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  1. I came to the forum looking for info on this. It seems it has been intentionally removed this year and isn't a bug, unfortunately. I used to use this quite a bit on youngsters who were only good with one foot, as I felt even moving them up to average on the weak side was a big benefit compared to being weak. I'll just have to be more selective with signings this year in certain positions. https://community.sigames.com/topic/539210-no-develop-weak-foot-option/ for reference.
  2. Same here, which is annoying as it means no playing yet.
  3. Not according to the first post: "Unlike previous years, there wont be restrictions on who can do what thread" "If you could post in this thread what you're doing, I'll insert your name in the below post so people can see that the thread is in the process of being created and don't have to ask or wont start doing one themselves."
  4. The closing down says "Sometimes" on the player instructions window but DF has 'Close Down More' on by default and the bar itself is full green, maxed out (on standard / flexible). The more I've played FM16 the more I've ignored the text on those settings and looked at the bars instead, they seem to be the actual representation - even though it says "Sometimes", a DF should be closing down as much as possible. Attributes like work rate and aggression will of course have an influence. On the other hand, a Deep Lying Forward on Support also says "Sometimes" but the bar is maybe 65% full, a dece
  5. Training/Attribute progress has a progressive scale: Downwards red arrow = a definite, clear drop Angled downwards orange arrow = slight, gradual drop No arrow = no change angled upwards light green arrow = slight, gradual gain Upwards, bright green arrow - definite, clear gain I think there are actually 3 shades and angles of the green 'gain' icon, each a little more than the one before, but I'm not ingame right now. Anyhow, each attribute will show the progress icon and it will match the recent change, as you can see by clicking the attribute on the training screen and looking at the
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