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  1. You also have to consider their rating when they get first team football. This is possibly why many people have bad experience when loaning out players. If you loan them out to fight against relegation then their ratings will be bad, their morale will be bad, and so they will do bad at training and won't improve much if at all. The fastest way to improve is to get games at a successful side (and have good morale) in a league that challenge their ability.
  2. I am Tita with the Sparta Rotterdam side. Season 2030. Dutch Jupiler League: 1 Dutch Eredivisie: 10 Dutch Cup: 6 Dutch Super Cup: 10 Europa League: 1 Champions League: 1 European Super Cup: 2 === That was fun yesterday. But i lost all my away matches. I suppose i do really need an away tactic.
  3. i like the classic mode. no annoying team talks or interviews. also i don't have to hire and maintain a ******** of staff. these have always been my main annoyance of fm games. i know i can let the staff take care of these jobs in the full fleshed mode (such as send assistant to interviews), but they usually do a crappy job. to get the best results your kinda forced to do this yourself. also i like the instant result function to skip unimportant matches. but the major downside of classic mode is that i can't choose what kind of database to load. i prefer to play a big database + load all players with national reputation all over the world. that's about 30k players. but on classic mode i'm forced to play a rather small database. just because of this issue i started playing the main mode. also when i'm playing an english premier division side its unnecessarily to load the 5th and 6th division. but on classic mode i don't get the option to turn them off to save some processing speed. if these two options were available classic mode would be perfect for me.
  4. haha, i guess your revering to my post. anyway, i didn't intend to degenerate everton. i used them as an example of a very strong side, just below the top dogs. everton was the first to come into my mind. could just as well been newcastle.
  5. it has been mentioned before. but anyway, long term saves are dull. the a.i. controlled top teams are not able to keep up. their squad get worse each year. this is the biggest issue i have with fm, and i.m.o should be top priority in the "what to improve" list. at the start of the game teams such as man united, man city, chelsea, spurs have an incredibly strong squad. so it seems like a big challenge to pick up a weaker premier league or second division side, build them up to be as strong as the top sides and compete with them. but then the a.i. controlled top teams are not able to keep that high quality. they tend to play their overrated veterans too long (although this seems to be less of an issue in the last fm) and replace them with players who are obviously weaker and never will reach the level of these veterans in their prime. eventually after a decade i have build up a squad about as strong as barcelona was at the start of the game. but then the a.i. controlled top teams have declined in quality. by then the top premier division sides are not much stronger then everton was at start (unless one of the a.i. teams was lucky and managed to build up a quality side by chance), while the quality at the bottom of the premier division has somewhat improved. after a decade the whole game and everything i did up till then seems pointless and a big waste of time. by then i think to myself: "why did i bother to build up a barcelona quality squad, when my top rivals end up everton level? why should i keep playing, it's not challenging when my team is so much stronger. i've hit a dead end. time to uninstall the game and maybe try again next year."
  6. something that always annoyed me in fm. one example: i buy a very promising young player for 8M. then next season (sometimes even after just 6 months), a bigger club offer me 7M for that player. of course i reject, i wouldn't sell him at a loss after just one season. especially not when he's in my future plans and i rate him at least double that offer. but as result my player get upset for not letting him talk to that bigger club and eventually he may even request to be placed on the transfer list. this is very unrealistic. that player should understand i can't be forced to sell him at a loss. also the bigger clubs should know they have to offer more then i payed for him just a year ago.
  7. i made a flowchart for this: 1. get yourself a young promising coach. 2. keep investing time and money into your coach. 3. his stats keep improving significantly. 4. and finally, after years of investments. a 5-star coach! 5. man city spots a 5-star coach. 6. man city offer 5-star coach a nice wage. 7. time to say "bye bye" to 5-star coach. 8. go to step 1.
  8. trends in tactics. if a team proves to be very successful with a certain tactic for seasons, then that tactic should become more popular and more AI managers should try to play similar. and it would be even more interesting if AI managers could copy your extremely successful tactics and eventually use your own tactics against you. it would be very satisfying to see new AI managers use your tactics successfully. would feel like you revolutionized the football world. maybe they could even name the tactic after you or your team, or maybe they could take the name of your .tac file. ===== sometimes i go on a scouting spree. for example i add all players valued over 2M with an expiring contract to the scouting pool. or i add all youth players valued over 2M to the scouting pool. and let my army of 10+ scouts loose. basically i just want to be able to see these players stats, and maybe the scouts opinion on their "current ability" "potential ability". but as side effect i'll also get spammed with dozens or even hundreds of messages over the next few day's/weeks. which is annoying and considerably slows down my game. would be nice if i could choose to not get these mass scouting reports. maybe instead there could be some kind of list with recent scout reports which i could look into when ever i want to.
  9. send assistant to play match, but use your tactics and team selection. usually i only play the first few matches of the season. when i'm satisfied with my tactics, i always go for one-day-holidays just before every match until the next transfer window. it feels more like im playing "director of football 2009" ;-] but i like it that way
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