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  1. Port Vale 3 - 1 Bury Despite starting the team 19th in the table we are now 11th and only 9 points off the playoffs
  2. The Conversations are such a failure, I am scared to have a private chat with any of my players.
  3. 11.2 Patch

    How do you know CM was so bad? don't tell me you brought that crap.
  4. totally frustrating

    The game is far from impressive I must say. Seems when you miss every chance, the other team is bound to score the only chance they get. Stupid.
  5. When will it be released because there are loads of bugs in this game. And how about SI you get your own guys to test the actual product instead of waiting for us to find the bugs!! Fifa and CM wouldn't make such a complacent mistake!
  6. Disappointing so far SI!
  7. The Solution: Use Steam, it's not as bad as people make it out to be.
  8. Despite clearly clicking the 'Non negotitable' with a Loan offer for one of my players that I am counter-acting the opposing team still comes back with a different offer. This Is clearly a bug and comes down to poor testing..........
  9. Steam = Awful

    FM 2011 = Awful
  10. FM11 Premier League Logos

    Great work mate!
  11. Your team have loads of chances and barely score (even if they are the much better team in terms of quality) and the other team has 1 or 2 chances and scores. Quite wierd tbh..a problem that needs to be adressed though as it is incredibly unrealistic at the highest level to completely dominate a game and have a lot of chances and not score.........
  12. This is honestly pathetic. Puts me off playing FM tbh, if only I wasnt addicted to it when something does go right:D
  13. Alright I will try that the next game
  14. Well Im managing Aldershot, second season in League 1. We have some good young strikers, we always create chances in the penalty area, and always shoot off target or the insulting SuperKeeper saves the shots. While the other teams score 20 to 25 yard screamers quite often.
  15. The Team Im managing gets all the chances and doesnt score while the other team gets one clear cut chance and scores. So annoying