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  1. Please upload to another website, Zshare would be good if possible.
  2. Does anyone know how to set up that narrow 4231 with 3 AMC that spain used ?
  3. Here's an article by jonathan wilson, and what he mentions is what I want improved in the game. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/blog/2010/apr/06/question-pressing-crucial-modern-game Next, Id like to see more positions in the game, instead of the rigid positioning we currently have. Id also like to see me having two options : 1. Roam from position. It's already in the game, and it tells the player to move around from his position looking for space. 2. Free Role: This is completely different from the above, as by giving a player this instruction you tell him hes free to roam ALL the pitch. Then id like to see the option of being able to tell my players the specific space to run into, for example i can start in a 4-3-3 line-up and then tell one of my MC's to go to the space on the left flank, like iniesta and keita at barcelona. Also, I'd like to see the CBs involved more in the build up play, at barcelona the 2 CBs are very important for building up the attacks. Here are the passing statistics from the match against arsenal at the camp nou. http://www.zonalmarking.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/barcelona-arsenal-passing-stats-xavi1.jpg
  4. So will it work with a team in the lower leagues, i know it worked for you with huddersfield.
  5. Mr. Hough, which tactic are you currently using ?
  6. Has anyone tried making nobody the play maker in the final version ?
  7. I'm actually having better success with the shouts, as I feel it gives me more control over the team. Will try the new version and give you my feedback.
  8. I have to agree with justified, in Barca's system everybody attacks and everybody defends, which is why they play beautiful attacking football. Hope the tweak you are working on will be the most successful.
  9. Yes, I just tested v3 and v3.1 against the same opposition, and V3 kept for me more possession and much more chances. Do you think that the high d-line, is not quite that good in terms of player movement as I also noticed that the mcl moves alot into space in v3, but not so much in v3.1 I think you should re-upload v3 mate and let people try both just so we can see the difference in the results.
  10. Mate I don't know why, but I feel v3 without the d-line and the offside tweak was MUCH better in keeping possession and creating chances.
  11. Mate version 3 was the best version, will 3.1 give me the same goalscoring threat ?
  12. Umm i have a question, why is the defensive line unticked ?
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