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  1. Cheapest is this link: http://bit.ly/FM18usSale $40.99
  2. Cheers mate. So where is the best place to pre-order with the bonus for non-EU people? Anyone? Pleaseeeeee
  3. What is the cheapest price for Non-EU customers? I found a good deal on gamesdeal.com. Does this come with the Pre-order bonus. What is the Pre-Order bonus? Beta play and FM Touch?
  4. I don't know why learning a new position isn't adding to the layers workload. This is a young striker of mine. He picked up runs with ball often from his tutor and now I'm trying to get his mentals, speed, passing and dribbling up by teaching him AP-attack as that is the one which precisely works on the attributes I most want. I previously had him on complete forward for basically 2 years. Finally trying to be involved about player development since I got a hard brexit. Do you reckon my thought process is on track? Or should I go back to teaching him a striker role?
  5. Hi guys, just got a couple of doubts that I hope you lot are able to clarify.Here goes: So, when we select a "Position/Role" to train for a player, the player focuses on improving those attributes of his game,right? On top of that if I ask a player to focus on an additional focus, it basically asks him to work by himself on improving that attribute? So I am guessing the player spends the same amount of time training for say Poacher and Complete Forward? The logic behind it is that his workload only changes if you assign any special role, rather than the generic ones that they would otherwise do. However, what happens if I ask a player to say learn a new position? He would then be learning 2 things right? Why doesn't this affect his workload then? Also, would their efficiency decline when learning 20 attributes instead of 10? I mean would the fewer attributes trained by poacher lead to improvements twice as faster in comparison to those trained by complete forward?
  6. So I was thinking of making a list of questions to answer for someone like me who is stuck at what kind of football they want to play. Maybe that would help with getting an idea working? I'll start of with how I want to defend, then how I want to transition from defence to attack (buildup), how I want to attack and then how I want to transition back from attack to defence. Defence 1) Where do I want to win the ball back? Halfway circle. My attackers aren't the most aggressive or the best tacklers 2) How do I want to win the ball back? Pressure on the opposition backline, making them play direct and winning the ball back through interceptions by midfield or defence. 3) What happens if the opposition backline can get the ball to midfield? Make sure the ball is channeled towards the wings where my hardworking wingers or fullbacks can win back the ball. 4) What weakness do I see to this system? If the opposition widemen can get the better of my widemen, my defence would probably be high and can be ripped open with a direct ball. Also, if the opposition can get the ball to their striker, my defenders would be left with a 1v1 battle due to the intensity of the pressure up top. 5) How do you want to counteract this flaw? Playing a sweeper keeper and fast centrebacks to cover. Making sure my defenders are always tight on the strikers. Maybe even man mark the opposition strikers? 6) How do you want to transition from defence to attack? If the defence win the ball back, I would like them to play it direct into the channels or upto my striker to hold it up. If we win the ball back in midfield, I want the midfielders to run with the ball and supply for the strikers to finish the ball. I think I see too many flaws with what I am creating and hence should rethink my ideas. But I think if we all pitch in with good questions for the 4 stages of a match, we could actually help people like me who are stuck with getting nowhere with their ideas.
  7. @Prim47-- Top advice. So listening to you I have thought about which style of football I like best. I will sort them out by my preference. Style 1) Fast, attacking football. Transitional Football as its called. The idea is to win the ball back and hit teams before they are able to go into their defensive shape. I think this is the heavy metal football that Jurgen Klopp likes his team to play. Is this sort of hybrid between counter attacking and attacking football though? Style 2) Traditional Counter Attacking football. Let the opposition come onto us and exploit the spaces they leave when they commit numbers forward. Similar to the way @ianscousemac wants to play with crosses and wingplay. Style 3) Possession heavy football. Build up from the back and sort of rip the opposition apart with fast and quick movement and quick passing.
  8. Hi Ian, Firstly, it's actually really comforting knowing that there are others in the same boat as me. If you don't mind me asking, how did you go about settling on the formation and style of play that you wanted to implement? Did you come to it after analysing your players? Or did you sort of decide on it before that? Or was it something else?
  9. Hi Prim47, thanks heaps for the super quick reply and the support. You hit the jackpot with question number one because I sort of have the two answers on my mind right now. I will just give both because I will undoubtedly keep on thinking about the other one if I didn't write both down. (And therein lies my problem) 1) My ideal playing style would be a hybrid of attacking football while remaining solid defensively. I would honestly not want to prioritise possession over penetration but rather have my team playing football with the aim of creating clear chances while not giving them away. I know this is way too abstract for it to make sense but I'll try to give you an idea of what I mean by using a real life example. From the top of my head, it would be like the United team between 06-09. I have however been really impressed by how Liverpool and Arsenal have been playing but they have both been too leaky for my liking. However, getting this ideal style to work would require the very best of players and would therefore have to be a long term approach. Therefore lets move on to the other answer that came to mind. 2) With the current Manchester United team, I want to play a style of football that gets the best out of the team that I have. What I mean to say is I want to create a style that can utilise the attributes of my players most efficiently. However, I would like to create 3 distinct set ups: 1) That is set up to create chances and play attacking football 2) A counter-attacking/defensive set up for tough away games or games against the big teams where I try to exploit their weaknesses 3) A system where I can control the game and basically use to take advantage of teams once I am leading without over committing (possibly possession style?) 3) A hybrid system that lets me control and dominate away games. (I have no idea what this set up is) See what I mean by having too many ideas and getting lost in between them? Started off with 2 ideas that sort of transpired into 5 or 6. Sorry for the really lame reply. I might just have confused you more than clear your query.
  10. So with that first post out of the way (I started writing it with a completely different purpose), let's take a look at the United team and identify the strengths, weaknesses and PPMS of the players. I want to identify the PPMS because honestly I feel like they have a huge bearing on any tactic you create. I will sort of elaborate on this a little later when I am trying to create the tactic. But for now lets look at the list I compiled on the day I got FM17. I think Valencia, the centre halves and De Gea are missing from this because I had sold Valencia on the first quick start I had created. However, this time I created a new save with no first transfer window budgets to sort of get more into the feel of being Jose and so he is in an option as well. I don't have the game loaded up but off the top of my head I think for Valencia are: Pros- Strength, Cons-Crossing, PPMS- Runs with ball down right, knocks ball past opponent. I didn't list the central defenders because honestly there was not a lot to list. They all have glaring deficiencies in composure and vision. Basically, while they are adept defenders, they aren't going to ever give me the Maldini sort of calm at the back. Before even comparing my team to the teams I am competing against, I think its best to sort of summarise what I learnt about the players (more to revise what I jotted down initially than anything else). Actually I think I will do it in another post so I can have a look at the table, rather than go back and forth among this tab and the excel file.
  11. Hi guys, this might be a bit of a long post as I am sort of having a midlife FM crisis and I would really love to know if others face similar problems. So basically, while I have been playing FM since CM4, I don't know how much I have actually learnt about the game. I am sort of confused if I know a bit too much or if I don't know enough. I mean initially with CM4, I was a kid and honestly all I remember is using the "Gung Ho" mentality and signing Mark Viduka and Harry Kewell for Manchester United. I don't know what it was about the game, but I was just 9 then but it took me off playing countless hours of FIFA and basically playing FM with almost every team.I basically learned all my geography from the game (just last night I impressed a girl because I guessed she was from Austria because her university had the word Wein in it). It's sort of a big deal here in Bangladesh where Austria and Australia get used interchangeably. Anyways, back to my problem, which is basically not having any clear idea about what I want from my teams tactically. When I say I don't know what I want from my team tactically, I do not mean to say I struggle when playing the game. On the contrary, having spent countless hours reading Cleon, Rashidi, Ozil10 and the THOG's posts, I sort of always do well. What I mean is that I can borrow a certain base tactic from one of them and then tweak it game to game. However, my problem is not having any clear idea about how I want to play before starting the match. It's always been either taking someones system and tweaking it or since FM16, using my assistants ideas and then tweaking it. What I really want to create is something of my own, from scratch. But I have never been able to quite put it together. So for FM17, I have told myself that I won't play unless I have a clearly developed idea of what I want tactically. Therefore, despite getting the Beta on the day, I'm yet to finish a transfer window or really play more than 3 competitive games. So while I haven't ever started a save with Manchester United since the CM days, I thought they would be ideal as I support them. If you were on my facebook or watch actual games with me, you would think I am Gary Nev with all my punditry. However, everytime I bootup the game, I go lost for a lack of a better word. I mean its not that I don't have an idea, its just that I have too many thoughts and I sort of keep getting distracted and don't get anywhere. So this time, I thought I would try writing about it as I go. I feel as though this will keep a record of my thoughts and ideas and hopefully that could lead to discussion.
  12. Hey, so I have the Macbook Pro 13 Inch Retina, Late 2013 Model and was wondering what settings you guys play the game with? 1) Do you have the Retina option turned on? 2) What resolution do you usually play FM on? (As far as I am aware, with Retina on, it only allows you to choose the resolution you have running on the system?) 3) Do you with GPU or software rendering? 4) What level of graphics do you use? 5) Do you use any level of zoom on the texts? 6) With the default settings, do you find that the text is very small on a MBPR 13 inch? 7) Do you guys ever have anything else, like youtube or spotify on while playing? How does that affect your game? I'm sorry for the whole mug of questions and on second thought, I should probably go open a new thread but I would be glad if anyone who has a similar laptop could answer. Personally, I like to have chrome or Word open in the background for music and to write down notes and was wondering how to maximise performance of the game if I multitask.
  13. Hi guys I just have a few question regarding the some of the instructions I have seen used on tactics published online by various authors. Specifically, how certain instructions behaved when used in both team and player instructions. With tighter marking: 1)Intuitively, I would think that using this as a player instruction wouldn't make a difference on the engine if it is already selected as a team instruction. 2) Instructions are sort of compounded , akin to how it works with say closing down, passing length etc. So which one of the two happens? With harder tackling: I sort of have the same question when using tackle harder as a PI in combination with Stay on Feet as a TI. Would it make the players less likely to dive into tackles but be more likely to make challenges? I mean more block tackles than sliding tackles? With passing: Also, if the team passing is set to short and play out of defence is selected, why do a lot of people publishing tactics still select shorter passing as a PI? I mean even without clicking on it, the passing meter usually has shorter selected, rather than mixed. Sorry if these have been already answered but the double up of instructions such as these are baffling me and I would love to know what actually happens.
  14. Cheerios found it and got it to work, by copying the three tactics xml files from the old version to the new one.
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