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  1. Hi! I'm building new PC. My current one is 10 yeards old! FM is the only game I play these days. I want GPU that can run 3D match engine all settings maxed out. I dont really have any idea what would be good enough GPU for that job. But I have decide to go with Nvidia. Is GeForce GTX 950 good enough?
  2. In FM13 I made FC Basel as second most reputative club in the world and got swiss leugue in top 10. It took around 20 seasons. I had rule that half of my players have to be swiss.
  3. Real word does not work that way. First. It is up to player to decide if he want to move when club has accepted offer. Second. Bigger clubs usually have to pay more because they can, lesser clubs offer less because it the best they can offer. IRL bigger clubs have pay more because smaller clubs see their interest as a chance to make lot of money. I respect your effort to defent FM from critic but it seems you try to see all FM's bugs as real word phenomenons.
  4. I love my FM13 save. It is season 2029/30 and I still discover new features! "Basel have been invited to play several pre-season matches in China due their high popularity in country" I just had this one. I have never heard about this feature. Have you guys had this one before?
  5. I signed 17 yo ukrainian attacking midfielder who is model professional about 6 months ago. He cant move to my club before he is 18. Now there is still one moth to go before he can move. I went to check his profile and was very surprised. He actually learned basics german language(I'm FC Basel) before moving clubs. Never seen this before! I'm sure this happens IRL too but didnt know it is in FM.
  6. And what the h*** happened to my reserve team stadium? They played their games on another ground but this information is now gone from club information screen. Thanks SI.
  7. I just got my new stadium. My club is ranked 9th in Europe, so it is very top club. Club is rich and it has all resouces needed. I also HAD best possile facilities. After moving to new stadium my training and youth facilities are now worse and available for upgrades. What is the logic here? If top club builds new stadium they wont downgrade their facilities in the process.
  8. Is my game seriously bugging now! It is time for international call ups and none of my first team players were called up!? Usually around players 15 from my 22 man squand is called up. WTF is happening in my game? This has never happened before! Even national team captain dont get called up? REALLY?
  9. I have fantastic regen. Box to box MC. His reputation went up to worldwide in the end of last season. Now 9 months later it is back to continental. I cant think any reason why!!! He is performing well. His av r is better then two previous seasons. He is still developing since he is only 24 so it cant be aging. He is playing well for his national team too. What the hell?
  10. I asked new stadium and they said yes. I carefully planned this for years and build my finances so strong that club could take huge dept for new stadium. But.. my board paid all! They invested 150 millions so club dont have to take any dept! This feels like cheating. Made everything so much easier.
  11. I have to say that this "guide" it is unfortunately popular. Mainly because it is trying to explain lot of things in FM and there really is no better ones available. But really many things in this "guide" are just assumed (but offered as the truth), inaccurate or completely wrong. It bothers me to see that this "guide" is so often linked here. It does not offer exact knowledge of the game.
  12. At least one thing have changed. Now my best players got worldwide reputations before they were only continental even if they were world top 5 in their role/position. So club reputation limits player reputation.
  13. We just dont have enough information about this game. There is millions of these little thing that nobody really knows how this and that really works. The is no need for SI to be that vague. Some things you can find out by yourself but many things have so many variations that there is no way that one person would ever have enough time to really get the picture how these things really work in this game. I just played CL final and man of the match had important matches as weakness.. nobody have ever explained or can explaind what really are those important matches. Only SI can see it from the code and nobody from SI wants to expained it for us. I dont know if it is their policy or they just dont care. But this problem is getting bigger every year. FM is getting more and more complex and players can only assume how some old and new feature really work. I can see players getting fed up to this.
  14. This may be my biggest achievement in long career saves in FM. I finally got FC Basel reputation from national to continental. I can tell you that it was not easy mainly because Swiss Super League is quite small one in reputation. It is now 2026. I won CL 2022 and lost EL final 2023. This season (2026) I got in to CL final again but lost it. After final I saw that team reputation was changed to continental. (and of course I have won Swiss league and cup every year but I dont think that will ever make Swiss club reputation to rise continental level) I wonder what will this change? Are there some things that club can do now since reputaton is continental?
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