able to ask my assistant etc. to help convince the player to join. which leads into another idea, more communication with agents and player pre negotation if im a championship club i should be allowed to try and convince a player to join my team by offering a promise of promotion or if im a premiership team offering european football. Whats everyone elses oppinion. And dont diss my spelling its almost 1am in Australia.
  4. FM10: Andrea Consigli GK

    yeah i took over at Atlanta after 12 games in my 3 rd season on the game, they were bottom he pratically saved us from relegation awesome keeper.
  5. First shot goals

    yea it used to happen to me, i tried training my keeper to be a sweeper keeper i also played my 2 cb as far back as possible for the first 20 minutes then switch tactic to overload for the rest of the half.
  6. Portsmouth cant afford toilet roll never mind having a sniff at this player.
  7. FM08: Official Man City Thread

    Another worry of mine is Schmeichal; I'm not sure the young lad's up to it just yet. I might look to secure another goalkeeper. Strangley Man U offered me Ben Foster i bought him and hes awesome.
  8. cost me 9.5m wiv 50% profit return, sent him to feeder club for a season scored 5, 12 assists in 22 games. Started him first 5 games of new season 1goal and 2 assists. 7 av.