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  1. this feels like a very tragic troll post but it would be even funnier if you were actully serious
  2. It depends on your rep i think and if the other team has a feeder already, i noticed that about 6 years into the game, Cant get any feeder clubs, i checked the profile of a few teams, pretty much every team has a feeder club with someone lol (i mean usa/japan/china) so i dont think they do 2 unless this is a bug(?)
  3. Just curious if anyone could answer this, i have 2 merchandising feeder links, one from america and one from Japan, i remember from the older verisions when you got big players from the nations of your feeders. it gave you a big merchandising increase, does this even work in fm 2012, and how big of an effect is it? I signed a american player who has continental rep and hes pretty good, costs 3.3million a year contract, but i found 2-3 others, they are decent but not amazing, would it be worth just signing them for about 2million a year contracts? At the moment i make 32million a year from merchandising. The year before, (got the american) i was making 29million but inbetween i did win prem and champs league..hope someone has the answer, the team i'm at money is starting to become a issue, have to sell players to keep up bank balance :/
  4. hahaha, cheers m8 i just discovered the subscription page, damn wish i knew this before, always wondered why i was getting messages about french league while managing championship -_-
  5. I have to say, i dont try many forum tactics have my own but i tried making a tic tac tactic for the past 5 months, and always theres something not quite right, i tried this tactic and its almost perfect man, have to give credit, when you make derby county play like barcelona, unreal, just amazing tactic, dominate possesion like 60-70% of the time each game, plenty of cccs, respect
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