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  1. Does this work with FM15? If not, is there an FM15 version?
  2. Dim13, can you clarify something for me? In this file you can only play as a Level 1 (30 teams) or 2 (20 teams) club but cannot play with a Level 3 (2730 teams) club? Thanks for clarifying.
  3. Oh, well aren't I the moron. Thanks!
  4. I have the full game.
  5. I just downloaded the full game from Steam but can't find the editor in all the normal places (steamapps folder on my PC, Library/Tools on Steam). Not sure if this is the place on the website to ask the question, but any help would be appreciated (I want to do my usual add myself to the game thing ). Thanks!
  6. Hello? Is there anybody in there?
  7. Testing, testing, is this thing on?
  8. I guess I'll stop looking at this thread every day. I do so have a life.
  9. Could you please let us know how this is progressing?
  10. Any update on how this file is coming along?
  11. Not sure if you've seen this list but I think you got most of them - but I noticed you missed the Fall River Weetamoes. Also, inclusion of Ponta Delgada S.C. (John and Ed Souza of the 1950 World Cup team were on this team) would seem a must. Thanks!
  12. Oh, I really want this. I'm originally from Fall River and MUST have this!!! Looks like great fun.
  13. Let's put some information together and speculate, shall we? 1) Miles said that due to "the Greeks" putting vile messages on his personal Twitter/Facebook pages, the release has been delayed for a day. 2) Miles is an executive (i.e. not a programmer). 3) It is logical to assume that Miles's OK is necessary for the patch to be released. Thus, we can conclude the following. 1) The patch programming is complete and is waiting for Miles to OK its release. 2) The release date WAS scheduled to be today, but Miles having to clean up his Facebook/Twitter accounts delayed that for a day. AND THEREFORE, we can conclude that the patch will be released TOMORROW.
  14. Has US Goalkeeper Cody Cropper been added to Ipswich Town? He received international clearance a few days ago and played with the reserves. Thanks for all you do.