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    Hi all, I'm pretty new to forums. I tend to keep my opinions to myself, lol.

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  1. Is there a way to add reserve teams and competitions to leagues that don't currently have them? E.g. Slovenian first league? Thanks
  2. Now on £875 p/w with Crewe Alexandra. Total career earnings £16,000 after one season at Nafta Lendava in Slovenia. £300 p/w while I was there!
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. With regards to the difficulty, (or apparent lack of), what exactly is it people are finding so easy? Is it winning games and titles with big teams, or building small clubs into euro giants etc? Personally I'm more of an aspirational manager. I liketo star with euro teams no one has heard of and do what I can to make them successful. In FM11, I had a save with Nadta Lendeva (Slovenian First League). It was such a challenge but I loved it for the first few seasons while I overhauled the team and staff, but after 5 seasons, and only 1 euro appearance (plus no reserve fixtures which was really annoying!) I soon decided it was too difficult to force success upon a team like that. But with FM12, would I be able to just pack my bags and move to another country whenever I wish once I am fed up, or is it slightly easier to become more successful? Either of these would instantly make the game more appealing? Also, is there's way of adding reserve fixtures/teams, as I couldn't seem to do this in FM11. Thanks again, all responses much appreciated.
  4. I played the beta for BF3, and wasn't impressed. Do the new features actually make a difference? Is the new switching nation feature any good? It sounded like a great idea, but I am apprehensive about how it has been implemented. Has media interaction improved at all? And player interaction for that matter. Also, board interaction was a big downer for me in FM11 too. Although it was an improvement on FM10, I just felt like I wasn't involved enough, even after many years of managing the same team. Or is this something to do with the chairman and board you have? Maybe I have been playing it in the wrong way??? How does the game play on low spec machines? Another concern is that I like to play on a laptop, although I do have a good pc, but it struggled after a few seasons and started going really slow. Thanks for the feedback peeps.
  5. As the title suggests. I have been eagerly anticipating the game for months, but since it was released, I just can't get round to buying it. I think it was the demo that put me off a little. It just felt like too much of the same for me and I had grown bored of FM11. But I would like to hear some genuine opinions and reviews. Now I have FIFA 12, and with MW3 soon to be released, I don't know if it is worth making time for FM. As much a I have loved the game on the past, it feels to me to have lost some of it appeal. Like I said, I am looking for honest opinions, and really, I suppose, looking to be talked into buying a game which in the past was a no-brainer!
  6. Would love to see FML make a comeback. I would happily take it as it was when it finished. It had come so far since its first launch, it was so disappointing to see it axed. It was a great game! Ok yes it had it's issues, what game doesn't, and that didn't stop it being incredible to play. Miss you FML
  7. Nafta for me! A Slovenian first league team. I chose them on FM11 as a way of testing the new dynamic league rep introduced. It turned out to be the best save I have ever done. Got them to the semis of the CL 2 seasons in a row, dramatically improved the standing of the league in euro rankings, and to top it off, managed to persuade an ageing David Villa to join us. I will definately be starting as them in the next game.
  8. @SCIAG. Sir Alex Ferguson does have his Pro License. It is a required qualification to manage in the premier league. Glen Roeder can confirm this as he had to appeal to the FA a few years ago to manage Newcastle (I think it was Newcastle anyway) but he was still midway through his pro license. Eventually they agreed to let him stay because he would have completed it before the end of the season.
  9. With a team such a Forest, and the players they have and you have bought, it is still going to be tough in the prem. Investing in some good scouts, and signings some good quality young players on the cheap to sell on later for big profits is the first major step towards a push up the table. Keeping yourself in the prem is your number 1 priority though, so tactical changes need to be addressed sooner rather than later. Forest, along with the players you have signed are good enough for around 12th-14th in the league each season. Take a look at GoalsGalore on FM-base website as a possibility if u have the players to suit the formation. If not there are several good alternatives on there, unless you would prefer to create you own.
  10. I can see what u mean mate, especially in that it would possibly seem like a chore afte a while, but if it was an optional extra it would mean u could bypass it if you don't like it. You may consider yourself a good scout, and im sure you likely are, but what if the players' attributes reflected your scouting skill, so they were more relative to you abilities? I.e, u at a good manager in the championship, on a good wage an with high scouting qualifications. The attributes of potential new signings (especially youth/young players) are very accurate and also the potential of this player is revealed with accuracy too. Whereas a manager of low scouting knowledge who may for example be a stronger negotiator, does not see the same attributes due to not having the qualifications to recognise and assess ability and potential, but if deciding to go for that player, has the know how on how to persuade a player to join the club and do so more cheaply. This was just one of many ideas in this area I have thought of, partially inspired by FML, but I'm not sure if/how this could be implemented. If it was there would need to be a way to ensure Scouts are not rendered obsolete.
  11. For years now, each new FM has been subjected to many threads/arguments about whether SI should include a so called "personal life" in the build up to release. I have always been against it until FM11. I always thought that earning a contract and winning trophies was more rewarding than any virtual sports car. However, in the wake of FM12, I have to say I would be interested to see some things implemented in this area. I'm not talkin houses, cars, boats etc. I mean more like building your qualifications and skills. Paying for courses to learn certain skills that can improve areas such as your scouting ability, your coaching effectiveness, communication with staff and players, tactical awareness, and best of all I think would be negotiation skills. Imagine being able to work your way up through the ranks, starting as a level 2 coach that a low league chairman has taken a punt on hiring, only for you to turn out to be the find of the century as you build up your coaching badges aiming towards your pro license and leading the team to greatness. It's the sort of thing I would love to see, and like I said, I know this topic ruffles a few feathers, but it would be great to see a football manager game that pays a little more attention to the 'manager' part, rather than all about the 'football' part. Before the rants begin, there could be an option in 'preferences' to turn this feature off for those who wanted to stick to just the football. I enjoy the game as it is, and I think that it has come on a long way. There are no real major fixes requoted so a new feature such as this may bring something different. Just an idea Opent to criticism, but keep it fair it's only an opinion at the end of the day.
  12. When u see the fee that Alexis Sanchez is moving to Barcelona for and think, bargain! He'll be worth double that in a season or 2!
  13. Wow! I thought it was just me I've always done it. For some reason, when I'm playing I think it brings me good luck. Then when I'm not playing I realise quite how ridiculous it is, hahaha
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