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  1. For IWB (a) you can actually use a winger there. Raphael Guerreiro and Achraf Hakimi are fantastic in this position, but I am also playing Jadon Sancho there. Ideally you will use a wingback that specialises in attacking. Some defending skills are still necessary, but the focus is on the attacking skills. Speed, dribbling, off the ball movement and finishing are important factors. For WB (auto) I use wingbacks with very good defensive stats. It is tricky, as these players are basically central defenders that double as wingbacks. If you have a DC with some speed and crossing skills, that will w
  2. Is anybody using this tactic? It's doing wonders for me.
  3. Here is a screenshot of the tactic and team instructions, in case you are on Stadia:
  4. Hi everyone, This is a really special tactic. For the first time in Football Manager I managed to recreate an idea I had, and for me it is extremely succesful. 5-1-2-2 Perfect Football.fmf The tactical background A few years ago, a new tactical approach emerged where with a four man defense, a DM drops into the defensive line when in possession. These teams are playing with a four man defense when out of possession, and a three man defense (2 DCs plus the halfback DM) when in possession. My idea was to exactly reverse this. As many teams are now playing
  5. At the moment I have very little time for testing. I would be interested to know this as well. I'll see what I can do with testing in the coming weeks, but can't promise anything.
  6. Thank you for the feedback @kanonz You raise valid points. I'm busy at the moment. I will try to make some balance tweaks when I have the time. I like the core of the tactic very much. But I'm certain that I can come up with improvements for lower tier teams. Thanks again for bringing this up.
  7. Thank you for your testing@FM Base It's currently marked as 'pending test'. Looking forward to seeing the results!
  8. Pacey defenders will be a crucial addition. A good deep-lying playmaker is important too. That's no concern with Barca of course. I haven't developed set pieces and simply used the standard ones. So better use your own.
  9. Thanks @Podsyman. Let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Shameless plug: my set of tactics is possession based: Normally 55%+ possession. The third formation I use is a 4-2-3-1. I can't say that it is 'the best' tactic. But I get very good results and an exciting brand of football with it.
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