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  1. 9.3.0 strikers scoring?

    i've had an terrible time with my strikers, at man utd my first season strike force was berbatov, rooney and tevez... and between them they managed a pathetic amount of goals.. in the end berbatov was so bad i sold him and brought in aguero... but he endured the same terrible panic infront of goal... i was constantly required to berate them publicy and whilst they agreed they were playing "nowhere near good enough" it didn't stop them going on to gain a 5.3 every game in the month. perhaps its something to do with my coaches.. but i have a high stars amount on shooting and attacking.. and its not as if they are bad players.. any hints?
  2. woop! its working at last, the lastest fix did it for me... now for world football domination.. starting with blue square north!
  3. but they ovbiously are NOT doing it are they? you said it yourself how many downloads have happened? its seems near pointless to have put such a stupidly inadequate system on the game... but no only that they have alieanated the loyal customers (especially those such as myself who have no interest in computer schematics etc, who just want to play a football manager game... its really infuriating because its so ovbious that they have put profit before real customer... if the problem is soo widespread as they say fine... yet they managed to have enough money to make this years game from last years profits... and last years had no activation ********.. perhaps if they lowered the price in the first place more people would by the game... btw can you tell this is from someone who is yet to get the problems sorted with this years edition. it really is annoying.
  4. "After prolonged issues with pre-release piracy" right, it may be ovbious, but i don't know the first thing about computers, but if it's pre-release piracy, why don't you keep the game from being copied until you start selling it... i could understand people pirating it AFTER it's been released, but if it is being pirated before its release.. why on earth would you need to stick an activation code on the game for when its released... does that make sence? or do i not understand what is meant... on a side note its good that you've made an effort to release a statement.... although it would of been better if it included the line of " next year activation will be scrapped 'cos of the problems it causes" are you not worried about the loss of revenue next year because of the bad press of this version? and has the activation system saved you more money from pirated copies?
  5. i got a -1 error what ever that means?
  6. im still getting the " no internect connection " bullcrap when i try and enter the activation code... and when i try to enter it via that program that you've set up all i get is an error box. can't you just switch of this activation code? or put out a batch without it? it seems such a silly thing to have done, when right now people who have a pirate copy will probs be playing it? major letdown.
  7. same problem as villalad. soon as there's a real fix let us know.
  8. sorry, Marc wasn't trying to annoy you, just the fustration of the bizzareness of this situation... i mean has there ever been such a big problem with a game before?
  9. same problem as comment 35. is the address provided correct?
  10. I get the "unable to connect" message as soon as i enter my code and press next... its getting really annoying now.. but whats more annoying is that your fix doesn't even make sence, for a start points 1-5 don't happen for me as all i get when i go to that adress is a box asking for a password etc seriously this is well annoying. what made you lot think it was a good idea to put all this encryption rubbish on this game? i really do hope you've saved yourselfs that 20p extra or what ever it is from stopping people having pirate copies... cos come this time next year, you aint gonna be seeing a penny from most of the loyal fans of the game... what a joke.
  11. Also, i really like those screen shots from StanPetrov, it would defiantly revamp the FM franchise, as well as offering something new to those who have played it
  12. this has probably been answered, but whats the deal with licenses with football manager? as well as FM i play Pro Evo, yet neither of them ever manage to have a complete set of licenses particularly FM who seem to have everyone except the English Premier league? can anyone offer an explanation, or show me where i could find one.