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    Hi all, I'm pretty new to forums. I tend to keep my opinions to myself, lol.

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    Football, Rugby League

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    Manchester United

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  1. Would love to see FML make a comeback. I would happily take it as it was when it finished. It had come so far since its first launch, it was so disappointing to see it axed. It was a great game! Ok yes it had it's issues, what game doesn't, and that didn't stop it being incredible to play. Miss you FML
  2. When u see the fee that Alexis Sanchez is moving to Barcelona for and think, bargain! He'll be worth double that in a season or 2!
  3. Wow! I thought it was just me I've always done it. For some reason, when I'm playing I think it brings me good luck. Then when I'm not playing I realise quite how ridiculous it is, hahaha
  4. When you leave your mouse curser in a certain area of the screen because you're on an undefeated streak from keeping it there......is that just me? Oh. OCD, lol
  5. Not that i'm aware of, the only way to sell your club is to have your chairman leave and hope a consortium comes in rather than a director taking over.
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