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  1. This season I think we all noticed something, and it's that Guardiola started the season not so well ( the goals scored ratio was low if you compare to the last two seasons ) , all until he switched up his formation a little. Now, its obvious that messi plays as the lone striker in a false 9 role, but whats more interesting is how Xavi and Iniesta are operating this year. They both start in the centre alongside busquets/mascherano, and once barca get the ball to the opposition's half, you should see the interesting thing that happens. Messi would drop very very deep into a position almost like that of an AMC and he would start playing short passes with Xavi and iniesta, then when they spot a gap in the defence, Pedro, Villa, Alves and one of Xavi or iniesta make dangerous runs into the box. This is evident as xavi and iniesta have recently found themselves in scoring positions, Which was missing from last season. Now, I hate to say this, but it's really really really hard to play like barcelona in FM with the current M.E. The reason is that the way they attack and defend are contradictory in FM terms, which is very strange. We cant get the centre backs to pull wide, we also cant get the whole team to move around and creating space, which is limited thanks to the rigidity of positions in the ME. I tried a few tests by putting the CBs in the sweeper position which is behind the fullback position, and in terms of keeping the ball, it worked a treat, but when the opposition had the ball, they tore us apart, as most of the time the players wouldn't go more central to cover the runs of strikers.. So now, i think we should start from where i left off, playing the CBs at the sweeper position behind the fullbacks, and start tinkering with them, then we move on to the DMC/MCd .
  2. Ahhh, finally a barca thread fro FM11.... Now that I am back, I will post my thoughts later on in the day. And aderow, sorry for not replying to your pm(s), was really busy last few months
  3. Please upload to another website, Zshare would be good if possible.
  4. Does anyone know how to set up that narrow 4231 with 3 AMC that spain used ?
  5. I got this guy recently in my second season at barca, he is labelled the next antonio cabrini, who is to this day one of the greatest left-backs to have ever played the game. http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/6839/manuelguerra.png
  6. Here's an article by jonathan wilson, and what he mentions is what I want improved in the game. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/blog/2010/apr/06/question-pressing-crucial-modern-game Next, Id like to see more positions in the game, instead of the rigid positioning we currently have. Id also like to see me having two options : 1. Roam from position. It's already in the game, and it tells the player to move around from his position looking for space. 2. Free Role: This is completely different from the above, as by giving a player this instruction you tell him hes free to roam ALL the pitch. Then id like to see the option of being able to tell my players the specific space to run into, for example i can start in a 4-3-3 line-up and then tell one of my MC's to go to the space on the left flank, like iniesta and keita at barcelona. Also, I'd like to see the CBs involved more in the build up play, at barcelona the 2 CBs are very important for building up the attacks. Here are the passing statistics from the match against arsenal at the camp nou. http://www.zonalmarking.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/barcelona-arsenal-passing-stats-xavi1.jpg
  7. Why did you remove the roam from position instruction from Torres and the wide midfielders ?
  8. So will it work with a team in the lower leagues, i know it worked for you with huddersfield.
  9. Mr. Hough, which tactic are you currently using ?
  10. Yes, but this was worse, they completely shut down mini ronaldinho, and my two wide forwards. And they play a bloody 442, and i barely edged the possession 52%.
  11. I think i found my bogey team then, bloody bochum. They defended the whole match at their home with ALL players, both of their strikers were deep in their own half!
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