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  1. To me it seems that the complaint about the offside is a cover up to hide their bad positioning . It seems to happen if a player is behind the other defenders when he should be alongside and he whines to the linesman to cover up his failings . It always seems to be the one out of position who complains
  2. I get annoyed as no matter what i set my full backs to do they insist on lamping the ball diagonally across field towards the diagonally opposite corner , IE the RB hammers it towards the oppostions right corner flag and the LB towards the oppositions left corner flag .
  3. I have noticed that the hoardings round the pitch display an advert for Movember all the year round . Whilst i realise that they are adverts for real web sites surely a bit more realism with them just on display in November in game would be better Also every single stadium has the teams banner hanging in exactly the same place as each other . If Sigames are going to put things like this into the game then surely a bit of variation would not go amiss .
  4. :p Thou shalt always get carried away in desperation and buy a player who is not good enough for your team , just because you cannot get the ones you wanted for that position , then realise quite quickly that he is even worse than you hoped and stick him back on the transfer list or try to get him to accept mutual termination , thereupon having him whinging and crying at you in a conversation :o Thou shalt quickly get fed up of the same conversations in press conferences and job interviews and wonder why they are actually there in the game , but still do them because it seems like the right thing to do Thous shalt never blame your own tactics for losing games . Thou shalt always blame the game itself , stating it is bugged
  5. I just got a newspaper article where i was accused of splashing the cash to buy players instead of bringing them through the ranks . Totally confused as i am at Doncaster and have not bought one single player in a year and a half due to the club being broke and over their wage limits . in fact i have actually sold or released seven players to get the wages into line and brought in three free signings so i actually still had a complete first team , and have been playing with a squad of 15 players while i try and offload two more high earners . The only players that might have come into the club for a fee were ones the chairman tried to sign which i cancelled .
  6. I am into season two and mine is already up at 88mb
  7. Alex could you be clearer please Can it be done once the match is in progress and how please as no matter where i look i cannot find any options to do it Directions on where to go to find the options would help a lot
  8. :confused: A wing back for the opposing team was running my fullback ragged so i wanted to have my left midfielder man mark him . I gave up after 10 minutes of hunting through various places trying to find out where the option to set man marking is Any help would be appreciated , i know where it is in previous version of the game but can i heck find it in this one Sorry if this post is in the wrong place :confused:
  9. Is anyone else playing in the Vanarama leagues in England amazed at the amount of wonder goals being scored . Match after match strikes flying in from 35 and 40 yards and the same with long distance freekicks from way outside the box . Goals that in the premiership they would be raving about and calling the goal of the season yet totally commonplace in the lowest divisions
  10. I have had it happen every version of FM i have had . Would be nice to finally not have it popping up every time
  11. if you get promoted then they will readjust it as you would be expected to have higher income from various sources IE sponsorship and gate money etc
  12. It seems the game relies too heavily on them to justify having them there and also the limited replies soon get boring
  13. the fair play rules mean that you cannot spend more than a certain percentage of your income on wages no matter if you have loads in the bank as far as i am aware . supposed to stop poorer clubs going stupid with money but just a pointless restriction
  14. If you can both access the internet at the same time and both have a seperate copy of the game then yes
  15. players will only play for one or the other if the game is on the same day , or if their fitness is not high enough from playing for one team they will not be picked for the other if its within a day or so
  16. I think a more unrealistic aspect of the free kicks is the games seeming need to have a shot with any free kick within 30 yds instead of sometimes trying to put through other players
  17. Anyone know how to get an advert to restart again please ?
  18. I have not seen anything anywhere about this but with FM15 how do you get it to restart a staff advert after it offers you some staff , IE an assistant manager advert . The first lot of choices i was offered were horrendously bad Previously you clicked the button at the bottom of that screen but now its no longer there and the option to place an advert is greyed out and i tried leaving it for a season but did not get offered another single assistant manager to sign up to the club .
  19. I am another who has no interest in twitch . just extra installed unwanted stuff for something i will never use
  20. maybe i am wrong but the tactics set are basically a form of slider and telling players to IE play wider is a form of adjusting the slider . I just hope this year that you can set your tactics to have shouts pre implemented at the start of a match in your tactics setup . Say maybe wanting your players to always get stuck in from the off and not having to set them every time just before the match . it always annoys me that you have to set that every time .
  21. if it needs a patch no doubt they will patch it and release it on steam like last year .
  22. I wont be this year as after last year i am not buying it until at least January when they have patched it a few times . Once bitten twice shy
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