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  1. End of Season One, Newcastle have had Tycoon takeover. Over one million wages and nearly a hundred and fifty million to spend. They finished thirteenth in season one. https://www.mediafire.com/file/jybn8r63um0y5o8/Newcastle_Tycoon.fm/file
  2. Really impressed with how quickly this is out. Thanks for the work, looking forward to playing this!
  3. Looking good from the game I started with this. Looking forward to starting a proper game once the window closes!
  4. Thanks, I was feeling like I was rushing in a little, so the idea to write down my requirements is a good one. Will definitely do that when I get the time and seek further advice from there
  5. Saw this linked earlier in the thread: https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/NX.GP8EK.002-Acer-Aspire-7-A715-71G-53HF_2283341.html Was wondering if anybody could give me an idea of what level of performance to expect from this? I am currently playing with a laptop that struggles through with me playing 10 nations and 18 divisons and was wondering if I would be experiencing similar with this laptop. I have seen it recommended to someone earlier in the thread, but was interested in alternatives that were available at around the £600 mark (ideally wouldn't want to go over that price) and the positives and negatives of those options. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
  6. Having downloaded a real results file the other week, I started my game on 1/1/18. When I simmed to the end of the season, the Championship table was as follows: When Sunderland were taken over during the summer, Chris Coleman was sacked and I decided to take over the club. My summer activity saw an overhaul of the squad (please ignore the Crouch signing ). Mostly due to players leaving, we brought it a lot of money, and spent only a fraction of it. Despite this, the start of the season went predictably well, considering the league we were in. After almost a full half of the season undefeated, the 23rd game saw a 3-2 lead squandered with two goals in injury time. Despite the reinforcements in January seen above, the second half of the season saw us completely fall apart. The lead established in the first half of the season saw us through most of the season in first place, but a defeat to relegated Oldham resulted in us falling out of the top 2 for the first time. With this, a board meeting was called with me having one match to save my job. Resigned to defeat, we came out victors and several other key wins saw us somehow claw back first place. A last minute winner against Blackburn, which took us from third and back to first place was a particular highlight. Having regained top spot, I just needed to match or better my nearest rivals results, which we did - winning 3-0 against the team who were the catalyst of our terrible run. This was the final League 1 table... With some of my signings underperforming, I decided against signing most of my loanees permanantly, feeling much better was needed if we were to challenge for the Championship promotion spots. Top Half was expected, but optimistic hopes of playoffs were in the back of my mind. Missing out on a few big targets, we were left with the following activity. A couple of the signings were made in something of panic mode (having been rejected on deadline day by Wayne Rooney), after an awful start to the season saw us 22nd - after just 2 points from 5 games. However, after ditching what appears to have been an overly cautious approach, the team has performed above even my wildest expectations. Going into December, the result so far... My concern is continually about when my traditional and inevitable slump comes in, but back to back promotion would be great. If promotion isn't achieved, another season with this team in the Championship would probably see me leave and seek a new challenge. The squad at the moment: Lots of players were signed due to their performances on loan in the Championship with other clubs last season, and that has served us well. However, Harry Wilson - who struggled at Palace last season - has proved particularly pleasing, as well as League 1 player of the year Oliver McBurnie. After 19 games played, the following would be my strongest line-up, if everybody was fit. With January 2020 coming up, I am struggling to where I need to strengthen, although there are one or two issues with depth - meaning that players like Brendan Gallows and Todd Kane are being stretched. Beyond that, the season is going really well (as somebody who is generally terrible at the game) and while we're starting to look upwards, my target remains acheiving a play-off place...
  7. Into the third season, having finished fifth last year (14th the previous year, having taken over in November when Bilic was sacked in 20th position) and the club have been taken over by a tycoon. Was enjoying building up, so I am unsure if I will reknew when my contract is up at the end of the season. Going into the season I was playing a 4-3-2-1 with the following: (GK) Jack Butland (RB) Sam Byram (CB) Chris Smalling - Gustavo Gomez (LB) Aaron Creswell (CM) Gideon Jung - Lucas Tousart - Mario Lemina (AM) Ross Barkley - Raheem Sterling (ST) Michy Batshuayi Switched to a 4-2-3-1 with Michael Antonio coming in on the wing and Sterling back to LW, where he is unfortunate less effective, but the formation seemed to be getting figured out so we changed. Missed out on Leon Bailey due to my tactic change and have regretted it. Looking at Bentaleb and Embolo who are doing well at Schalke for the January window. Draxler is also transfer listed at Barca, but doesn't seem interested. Will add screenshots later
  8. I may be wrong, but I got something similar when trying to set up the database with "17.3" instead of the default database. I since read that this update is only compatible with the default database
  9. Playing on android, I quit the game without saving by mistake. Having thought I had saved, when I next launched the game, I clicked no when it asked me if I wanted to load the auto save from after the match. The "pre_match" save seems to be in my fm2017 games folder still, but with a different extension (fct, rather than fmv). I tried to copy the file, then rename it with the extension .fmv, but that hasn't worked. Is there anyway to apply the auto save from the folder again, or have I missed the chance?
  10. Brilliant update. This will keep me playing until FM2017, having previously not played since before the summer window. Thanks a lot!
  11. Would it be considered a bug that I have a mid-week game on the same day as Under 21 internationals. I had no chance to withdraw the players and will be missing Januzaj, Wilson and Shaw in my next game. Shouldn't they prioritise my game? In fact, would the matches even ever clash in a real life schedule? Edit: Wilson didn't even feature in the match but missed my game. Being kept out by a back up player for Burnley.
  12. I've thrown away a huge lead at the top of the league since the new year. Had 15-4-0 (W-D-L) record before the new year, have since gone on a record of 2-3-4. Can't seem to score enough and Rooney/RVP/Falcao are all stinking the place out. Thankfully, Van Persie and Falcao are on their way out at the end of the season. Wilson is basically the only bright spot in the team at the minute and maybe Januzaj
  13. Has anyone signed Bonucci, I'm coming up to the end of the transfer window (start of the second season) and have yet to sign any defenders. He's available for about £37.5m I think it was and with clauses I can afford him. Anyone had any experience with him? Scouts say he'd be my best center back and he had a great season with Juventus but I'm not sure at such a high price. I looked at Hummels but he went to Madrid and Godin but with his agents 50% he's too expensive.
  14. Does anyone know what the stats is IRL for the consecutive games that United have fielded a youth academy product? And is it just league games or does it include all competitions? Heard it pop up a few times this year but don't know where to find it. Played a 7 or 8 matches so far and Blackett is the most used player in my squad, started all but 1 league game and all the league cup games, so I'm hoping to keep the record going. With him, Evans and Januzaj I should be able to keep it up for the first season and after that I'm hoping Januzaj is a guaranteed starter.
  15. Had my own injury problems in pre-season. Lineup for the opening day: Herrera is nowhere near fit.
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