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  1. I was able to add a facepack just fine. What errors were you running into?
  2. I'm getting towards the end of my first season with Lyon, and I gotta say, it's been one of my more enjoyable saves with them in years. I've done a save every year with them going back to 2005, but there's something about the malleability of this particular squad and the daunting task of catching up to PSG that's given it a little extra something. I've read through the replies in this thread, and you're all correct- PSG just don't drop points. Case in point, every time I've faced them so far: So imagine my surprise at their recent form: It looks like their deep runs in the domestic cups and CL are getting to them, and we've been able to capitalize (a recent 0-1 lost to OM not withstanding). It's going to be tight over the last 7 games. We're still alive in the Europa League with a good chance to play the final at home, but every game in Ligue 1 has been a battle as of late. Mariano and Fekir have put forward inconsistent results, and Memphis has been injured. Our midfield has picked up the slack thankfully, but who knows if that can sustain.
  3. I'm in the same boat. The worry is that both come out the same day...
  4. I wish I grabbed a screenshot of that.
  5. You'll find a lot of PC games are available directly from the publisher. You're still getting a Steam code for the game, but this way the publisher won't have to give Valve a cut of the sale. Yeah, this is the way to go. GreenManGaming run a ton of promos so they'll probably have another one when it's time for FM15's release, and if not I'll just sell some trading cards on Steam to save a few more dollars.
  6. Amazing thread and perfect timing! Haven't had much time to play the beta yet, so while I started my Newcastle save right away last Friday, I've only progressed a few weeks into the preseason. I've waffled on selling Colo and Jonas... but I think I'll keep them.
  7. Name: Kara Age: 22 Nationality: Senegal Club: Tromso Position: Defensive Midfielder / D/M © Value: £1.5M Sale Value: £2.4M Work Permit Needed?: Yes. I've yet to have his work permit granted, but I'll keep bidding for him until it is. Is just as good as a DC as he is a DMC, and would fit right in a league where African players don't need permits.
  8. Helenius went to Twente in my Newcastle save. Shame! He's just what I was looking for. Definitely one to keep in mind for future saves, though.
  9. This is my strategy as well. I've sent out trial invitations to about 100 kids. This is my first time managing in Brazil since 2006, and the first time I've managed in the Brazilian lower leagues period, but that seems the way to go.
  10. After thinking long and hard about which team to manage (by which I mean quickly googling all four promoted teams), I've decided to take on the challenge with... VILHENA EC I'm not going to lie; part of the reason I chose this team was the sponsor's excellent mascot Team Info Team History Team Squad Manager Profile We have a small squad with a few decent players and some room in the budget to fill out the team. Here's hoping I don't let that fox (I think it's a fox) down!
  11. I've been re-reading issues of The Blizzard over the last few weeks, which has inspired me to start a save in Northern Brazil on this version. I've never taken on one of these challenges, but I've lurked for a few years. Hope to get a good start later today!
  12. At work right now and then taking out my mother for a birthday dinner, but when all that is finished I'm starting a career in Brazil!
  13. Have you downloaded Steam? If so, once the beta is available, you'll likely have to enter your code in the 'Activate a Product on Steam' option in the Games tab.
  14. Picked it up from GMG, thanks for the tip! I don't see a steam code in any e-mail or on my account, though. Do they not have it yet?
  15. You can find the update here: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=6702. I'm about to install it myself. I've accomplished my goals far too early in my Lyon save, so I think I'll have a look at another, slower-paced Newcastle save.
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