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  1. I'm absolutely loving it so far. The xG stuff is so good. Found the ME to be fantastic too. I've been doing the press conferences/team talks too and I've been fairly happy with them. I don't normally bother. I'm okay with the purple skin also, although I really don't like the white tiles/backgrounds in some contexts that are way too bright. Only really encountered one bug so far, the one where transfers just get stuck after accepting an offer. I lost out on selling Lingard and Romero Very solid so far though, good stuff SI!
  2. I don't like the fact that he said "If it goes live at 20:21 it's accidental" Says one of two things. 1. They don't care about the 20:21 meme 2. He's suggesting if it's live then it will have been by accident.
  3. I only got to December int he latest season in my Forest FM20 save and now have no desire to play it again
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