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  1. With Wolfsburg first game away against Gladbach. It was a horrible game, so much stress for me. 3-1 down at halftime, I win the game 3-4. Fantastic tactic.
  2. Knap, you are an absolute genius as a tactician, I was fearing defeat against Real Madrid, yet I did amazing against them. I took over Valencia when they were having a bad time. Now I think next season will be very interesting. ;D Thanks a lot, Knap. ;D. This was with the Knap christmas tactic.
  3. Third in the German First Division with Leverkusen the team is starting to gel. Still unbeaten, which nobody did in the league. Wizard tactic is world class. You and JPWOODY are world class tactical geniuses .
  4. Won the World Cup with Brazil with your Classic tactic. I resigned went to Tottenham, and now am doing great with them with your latest tactic. Looking forward for the next season. And I must say I am a huge fan of your tactics, they always seems to work for any team I am with. Your the best
  5. Drawed against wigan 0-0.. with control tactic it was a very poor match we could nearly never have to ball and gifted it away to much .. Next game worries me cause i have to play Wolverhampton and they are good (i am arsenal) and i have to say i don't concede many goals but that must be cause i have a 7 start defence training.. ( Great coaches)
  6. Won man utd 2-0 won liverpool 2-1 both was with to control tactic seems to be a great tactic
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