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  1. The opposition instructions are so slow and clunky now it's unbelievable that this was thought to be a better system. No multiple selections either, so you have to go through one at a time on drop-down menus that take seconds to load instead of being able to hold shift and do them all.
  2. The problem with doing this - as I discovered with Worcester in FM12 - is that the club never scales with its success. I was consistently top 4 in the PL and getting to the latter CL stages but was only getting 11k through the gates every week. Unless they've fixed that since then? Anyone know?
  3. Rubbish. Wolves spent £17m this close season. Times can't be that hard.
  4. Who did you sign first?

    Torres to City. £84m. Murbarak handled it.
  5. Main dislike is the news screen. It's dark and dingy and squashed. Blue bubbles ugly. Really difficult to skim-read now, especially with the item titles on the left you're having to move your eyes from one side to the other constantly. Not a logical 'improvement', more like a 'we've got to change something'. The news items themselves could do with more line breaks in them as well. Too many walls of text.
  6. Villa 5 - 1 Wigan Second-half hat-trick from Gignac.
  7. This is so frustrating!!

    I would listen if you made a valid argument other than HURRR EVERYONE ELSE SAYS IT'S REALISTIC
  8. This is so frustrating!!

    So there's a reason why game after game the opposing team scores all of their shots and I score none? And I sympathise with the other guy, it IS too easy with a bigger team. I know, trust me. I'm playing with a smaller team at the moment, and it seems the game's only regulator for difficulty is ability to score. I'll still outplay teams everywhere, rarely struggling in any area but goals. I think it's more of an issue with the difficulty adapting being completely messed up. To be honest, the game has no realistic way to make the difficulty change.
  9. This is so frustrating!!

    I'm not saying the AI cheats, I'm saying the game is programmed that way. It's just ****ing frustrating.
  10. This is so frustrating!!

    To me, it smacks of SI not knowing how to make their game more difficult so they just make it more difficult to score.
  11. This is so frustrating!!

    I can't think of anything much more infuriating than when the game just cheats, as shown above. Consistently aswell. the other team will have maybe three shots on target and score them all. You have eight, and the keeper just pulls off wondersaves. You then get slated by the press and fans. It's ********.
  12. Same happened to me. It was a free kick just outside our penalty area, so the keeper took it. Gave it to the defender, defender gave it back to him. Then he just stood there. Literally. Even when he got tackled and the ball rolled into the net. One minute over the stoppage time that was originally even awarded.
  13. The Thomas Vermaelen Conspiracy

    So just because a decent team signed him he should get a stats boost? Right. Fifa did this, and it just highlighted the inaccuracy of the ratings systems in these games.