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  1. Thank you. So, in the last screen, do I have to fill in stadium again or leave it blank?
  2. @davie77 Can i ask you one more question? I'm trying to setup a simple pre-season cup with 2 teams. One team is fixed every year, the other is random from a lower league. I want the lower league team's stadium as the assigned stadium. So, away game for the fixed team. How do I do this? Thank you
  3. I want to set the minimum wage for non-EU players to EU9,000 a month. Can this be done? How?
  4. How does the editor know which one is Stadium0? I have the opposite problem. I want 1 tournament in 1 particular stadium, but end up by each team in their home stadium or sometimes neutral stadium.
  5. I'm trying to assign a fixed stadium to a tournament, but somehow the game ignores it. I want the tournament to be played in one stadium. Semi's both on the same day, 15:00 and 17:00 and the finals and 3rd place on the same day as well. I tried to use Advanced Rules | Grounds For Match and set the stadium as host stadium. Then I changed in Stages | Rounds |General the stadium to Host. Sometimes there's an option to use specific stadium and I try to use that, but also that gets ignored.
  6. I tried to change the names of German clubs to their German equivalent, that is, Cologne becomes "1. FC Köln" Somehow this is not getting through into the game. Is it hard-coded?
  7. Is it possible to setup a minimum wage for foreign players only? That is, if you want to "buy" a player outside of the EU, his minimum salary should be around EUR 9,000 a month or something.
  8. Same here, suddenly in August 2018 my assistant manager refused work and the quick pick button is greyed out. I'm playing a dual manager game and with one manager the quick pick is still available. Yes, both clubs have an assistant manager. I reloaded some old games (10 rollbacks) and in all of them suddenly the quick pick is greyed out while I have been playing several games when it was still available. Seems to be happening just after the recent upgrade.
  9. I have the same problem. On the 19th of August 2018 in game my assistant manager refused work while still collection a heavy paycheck.
  10. Doesn't really make sense right? These are amateurs. Born and raised in the village, played for the club their whole lives. They have a job in the village. They don't just pack up and leave, do they? First window I have 7 first team players leaving.
  11. How do you avoid your players all walking away during the first transfer window when they're on an amateur contract?
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