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  1. I would like to be a manager instead of creating my own manager all the time. Like play with Jose Mourinho or any other manager in all the leagues that are in the game.
  2. still waiting for a chairman mode, it could also literally work as a DLC as I would pay for it. So yeah I still want a Chairman mode.
  3. Loving the FMC so far, but I would really love a browse button when it is processing. I am unemployed at the moment, and I sometimes want to look at jobs. But sometimes the jobs are gone before I know it during the processing. So yeah would love a browse button when it is processing. If there is already one, please let me know :3
  4. I really hope they would add a Director of Football or Chairman mode, it would make my day so much, and I would probably only play that mode. I can only dream it will be added in FM 15.
  5. Not sure if someone else posted this wish, if so I fully stand by you. I would like appoint a successor action if you been at a club for a long time, and you find it time to leave. Basically what Alex Ferguson did with Moyes. Like if you get Legend status and you decide to resign to manage another club that you can suggest your assistant manager or any coaches, or managers you would think would suit the club you will leave. Would be nice to see this option though.
  6. First game played as newly appointed Manager of Napoli Napoli 6-4 Crotone, we had to come back twice, very tense game, but a briliant performance from Higuain who netted in 4 goals.
  7. This would be great, yeah. I find it sad there is like no games in Football that you can do this thing, or haven't found it yet. Hopefully FM makers consider it one day
  8. After playing Out of the Park Baseball 14, mostly as a General Manager (some sort of chairmen role I guess) I was really hoping SI, would come with a mode when you start a game that where you can hire and fire coaches, not a owner or anything, but something as a role that you hire fire coaches, and other functions you could add on. I think after years we did ask for this a lot of times, probably rejected each times. also there are no ownership games out there in football management which is a shame Just wondering if this is a good suggestion I would play it religiously.
  9. Currently on a journeyman savegame. I used the tactic on Sparta Rotterdam which is basically not the strongest club in Holland. Got them promoted, then in the eredivisie finished 8 place, semi-final of the Dutch cup. From there I went to Newcastle they were relegated I got promoted with 118 Points, 37 wins 7 Draws and 2 losses. Won the FA cup with Newcastle by beating Tottenham 4-3. While beating Manchester United 2-0 in the semi-final. Absolutely love the original tactic. Hopefully I get champions league football club soon. Thanks a lot
  10. Hadjuk is an awesome team to play in this game, I tried it for Motherwell. However I was 4-0 up then it was 4-4. Then lost 2 more games. But hey, it's Motherwell, not he greatest team out there.
  11. Could you like post actual pictures of the game, and not the players instead. It would be really helpful and also gives you more views and replies.
  12. Awesome, your tactics has always worked for me. I bet the center forward is going to score tons of goals. (:
  13. We don't even get results, do you even test your own tactics, or do you just upload them as soon you finished making them?
  14. By far the best tactic I have used so far. Started using this on my old Kobenhavn save, I already won 2-1 against Inter, with luck different tactic. But it was lacking goals too much, so I decided to go to this. Well I was impressed first two games against two Danish teams were both 5-0 victories. Then Malaga.. 1-1 Away, then I had to play Malaga at home an amazing 4-2 win for me. Then Inter again away this time I told them we can cause an upset 0-0. Ajax last game 5-2 at home, I was so happy because I actually finished first in the group with 12 points, no losses 3 wins at home and 3 draws away, with teams like Ajax, Malaga and Inter. Thanks for making this tactic, Fuss. I believe it's on of your best.
  15. With Wolfsburg first game away against Gladbach. It was a horrible game, so much stress for me. 3-1 down at halftime, I win the game 3-4. Fantastic tactic.
  16. This tactic is fantastic, winning every single cup I could win in my first season as Chelsea. But I was not pleased that I had 1 striker, so I adjusted the tactic and now on a fantastic start too. I started using the tactic against Everton Thanks. ^^ Edit: Right click on image, obviously.
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