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  1. Elrethiel

    World Cup Records

    Some articles have 17, anyone knows which is the real number?
  2. Elrethiel

    World Cup Records

    What new records did we get this World Cup? Klose got top scorer with 16 All group winners made it to the quarters (not a record but remarkable) joint record of most goals (171)? Oldest player Faryd Mondragon 43 years Anything else? Other records added in the thread Most saves - Howard's 16 against Belgium Youngest goalscorer at a world cup for Belgium - Origi . Most wins at World Cups - Klose (18)(17)?. First player to play in four semi finals - Klose New tournament best - Algeria, Bosnia - Qualify, Greece - Round of 16, Colombia and Costa Rica - Quarters. first team to qualify for 4 consecutive semifinals - Germany Highest score in a semi - Germany Brazil 7-1 first World Cup semi-final to finish (including extra-time) - Argentina Netherlands0-0 .
  3. Elrethiel

    Brazil x Colombia - the X-Ray

    Colombia played scared, the first goal was because of lack of concentration, the offside goal was cancelled because of lack of concentration, the team only got into the game the last 10 minutes. The Referee was awful but not biased, it was allowing a lot of hard play and you can argue that Brazil got the worst of it with Neymars injury, and Thiago's silly yellow card, it's hard to say even with a good referee I don't think the result would be different the way the Colombian side was playing unless something had clicked earlier.
  4. If i set up my width slider manually, will the play wider and play narrower shout have any effect?
  5. After a season playing with the game the ME seems to be much better, it seems that the crosses are a little bit less effective that usual, but I think that's better than crosses being overpowered, I think is a good improvement. As a little bit of feedback I think referees should be a little closer to the action and they are way too nimble, I've never seen one deflect a pass by mistake, even when the ball seem to go right through them.
  6. Elrethiel

    editing an existing league

    I want to change the Colombian second division to reflect the reality. Changes I'd have to do are: Colombian second League is played in two phases, each one being a first phase where each team plays each other once, and then the first eight classify to a qualifier round where 2 groups of 4 are randomly assigned and the first team of each group classifies to the final (same as the first division). The winner of each phase meet on a playoff game to decide who will be promoted to the first division, if the same team wins both phases then is automatically promoted. The runner of the final meets the second to last team of the first division on a play off game to define if they will be promoted to the first division as well. I've been searching but can't find any tips on how to make changes to the leagues, but I haven't been able to find any information, any pointers on how to do these changes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Elrethiel

    Update rollback

    Is not about winning, I was doing pretty well in both the local and continental cups in my save, is just awful to watch.
  8. Elrethiel

    Lost my love of the game

    yeah I tried Fifa manager 12 because it was cheap, after the break of the ME before Christmas but the matches are awful, I'd rather wait for the next update of FM.
  9. Elrethiel

    1920x1080 best skin ?

    I don't get the black border, but I guess it can happen with some graphic cards/screens. Here's my last idea (is not ideal but it might help) 1. change your desktop resolution to 1600x 900 or 1366×768, You shouldn't get the black border when you do this, if you do, it might be a screen/graphic card compatibility issue 2. try setting up FM in windowed mode and maximize the screen 3. change your desktop resolution to whatever you like after closing the game
  10. Elrethiel

    1920x1080 best skin ?

    if 1920 x 1080 works fine for you you could try other 16:9 resolutions, 1600 x 900 is the next one but you might want to try others 640×360, 854×480, 960×540, 1024×576, 1280×720, 1366×768, 1600×900 as for SI support, I guess they give skinning support which allows us to do whatever we want to the skins, few games gives us this kind of options.
  11. Elrethiel

    I am at a loss

    gotta say you got this one wrong, is turtles all the way down
  12. Elrethiel

    Panini Portrait Picture Megapack FM 2013

    What skin are you using with this facepack, I really like the panini style and wanted to give it a go , it looks good on the profile, but I don't like how it shows up on the news inbox. right now I'm using the Alavanja pro skin, what are other members using?
  13. Elrethiel

    Can you code in Guardiola's move?

    I don't think coding future transfers is a good idea in a Sim, the conditions between real life and the sim state could be really different, with different clubs winning different titles, injuries, different progression and a ton of other variables.
  14. What about trying a Public test version, Starcraft style? that way is not even a beta, you would be volunteering to test the game if you are playing the test version, and it will get a higher volume of tests than any QA team can do.
  15. have you tried the readyboost option that windows gives you when you insert an SD card in your reader? It's like adding some additional RAM, since it's faster than paging to your HD helps a little bit, I've been using it for a while and it helped my old pc performance.