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  1. Two things which may have been answered already. 1) Ability to choose at the start of the season how much of your remaining transfer budget you want to use to pay off debt. So you get £50,000,000 and only spend £35,000,000. The remaining 15m goes towards paying off debt. 2) Ability to buy up the rest of a clause whenever you feel like. e.g. You purchase Messi for £100 million pounds over 48 months in season 1. At the start of the 2nd season you have £50 million pounds for transfers, but you do not want to buy anyone. You go to the clauses section and lets say you owe a remaining £80 million. You click on the Messi transfer and a box is shown which lets you enter an amount of money. You could opt to pay off £10 million right this second to reduce to monthly outgoings, or you could pay off £45 million to really take a chunk out of it. Messi is a bad example due to the transfer value I used. If it was something more like £20 million you could pay off the whole lot. There would have to be something in place to stop clubs like Man City abusing this. When you spend all the transfer funds, the chairman seems to (in FM11) randomly give the club cash injections.
  2. Is this the most up to date tactic, and do we need to make any adjustments or is this ok? Noticed in one of your screen shots you had the target man box ticked.
  3. Thanks buddy - very impressed with how well you've done.
  4. Anyone know what formation Jib is using?
  5. Mr Hough, I can't feel my face! what is wrong? am I too attacking?
  6. Bahumat

    Ultimate FM2011 tactic

    Yeah but why have the formation using a playmaker, if no playmaker is chosen?
  7. Yeah the game starts with them either scoring, or having a free kick go very close!
  8. If you have that boogiept, it sounds like you have your assistant controlling this. You can stop it via Team Settings.
  9. Lol I made a post about this the other day. Would be cool if they have included it http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/232679-Idea-regarding-club-debts
  10. Hehe am liking the idea Johnie12inch
  11. That's a fair point, however I would still like it if you could clear some/all your loan in FM as it would make the game more enjoyable for the long run. Edit:- Yup to find out that info would be impossible. Maybe including my idea would take out some realism, but it'd just be realism of banking/finance?
  12. I always felt club debts were harsh in Football Manager. Please don't think I am petitioning for SI to wipe the clubs debts...that's crazy! I just want to be able to have an option to speak with the chairman/board on way's to better run the club. Here is an example; I managed Southend United who started the first season with some debt. I was promoted each season till I got into the Premier League. I was very lucky in that 2 of my free transfer signings were bought for £5,000,000 each during my journey to the Premier League. This meant I had alot more money available to strengthen the squad. After a few seasons in the Premier League I had two major concerns. 1) The club's stature did not improve (I was finishing around 6th place) yet no player wanted to join my club, nor could I afford wages as it did not scale to the league I was in. I heard this is being looked into for FM 2011 so won't say any more on this. 2) The club and it's loans. Because the club had some normal loans, plus a manager loan, it was impossible for me to improve the club's facilities and capacity. The club was making money from my performances with the league and cups, but I had no way to tackle the loans. I was being given £20,000,000 to £30,000,000 for transfer funds, however this money was not being well spent. I shall explain; A) Due to club rep not correctly scaling with my earlier success, players would want to leave for 'bigger' clubs. I would be the same or bigger than some clubs they would be sold to (usual complaining if you dont sell them etc) B) I struggled to sign decent players. Club's would accept my bids, but due to club reputation they would be disinterested in joining. If by chance they wanted to join, their wage demands of about £20k to£40k would be far too high for me to match. C) Stadium expansion and improved training facilities would never happen as the club carried loans. Conclusion Each new season I would lose players due to the above. I would purchase new players and still have some transfer funds left. If I could pay off the loans with the remaining money, or somehow re-finance/re-work the loans, this would greatly help us in the long run. My Solution At the end of the season we have the option to look at the club's balance. This would be at the point where you receive all your sponsorship, TV Rights, Champions League TV money etc. We can then say to the chairman; "Ok, we have £60,000,000 Bank Balance. You would offer me £27,000,000 transfer funds if I can challenge for the title". (This amount would change depending on the success we think we can bring). We already have the wages and transfer funds decided by how well we think we can do, so it's not really any different? Let's say I am offered £27,000,000. I would like to be able to say "I would like £20,000,000 for new players and wages, but I would like '£7,000,000' to be put towards the loans". The frustrating problem I had at Southend United was a poor business model. We had money coming in from competition performances, however I could not generate money from Sponsorship deals (due to club rep), nor could I make any money from Season Tickets and Match Day Revenue as the club had such a low capacity. It almost felt like the game thought "OMG Loans!!! We must pay these back before improving the team". The problem there is I am paying £50,000 a month for the next 5 years, which is nothing compared to the revenue I generate. p.s. You have kinda done this, but for the players. The ability to buy out the contract claus is a great idea!
  13. In my game save he goes to AC Milan and is pretty awesome.
  14. If your team is doing much better than expected, the AI seems to force you to lose alot of matches against easy or hard teams. In my league Sunderland were 6th and the last 5 games of the season they did terrible. They finished 8th but dropped alot of points. I think club reputation and club expectations may affect this?
  15. To incorporate it I had to move the defensive line up, but this caused major problems against quick teams. If you can figure out a way to implement this into the existing setup, you would probably be on to a winner. I was unsure how to do this