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  1. If your team is doing much better than expected, the AI seems to force you to lose alot of matches against easy or hard teams. In my league Sunderland were 6th and the last 5 games of the season they did terrible. They finished 8th but dropped alot of points. I think club reputation and club expectations may affect this?
  2. To incorporate it I had to move the defensive line up, but this caused major problems against quick teams. If you can figure out a way to implement this into the existing setup, you would probably be on to a winner. I was unsure how to do this
  3. I tried, but it ended up meaning the defensive line was too high and people kept scoring from the counter attacks. Other than that type of goal, it was really solid.
  4. Hi Mr Hough, There is a problem I am having with the 10.3 classic formation. I hope you can help me fix this? When the AI is attacking up the wings, the full back and centre back both seem to chase after the ball. This usually results in them crossing into the box and the unmarked striker scores. I tried setting all to man mark, but this did not fix the issue. I am Southend United. It's my second season in the premiership and I have a squad much better than the bottom half of the table, however I concede far too many from this. Also corners are a nightmare. Even with the FB's on each post, I seem to struggle there. Any help would be great! Edit:- Just pushed up the defensive line a few clicks and incorporated the Nike Tick. It's improved my performace against Villa and Blackpool (League Cup). Gonna run with it and see how it goes. If you have any extra info, that would be great!
  5. look at the player instructions. He'll be set to "switch position" with someone else in the squad I think
  6. Thanks for checking. I will try it on another machine. Edit:- Just checked on original machine, it works Must have been a temporary glitch lol
  7. Deus, any info on my problem please? Is the Free User download link still working?
  8. When I try to download the Large database, it takes me to here http://rapidshare.com/files/373520916/LegendsDatabaseBig.rar I click on Free User and the next link has no download option. It looks like you have to be a member to download?
  9. Heya Mr Hough. Got a question regarding 10.3 classic formation. I am doing really well as Espanyol (3rd in first season), however My assistant manager keeps saying "we need someone on near & far post" for corners. I find **** team with massive players score alot from corners and this is probably why? Which players should I use to protect these 2 areas? I thought about 1 of the 3 strikers but cant decide
  10. How are you guys avoiding constant injuries? I'm Espanyol and it's so difficult at the moment. I am winning, but i have a different squad out each match due to injuries
  11. So on game version 10.3 - Which formation of Hough's is proving to be the best?
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