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  1. By some magic FM now seems to be working again, after a week of trying, i havent done anything of that you writed Neill, when i restart the computer today, it just worked. Happy as a kid! thanks for replying thou! I notice that it runs very slow but i dont know if i dare to reinstall it again now. Greetings from a sunny sweden!
  2. Well, 30h later and still no reply, another day wasted trying to get this game running, i have searched on the SI Forum but no solution for my problem. there is nothing wrong with my computer, bought it the same day FM was released, Bummer! I have set Windows to a pevious point when FM was working, but now it doesnt. All other programs runs smoth as a newoiled engine, Estside Hochey manager and FIFA, but not FM. I have tried to delete all the Cache and Documentsfiles. BUT IT STILL DONT WORK. same fail every single time i try to install. Its rubbsih! give me a tip of what to do, or else i will demand a full refund and boycott this game for all eternaty!
  3. First i want to appologize for my English, hope you can understand anyway, im Swedish. I have a huge problem, i have read the "knows problems thread" but nowere is there an answer of this, if there is somewhere, please link it to me. I have searched the webb and asked in the Swedish forums but no answers were to be found. I have bought every single game in the series and i have never had problems until now. Now to the problem: A few days ago when i was launching the game i get the message "FM 09" is already running every single time, when is claery wasn`t. I then disaded to reinstall the game but now i dont get it to start, every time "Football manager 09 has stopped work and windows are searching for a solution" comes up. I have tried everything, installed via steam and not, tried to installed my friends Cd but it doesnt work, my cd does work on his computer thoe! I noticed that the FM icon isnt the usuall when you click on it, noe it is a "tools icon". The installation says that the installation is finished but have some failes, read the Log. When i read the log its 1 minor fail in the : com.sigames.InstallAnywhere.WindowsGameExplorer Status:FEL Ytterligare information:FEL - class com.sigames.InstallAnywhere.WindowsGameExplorer NonfatalInstallException RegisterWithGameExplorer() failed: Failed to add game to Game Explorer I have Vista. Someone, please!