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  1. Enormous transfer fees

    Yeah this facet of the game always ruins it for me, a player valued at 2mil and the club want 80mil - first why not value him at around 80mil? second, i really think the more money you have the more money the AI wants from you. Meanwhile i have to settle selling my 2mil player for .. you guessed it 2mil! Half the fun is bringing in good players when you are successful, but surely these inflated prices must only go towards proven world class players - messi, ronaldo etc .. not some pleb who cant even make the bench at his own club all season.
  2. How can we stop/edit Sergio Canales going to Madrid????

    Yeah its from a new game, the idea was to start a new game with Canales in my team from the beginning. JLlo, can you try it yourself and post back with what you get? Also, do any of the SI guys ever read these threads maybe i can get feedback from them
  3. How can we stop/edit Sergio Canales going to Madrid????

    i dont mean to be rude, but did you read any of the replies? it wont work, it was even verified by a second person in the thread that also tried it. maybe you should try it also? this is with the new 10.3 patch for future reference
  4. How can we stop/edit Sergio Canales going to Madrid????

    yeah ive tried many times to solve, the only thing i can think of is that it is now some how hardcoded into the new patch
  5. How can we stop/edit Sergio Canales going to Madrid????

    just posting again to say that it did not work, he is still showing as a pending transfer to real. this is bizarre i think i should just coach real madrid instead and be done with it, any other ideas?
  6. How can we stop/edit Sergio Canales going to Madrid????

    ok thanks allot, i didnt realize they gave him his own .edt file :O
  7. How can we stop/edit Sergio Canales going to Madrid????

    He is going to be a monster at Madrid and the end of the world as we know it. I must find away to go back in time and talk him out of it, there must be a way .. there must...
  8. Ive used the editor, removed his "future transfer date" but when i start the game he starts in my team but is still moving to Real in a few months and is happy to be moving there! I even put in my own future transfer back to my club, but it doesnt show up, he still moves to Madrid??! How else can i stop this man from moving to Real? I want him in my club from the start and i dont want to waste 2-3 seasons before he gives in his usual transfer request. Can anyone help? Did i miss something in the editor?? I even checked the real madrid club info screens in the editor to see if there was a hidden screen there, i couldnt find anything. edit> YES. we have tried removing the .edt file. Re-editing the .edit file, starting a new save, etc. the man still has a future transfer pending to Real Madrid.
  9. Hard time selling players....

    yeah i agree, its very frustrating to say the least. I cant sell Park, Nani, Carrick or Berbatov during most saves How do you explain that?
  10. weirdest one i ever saw was as Man Utd seeing Ben Foster take a free kick for an offside decision then booting it from one end of the field to the other to score the greatest goal ive ever seen in my FM life. I managed to fraps it and was going to put it on youtube but i couldnt be bothered
  11. Fickle fans!!

    Yeah it bugs me you win two rival games then you draw the next game and your fans dont think its good enough! lol .. i dont even read what they have to say anymore. My hot secretary brings me the report from the Fans Chairman and i screw it up and straight into the bin.
  12. Just one more game! ... 2am
  13. Youth Loans

    Yeah i always wonder if you send out Youth (even though they play in your reserves and you have top coaches/facilities) if they improve better/faster playing First Team football at some 2nd tier league side.
  14. who scores all your goals

    the opposition
  15. Widescreen/Windowed on FM10

    why wont it let you select window mode in preferences in the full game? in the demo i had the option and now its gone :/