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  1. 43m in debt at rangers what now?

    this feels like a very tragic troll post but it would be even funnier if you were actully serious
  2. But I don't want red seats...

    I moved from a 30000 stadium to a 58,000 and now i think its like 67000
  3. Funny Screenshots Thread

    whats funny about the last one ??
  4. I actully thought there was a easter egg in the game i tried to find it...didnt even realise you meant the "joke" thing..gutted, spent a hour searching
  5. Not 100% sure but it might be something to do with being on a clubs fav list, if you got the list as a legend they seem to never ever sack you.
  6. best way i've learnt is to buy lots of youngers with high pa+ get gd scounts and every season get about 4-5 if you can, and use them and sell the ones you bought before you can make bout prettty big profit this way if you do it correctly, need to get good training, and gd tutors, but its extreamly worthwhile if you can pull it off until your team can self sustain
  7. The Four Game Streak

    Its all in your head mate
  8. Do Players Get Taller?

    lmfao i just found a regen who got Smaller ...what the **** so to your original question yes it does. UP AND DOWN
  9. Do Players Get Taller?

    actully will check this for you, i have a pretty long game i cant actully find many players to compare this too, I checked a 16 year old Carlos Fierro in my game whos weight is 64kg and 175cm in 2011, His weight in 2021 is 65kg and 175cm but will check some regens
  10. I would move on, i have stayed at one club in my game for 20years and as you know it does get a bit boring tbh if u keep winning the same league over and over, gets a bit too easy at some point, i started a new save and jumping clubs every 3-4 years and its been alot of fun, a lot harder to become totally dominant, and in my mind after i've won every top league (currently done prem with spurs moved to spain won la liga with madrid, now at milan), going to move into international management, lead a big nation and then move to fav team (derby or man utd) and stay there for rest of my game.
  11. TV deals + competition monies?

    ran it for 4 holiday seasons just to check everything, Everything was perfect cheers again m8
  12. merchandising money

    It depends on your rep i think and if the other team has a feeder already, i noticed that about 6 years into the game, Cant get any feeder clubs, i checked the profile of a few teams, pretty much every team has a feeder club with someone lol (i mean usa/japan/china) so i dont think they do 2 unless this is a bug(?)
  13. yep, i use a deadly 442 which is just insane at home, but they are pretty good team i have lost to them few times away, in the screenshot most of them games are home.
  14. Gutted :(

    In one of my saves, when i was predicited to finish 5th and was like 12-13th fighting for good results, had quite a lot of crappy results, i kept getting media messges saying "Manager has 1 game left to prove him self bla bl bla" "Sack looming for manager xx", it kept happening and happening pretty much everygame, in the end nothing came of it but i guess thats pretty much how your told about "incoming sack", i do find it a bit strange tho, I have been sacked before aswell but its always been at the end of the season during the season review thing.
  15. messed up start of the season, alot of injuries and such so looks alot better then it is, but by 2021 alot of "big teams" have gone down hill, like chelsea and man utd ...only norwich, mancity and arsenal are top teams atm :/ , City are extreamly good and same with Arsenal, still won the league there but was pretty tight -.- and lost 0-2 in champs final,