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  1. Not every time, but 50% of the time it goes to (Not responding) when you try and adjust the window. Im running Windows 8.1, 2560x1600 resolution.
  2. I bought it from GMG, I too had expected that they would send me the key in my email. This worked Thanks.
  3. I've reinstalled the game 2x now, and verified the integrity of my local cache. Any ideas what's going wrong? I'm located in the U.S.
  4. I presume my Director of Football brought someone in for a trial, THREE YEARS AGO. Now, there is no way to get rid of them. I can't terminate their trial, because I didn't bring them in. Has anyone seen this? I'm in LIGA BBVA and this guy is from when I was in Spanish League 3. He does NOT belong.
  5. 16 games? I'm at 35 games in the same tactic which is only 50%
  6. Why would they have nothing to say some games, and something to say other times? How can I give them something to say? I could never figure this out in FM2012.
  7. When asking them for opposition instructions prior to a match, sometimes they are all greyed out - sometimes the goaltending coach can give instructions, but mostly they are greyed out. What causes this?
  8. The default skin is NOT readable for many clubs. How can you defend player information that looks like this!?!
  9. I'm playing a 4-3-1-2. I have played wide and narrow, same issue. I have seen other people on reddit discussing this happening to them.
  10. ALL of the oppositions goals on me are coming from crosses. Either their players cross it in and it goes to feet and gets banged in OR they cross it in and it's scored off of a header. I don't know if the AI doesn't allow defenders to properly position or what. Is it possible now that match prep has been fixed and you have to spend time on defending and attacking set pieces?
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