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  1. Yes it does cheers. Just wanted to see how much of an increase in money the new tv deal gives.
  2. SoldierBlue, how much money are you getting on average every month with the new TV deal?
  3. Im currently in the 2019-2020 season with Nottingham, last season I won the Europa League and finished 5th in the league. I have finished most seasons in the top 10 in the premiership however I can't seem to get a very good attendance to games, been averaging around 75-80% each season. I would like to know what other people are achieving because I thought by now I would be getting near enough 100% attendance and looking to get a new stadium. So what attendances are you achieving?
  4. Yes I have just started getting this exact problem! Not sure what is up with it.
  5. I got him with Manchester United for £15.5 million in the first season. Fans liked him too.
  6. Cant say I have seen something like this before. Look above the red arrow/line.
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