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  1. Lads, I usually use FM on my PC (6 core and 3.2ghz), however I will be travelling for work and I want to know if I dust off my old laptop, will it run say a large dB and 10 leagues (or what will it run). Sony Vaio Intel i5-3210m cpu @ 2.5 GHz 8 gb ram windows 10 home 64 bit. On a side note, can I install FM on the PC and laptop at the same time (move the save between the two and alternate? Cheers
  2. Wow all leagues playable? How big is the file & player count? That would be great if you could! Cheers
  3. Hi all I'm looking for a new challenge and wanted to know if anyone has any saved games in the year 2020/30 + that they would like to upload for download? Ideally if it includes a few leagues (iie eng fra hol ger ita spa etc) Cheers
  4. Any luck with this one mate? That would be an epic save, tycoon or not! ;-)
  5. Just do it man, go for it. Of you have the cash, invest. You won't have to pay rent anymore
  6. Mr rosler, congrats on developing an amazing tactic. I've been using this tactic with multiple teams over the course of my save. Chelsea, Marseille, Spain, Germany and now a championship Liverpool. For me this tactic is a diablo tactic, if anythingit's just too good! I basically win every game and it's always by a big number of goagoslsgoalsals. over 40 shots per game. If anything I'm bored playing with this tactic because it's that good! Bravo! The only changes I made are mcr to box to box and mcl to roaming playmaker. You literally can't lose and score bucket loads
  7. So what are the key features to look for in the hoyd? JJudJudging potential, working with youth, man mgt and personality?
  8. Keep Oscar and buy Pogba! Cesc oscar and pogba in midfield 3... I shelled out 50 odd million to get Pogba in the first season and he was worth it. Oscar is a very good player. Or you could sell cesc and replace him with yuri
  9. Im playing as chelsea and have a brasilian feeder club. Was quite cool to see a few players come to the club through the feeder
  10. I've changed my formation from a 41221 to a 4411 in the past season and seeing good results. I find the mr and ml operate just like inside fwds (but get back and defend) witg the right instructions. Looking forward to seeing more details on your 442
  11. Lads, I have an older facepack, which is doing me well. However, I don't have any of the u21 players (ie the balantas, yuris, etc). Is there a small version of the pack or a specific # that I can download that has the wonderkids?
  12. Lads im interested to know what the game play is like on defensive? Are you knocking the ball around, retaining possession, then probing and scoring or is it nore back to the walls? Also does the change to control break the tactic? Looks interesting, I'll give tge 343 a whizz and the 442
  13. William that is an unbelievable 16yo, really good stats!
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