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  1. Is it possible to change start season year (for example, 1996)?
  2. *Coach mode: To do the game more realistic (most of teams in the world have coach and no manager). I mean, you can start contrated like coach (after you can review your contract) and the general manager of your club (or president) who sign players. You can say him what positions need to strong, if you need a key player or one reserve player, and the caracteristics that he must have. Suggest definite players too. For example, Rafa Benítez in Valencia was a simply coach. Who signed players was the general manager, and when Rafa Benítez goes to Liverpool, he did it like manager. I think would be a good option, more realistic. Of course, when you choose the first club, you can choose if you want start like manager or like coach... And after you can negotiate the contract, in your club or another clubs. Sorry for my english.
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