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  1. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  2. Imagine if Balotelli, Welbeck and Adu had all chosen to play for Ghana... That'd be a ****ing formidable squad (not that it isn't at the moment).
  3. I actually don't follow Ligue 1, so I can't really comment on his appearances outside of a Ghana shirt. He scored a few goals at the African Cup of Nations, but never looked very impressive doing it (a little like Niklas Bendtner (not in terms of type of player)). Before that he'd been average most times I'd seen him. Outshined by Agogo in the 2008 cup and pretty meh at the World Cup. If he's found form, that's only good for us, merely saying what I've seen of him hadn't impressed me.
  4. The Denmark World Cup Thread

    Renaming this one is a reasonable suggestion, but Lord Eboué of Ashburton Grove is supreme emperor of the world. Take his thread title away from him at your peril tbh...
  5. Issac Vorsah of Ghana, cracking player, 6'5, can play centre half or defensive midfield... Sign him up Arsene! I assume you mean Kwadwo Asamoah, rather than Asamoah Gyan?
  6. Always a great atmosphere... Went to every game at the 06 World Cup, even the ones we lost (Italy and Brazil) were still amazing. If Appiah is fit I wouldn't put money on him not starting next to The Bison. That said the real worry is up front and in goal for me. Solid defence, star studded midfield, inconsistent keeper and toothless strikers. If Quincy plays up top, then he might do well, but I'm not too sure Rajevic will play him there.
  7. People overstate their chances, anybody who saw how shockingly average they were at the African Cup of Nations would be worried. They could qualify, but if Portugal and Brazil are at even 75% of what they can be the I really doubt Côte d'Ivoire's potential to progress from the group. That said, they have the single greatest human being to ever have existed. Emanuel Eboué. Eboué for golden boot and golden gloves to be honest. He'll score the most and keep the most clean sheets. Oh, and official request to change it to "Côte d'Ivoire's journey to World Cup glory", as that's what the country is called, plus that way you can be like me and laud it over people who call it The Ivory Coast.
  8. Who Will You Support?

    As a Welsh-Ghanaian hybrid I'm tempted to say Ghana and ABE. The reality is though I'll be supporting Ghana and keeping an eye out for all the major countries (England included).... Oh, and I want Nigeria to get through until they play us then they can get an almighty 93-1 pasting from the Black Stars. I let them score one because I'm being realistic.
  9. Who will be the best of the worst?

    I wouldn't be massively shocked if Germany didn't qualify, or didn't win the group. Admittedly they usually put in a good show at the World Cup, but their current team is a far cry from the Germany of old. Their defence looks considerably weaker without the once brilliant Metzelder and the lack of Torsten Frings in midfield is also a massive blow in my mind. Their strike force is also far from impressive. Don't get me wrong, I think the Germans are still favourites, but I don't think we should just assume they'll take the group. I've got a cheeky feeling that Ghana and Serbia might qualify.
  10. Who will be the best of the worst?

    Ghana. Quite easily the strongest of those teams.... You've got the old guard of Essien, Appiah and Muntari, who on their day would get into most clubs squad. There's the introduction of Kevin Prince Boateng who is a decent enough player and has opted to play for Ghana due to a lack of opportunities in the German national squad. Lastly you've got the fantastic youngsters who've proved their quality by reaching the final of the African Cup of Nations this year. Isaac Vorsah, Samuel Inkoom, Andre Ayew, Anthony Annan, Kwadwo Asamoah, Agyemang Badu and Dominic Adiyiah. I'm backing Ghana to get at least to the quarter finals this year. They were unlucky to go out to Brazil in 06, it took two offside goals (and a third when the game was already over) for Brazil to get past them, and other than that they only lost to Italy in the group stages. I don't think many expected them to get out of a group including Czech Republic, USA and Italy.
  11. Did the same as I saw this thread had been bumped and felt inspired... FM Me:
  12. Is there any way to get my team to work a corner rather than whipping it into the box? I'd be happy with a pull back to the edge of the area, if there is a way of doing that without using the bug. The other option in my mind is playing it short, but is there any way to get the player who receives it to do something other than immediately cross?
  13. Definitely set pieces for me. The only area (well apart from maybe Match Engine graphics) that Championship Manager beats FM on is the fact that you can create custom set pieces, something which FM is crying out for. Just set him as a Central Midfielder with the Attacking instruction. That is pretty much spot on for him.
  14. However clear you are they almost always say that you were "Equivocal". I also love how if you ever say that it's never nice to see a player play badly about someone on the opposite team, you've apparently been negative and they react badly...
  15. I always just pay them what they want if it's within my wage budget.... The board give me a wage budget, and my only financial responsibility is to remain within in. If I don't, then I'll take responsibility for any financial failures, but if we go into debt because we are paying too much for wages, but I'm within my budget, it's their fault.