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  1. This looks incredible, well done @gam945. This is sort of thing I would love to see in the full game, so go for that SI job Can't wait to use it with the game
  2. A few notes from me as I've just rolled over 200 hours on FM 21...long and meandering post coming up! There's more bad than good below, as it happens, which wasn't my intention at all. I think FM 21 is the best edition for at least 5 years, and the improvements to the ME in particular more than make up for the game's shortcomings. However, this is a feedback thread so it's more worthwhile feeding back on the stuff that needs improvement! The good The headline feature for most players is the Match Engine, and this is definitely the thing I personally care most about. The good news is
  3. I want to come back to this post, two months later, to reflect a bit more on how the ME affects enjoyment of FM 20. The thought I had this morning – as I watched my team (Levante, different save to the one above) make countless daft errors in a 3-0 defeat – is that when I'm doing badly in FM, the current match engine gives me so much ammunition to blame it on the game that it's close to impossible to figure out what's actually going wrong. It's so tricky to carry out tactical problem-solving, as the genuine tactical mistakes are obfuscated by ME issues (or by the poor analysis tools avail
  4. Thanks zyfon5, a helpful reply. Probably clumsy wording on my part, but the point I was trying to make was that I wasn't equating conversion rate with performance, it was the opposite – my team seemed to be performing at roughly the same level, but conversion rates took an unlikely drop on my side, and a moderate bounce on the opposing side, leading to the feeling that the ME was screwing me over, especially given the nature of the goals we conceded. As I said, it's only a feeling, but it's a pretty crappy one. However, I do think shot numbers and especially quality of shot (clear-cut and
  5. Just want to echo what's been said in a lot of the posts above...the headline is that this edition of FM just hasn't been fun to play, and that's down to the poor ME. Everything else in the game is great, you can have a brilliant time outside of matches, but there are so many head-in-hands moments watching the ME, that it removes any sense of enjoyment from the overall experience. It very often feels like the game is cheating, and no-one enjoys being cheated. An example of these kinds of issues has been my new save with LASK: We start the season incredibly well, banging in the goals from
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