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  1. Hi guys, i just want to ask if you know is possible to add filter button in team squad page. This button is in search page and let you to select attributes. For example if I want to know wich players have 14 pace and 14 stamina and 14 acceleration in my team i'd like to have the filter button in team squad page. I tried messing up with panels but without success. Anyone knows something about it? Thanks in advance
  2. anyone knows if tutoring is changed with last patch? thanks
  3. Hello, i'm italian and i have a little question was tutoring modified with 11.3? It is possible to tutor players over 21 now? I remember previous FM you could tutor until 24 years old, am i right? I think players should be "tutorable" until 24 years and the success should depend also from reputation and international caps. Not only from current ability. thanks in advance
  4. is it possible to add "list all" and "remove all" buttons to club players section into the editordata? thanks for replies
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