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  1. My 532 has been doing ok, but I've realised that opponents are frequently getting around 50 crosses a game. Not completing many but still plenty of goals coming from that. I have 3 at the back then 2 wing backs on wb support, with 2 central midfielders as dlp s and cm d, with an am s in front. Any ideas how I can cut down the number of crosses?
  2. Thanks having trouble importing it though. Moved it into tactics folder, manage tactics, then import but it isn't coming up there? Just realised teams are getting an insane number of crosses against the 532, around 50 a match. I think that may be part of the issue...
  3. I seem allergic to this game so far. Usually have no trouble doing well but I eventually got so fed up of being sacked and restarting that I just created a new manager after making it to January and getting the hook. At least I beat Felix... Could anyone post the formation they used first season? Particularly with instructions. I've tried 352, 532, 523, 4411, 442, 4312, 451 and quite possibly more. I've brought in a good young right back Peruzzi and sold Zverotic and Rodallega but bar that I have the original squad. It's been an emotional few weeks of failure. Also has anyone else found the squad awful in front of goal? My shots on targets have been dreadful no matter what setup I've had.
  4. Thanks, I would use that shout at times when we're mainly shooting from outside the box, however it's rare that would be the case. For one example a game v Birmingham, 16 shots only 3 on target and 12 shots were from inside the box, that would be without the shout. Most recent game there was away to Wigan 18 shots with just 6 from inside the box and I did add the shout in the second half and only 5 shots on target. When we play poorly we tend to have very few shots but all on target and occasionally actually do ok 2-2 draws etc but often its domination, lots of shots, few on target and very few goals.
  5. Built up a system over FM 14 and trying to keep going with it this year but finding my strikers are hopeless at finishing easy chances and getting shots away. Playing as Fulham and my two strikers McCormack and Woodrow have good finishing stats for the championship but sometimes we'll have 20 shots but less than 5 on target. Woodrow has managed 5 in 14 which isn't great but MCCormack has 0 in 10. As I say it's no that we're not creating chances but even "simple" one on ones and shots in the box are being missed and saved far too often. Is there anything tactical that might help? I adjust mentality and passing style depending on the opposition.
  6. A few weeks back I was very much along the same lines as the opening post, sacked for the first time in a few years and really struggled to do anything but I started up again and I've gradually found a tactic that works well and kept adjusting it and evolving it. I always manage Fulham and the players at the start are mostly poor and with so little depth so the key to success initially was defending deep, scrapping for wins and just about getting by, I also relied on the tactics forum to fix any obvious contradictions in my tactics. After a season or two and getting a squad together that would be similar to Everton or Tottenham's level currently, I again went through a dip where teams sat back and did what I used to do so you have to adapt again and play possession and dominate games. The key is, if you do stick at it, eventually you should get going through either luck or what you learn and if you do then my experience has been the best on any FM because it's much more real and feels an achievement rather than doing the same as always.
  7. The current tactical shout is grand but I have an idea to more accurately replicate modern football at the top level and allow greater control and freedom for the manager. If you look at any big champions league match between top sides there is a huge difference between how teams play on the break and from static possession. For example yesterday Liverpool when they have slow possession after a counter attack breaks down and the opposition is in their defensive shape, they split the centre backs, Gerrard drops deep, and they slow the game down to work an opening. On the other hand, when they have the chance to break they get the ball forward quickly down the flanks and look to get in behind. The two systems are completely different. In FM this appears to be mildly replicated by the players realising a break is on and making different decisions than they would otherwise. However you have no real control of those decisions, for example I might want my strikers to pull out wide on the break and try and cross for each other or midfielders joining in but if I ask them to move wide on FM then they'll always do it. I could see it implemented in a number of ways, either through a transition tactic in addition to the base tactic, which would dictate my players position and movement or a separate screen where you can put set up how you play on the break, how many men to put forward, whether to look for crosses, overload on one side, stretch the defence or alternatively to play cautiously and retain possession and then go back to the base tactic style of play.
  8. I'm not sure passing shorter necessarily means there's less chance of them giving the ball away potentially. It's something I've looked at with defenders quite a bit and the problem comes if they don't have anyone to pass short to. As there's nobody in the dm area, they will be reliant on the cm and dlp to drop back or else they only have the full backs to give it to. In my experience passing shorter on cbs can lead them to either make huge errors by waiting for a short pass option and then getting robbed or ending up clearing the ball into the stands, often for a corner. Against a team that blocks up the passes to your cms, you could find they lose the ball a lot. I must admit I find difficult to know what to expect in the latest version, as possession stats don't often go as I expect them to from my tactic. If your cbs are good on the ball, why not let them pass a little bit.
  9. You have basically 3 playmakers in midfield, regista, deep lying and advanced. The playmakers will tend to sit quite static which can cause problems. All three will play risky and direct passes so this could be why your possession is a bit low. A cm attack or box to box midfielder would provide good support for you striker and you should give you more solutions in the passing game. Also perhaps you could look at changing some of your fbs or wms to support as then they will look to become involved more often rather than take up purely attacking opportunities. Glad things have improved though.
  10. Well you're playing in quite an aggressive way. Neither winger will really help defensively and the dlp isn't going to move out to the flanks and help support the full backs either. If you're struggling it's perhaps best to become more defensive. Drop the wide players back and play them as defensive wingers, they will still get forward but will help out lots more too. If you're really keen on having them advanced, then maybe even dropping an extra central midfielder into defensive midfield would help. The weakness of this formation is the big gap between the full backs and wingers, no formation is perfect but formations like 442 will cause you problems. Regarding those highlights, on the first there's no real pressure on the central midfielder or striker when they get the ball. Your full back is isolated and has no help. This is always going to cause problems and I would like to either get more pressure on their midfield and striker or get support like a defensive winger for your full back. The second goal demonstrates the space that their is for the opposition winger. He picks up the ball and has lots of time to run at your right back. If you look your winger is still way up the pitch and their full back is also a danger. It's two against one and so they have time to pick out the cross. I'm not so sure you should pay to much attention to the third as it comes from a corner, unless you concede a lot from them. Have you looked at corner roles at all? Finally the fourth demonstrates much the same as the second. One on one against your full back, the central midfielder doesn't help out and a good wide player will often cause problems there. Hope some of this helps and as I just said in another thread and something that I was once told and has stuck with me, is try to figure out where the space is that is causing you problems, in this case it's the area in front of the fbs and between fbs and cbs and try to nullify it. Sometimes it's as simple as sticking a player in the way or you can do some of the same things with instructions.
  11. It can be very helpful to think about marking the space rather than marking the man. Through balls are successful when it's man against man and the striker has more pace or good movement. To nullify through balls I went 5 at the back early on as the space for through balls is constricted and instead of the ball going into the gap between fb and cb there's now a player in the way and less space either side. Think as well maybe about matching up the levels on the flanks. If you have a fb against a wide midfielder or winger from "central midfield" depth, then their player has lots of room to run with the ball and your fb has to either step out of the defensive line or let him run. In some cases a wingback level player can be more effective defensively than a fb level player as they are naturally in a better position to mark the player. This will almost always have to be compensated for though by an extra dm or cb. Think about the space the opposition is taking advantage of and make a plan to close the space and nullify the oportunities.
  12. Thanks for this, my tactics have been mostly reasonably defensive overall, 5 at the back initially then and 2 dms. I hadn't thought about playing as the "stronger" team, mainly cause my squad is sound but not anywhere near the quality of the better sides. I had one real bad run of about 8 defeats with just one loss and got frustrated hence this thread. Now 25 games or so in and sitting around mid table and got thoroughly dumped out of the Champions League. I'm pretty sure pre 14.3 I would've been on for consistent top 5 finishes but I like that it's more of a challenge now.
  13. So far I've been doing well with Fulham, last year finished 3rd after working hard to stay up the first 3. However every year when I use tactics that were working well last season I go on dreadful runs of form until I change completely and then it usually picks up almost immediately. I understand that teams will adapt but I've also tried going back to older tactics that I haven't used in a while and it seems to make no difference. Any advice on how to prevent this.
  14. Think I got a bug there, not sure if it's known.First press conference question was about hitting the post 4 times, went back and looked and we only hit it once.
  15. Thought I'd update this. It's interesting that there are now quite a few variations on 3 centre backs currently. Either 5 at the back or a sweeper and 2 cbs or wingbacks. Since the above tactic I've gone through two other tactical phases that are really variations on the early one. I still use both and tend to swap if one isn't working but there isn't particularly an underdog tactic or anything like that. The first change I went to was eventually to a flat 5 across the back, 3 cms and 2 strikers. Reasons for this was mainly defensively stability and also whilst the early tactic was effective on the break, it relies a bit on hollywood passes and also goals from the winger. Overall there was just a lack of support in attack and Mitroglou was the only consistent goalscorer. The 5 3 2 made a big difference and both strikers should get plenty of goals. Also the cm attack and box to box midfielder should score a few goals each year and even the fbs can get into scoring positions. Defensively it's very strong but does surrender a little too much possession at times. This has now become my back up tactic really as the next phase was a huge success. http://www.mediafire.com/download/qo8lyh5enhy8qjr/5-3-2_5-4-1_4-4-2_v1.3_att.tac The fbs are pushed up to dws in midfield and two cms drop to dms. The dws give me a greater attacking threat down the flanks whilst still defending the opposition wingers and the dms reinforce the defence to compensate. The cm attack is still very effective and it has been a much better possession tactic as if the quick break isn't on, there's plenty of deeper support to keep the ball moving and wait for an opening. It's a very fluid tactic as we can both counter with the two strikers, cm and dws, or hold possession with the two dms joining in and in defence we can defend with 8 men behind the ball and leave little space for the opposition. The weakness is sometimes against a 4 5 1 with wingers high up the pitch as they can get in behind the dws, and then switching to the 5 3 2 usually nullifies this. The first few matches of the season we'd won 1 in 5 and conceded a lot until I changed things up which is why the goals conceded is higher than it should really. '>http://www.mediafire.com/download/q5u6gjloqda3p66/3232.tac I'd started 4 seasons ago with a standard 4 5 1 with different midfield combinations and I've really enjoyed developing a range of different tactics this year rather than sticking with one or two formations, like 442 and 451 depending on how many strikers I had. My squad is starting to improve significantly now but the team has been put together with no signings over 4 million and only one or two free transfers. Most players were 1-2 million signings and have really overperformed.
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