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  1. Your First 11 [spoilers]

    Ajax 2013/2014 GK: Maarten Stekelenburg WBR: Tom Hogli WBL: Urby Emanuelson DC: Toby Aiderweireld DC: Matthias Jorgensen MC : Demy De Zeeuw APA: Rafael Van Der Vaart MC: Owen Hargreaves IFR: Jose Pablo Guerrero TMS: Romelu Lukakau IFL: Ismail Aisatti
  2. I'd like to know this too?
  3. Play Messi as an inside forward cutting in as a playmaker it has worked for me in my game so far 22 games 3 assists 11 goals ave rating 7.43
  4. I played as PSG in the demo with a flat 4-4-2 and was 2nd behind Nancy on goal difference. I went with Erdinc upfront as a Poacher and Giuly next to him as a Deep Lying Support Forward until Hoarau came back and Erdinc was dropped to the bench and Giuly became the Poacher. I played Sessagnon as a right winger and my only purchase Scott Chipperfield on the left. Sessagnon had about 9 assists and Chipperfied about 7 with the odd goal thrown in. In the heart of the midfield Makele was a ball winning tyro and Chantome did the job with a lot of assists. In defence I had Ceara at right back Armand on the left with Camara and Sakho at the heart of the defence and Coupet in goal. I conceeded a fair few goals but I was banging in more. Lol that was the demo when I got the full game I played West Ham and struggled to the end of January before being sacked. I then tried Bolton and was sacked in December. To me the full version of the game seemed harder so I decided to start a full game with PSG using the tactic I used in the demo. Things did not go well sacked in mid December. My team were creating heaps of chances but were failing to convert. So I don't know why something that worked so well in the demo didn't work in the full version as I was playing the same players except Chipperfield in the same positions. Anyway pretty keen to get through a full season so I have started a Barcelona game where I'm 2nd in the league in mid December and easily through the group stage of CL. So hopefully I can keep it together and make it through season 1.
  5. FM10 Launch problem

    I uninstalled the demo before installing the full game
  6. FM10 Launch problem

    me too .........
  7. demo injury bug???

    I'm playing with Everton and as of 27.12.09 no injuries in either 1sts, Reserves or U18's Not many previously either except some long terms that I started out with for Yakubu,Arteta and Jagielka
  8. Is that a fact or is it just your opinion?
  9. I'd like to see a video featuring the new Player Cam