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  1. Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    Due to refusing to move on from my marathon FM09 game I slowly stopped using this forum. This, of course, resulted in me not checking on this story or the others I followed on this board. Mores my shame. Still, I am back after years away and I'm glad to say that your writing has aged well. It is as great as I remember - captivating, entertaining and addictive. My only worry is that you seem to have slowed down on the updating front? Is this accurate? Are you getting back into the swing of things? In short, am I going to get my regular fix? Anyway, I'm glad to see you're still writing and still writing to such a high level. Long may it continue.
  2. Hey, I'm still playing FM09 and seeing as it is outdated on here there isn't much room for me to discuss my game, tactics, etc. I was wondering if there was a sub-forum I'm too blind to see, or a website that dealt in older versions, that I can still talk about FM09 on. It can get pretty frustrating having problems that no-one else can help you with, so anywhere that I can go would be helpful, thanks.
  3. Clearing the Ball

    Thanks for the reply Dakka, much appreciated. Having taken into consideration the points you and Talak have pointed out I have seen a marked increase in the quality of possession coming out from the back. That is not to say that it has been solved, there are still an annoyingly large amount of long pointless kicks to no-where a game, but I have seen a definite decrease in them. When I start to revolutionise my defence by bringing in new players with better 'mental' stats that you both suggested I am positive things will improve further. Thanks.
  4. Clearing the Ball

    Hey, thanks for the reply. Regarding the tempo suggestion; to be honest I doubt it is this in particular (although it may be a small influence) as I have been playing this game save for nearly three decades game time and during that period I have played with many tempo's and style of play. The same can also be said for my use of 'time wasting' with it being quite low at the moment, but in seasons past being relatively high for more possession based tactics. Once again, I doubt it is the main cause but I suppose it could always be a small part. Your mention about composure though is something that I hadn't considered. Looking at my defence now I can see that I haven't put much thought into this attribute, as while no-one is below 11 in composure no-one is above 14 either. In a premier league team with the pressure in 'big games' I can see how this might be leading to this mad use of the ball. I think from now on in I will have to keep that in mind when shopping around in the future. Thanks. That being said, if anyone else has any other ideas I would be glad to hear them. It will be a while before I can sort out the composure of my defence, so shorter fixes are more than welcome.
  5. Hey, first off I don't know if I am still in the right place for this, but I am still playing FM09 - got a great game save I love which I have had since I started it - and I don't know if there is a special forum for 'outdated' versions? Anyway, if you can help or point me in the right direction that will be great, thanks. Right, my problem has been bugging me for years (not often you can say that and mean it). It seems that every time that I get shown a defensive highlight when it comes to my defence's clearances the ball almost always finds an opposition player - even when there is a team mate within space and offloading it would be easy. It's specifically annoying because I can see so many opportunities to break and score, or at least put pressure on them, but all that happens is that they recycle possession and come at me again, and again, and again. I can understand the odd poor choice, but when it happens again and again and so often leads to me conceding, or at the very least stopping me from attacking, it frustrates me no end. So my question to you readers would be, 'how do I stop this waste of possession?'
  6. B side

    Hey, I am still playing on FM09 and have come across a stumbling block. I have worked my way up to managing Real Madrid, and now find myself at a loss with my B side. Not because, as is the usual complaint, I don't like the system, but rather because it has a really stupid manager. 'Castilla' - Madrid B - is currently in 32m debt, which while not pleasant is fine, and I can live with that. What I can't understand is that with a wage budget of 4k - I used Genie scout - he is offering out contracts in the range of 5-35k p/w which is only crippling the B side further. Now, while most of you might suggest to let it be as it has no direct bearing on my management, I want this side to do well. But more importantly I want to send some youngsters there for game time, and not have them come back with 34 grand a week contracts. I would leave them in my U19 side, but there is little competition there as they easily romp all their opponents, and I have some youngsters who have great potential but aren't even getting time in the U19 side. Is there anyway to curb the B sides manager's overspending?
  7. Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    ... wow. Way to rock the boat there. Brilliant twist, and one that I honestly didn't see coming. KUTGW. ... but now your gonna leave us in the dark about how this whole conversation went aren't you? Typical 10-3.
  8. Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    This is as great as it has ever been, if not better. Thanks for continuing to share such an epic with us, it's a truly terrific read. ... you had me worried for a while there that you had gone and left us without this epic tale, so it's great to see you back - even if it is after only a short break.
  9. Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    I've always rated a story/novel on how personal I get with the characters. In this regard you are without doubt one of the best. When I read that I felt true anger towards Hardcastle and sympathy for Rob; that is how good you are. This is one of the best stories out there at the moment, and I hope it doesn't end any time soon. Best of luck, your a brilliant writer.
  10. Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    ... Run Ridgway, Run! This is still really fun to read. I truly don't know how you do it but, whatever this miraculous thing is, don't stop. This is simply brilliant.
  11. Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    Why do I feel this is going to backfire on Rob? On another note, seeing as everyone else is picking up some sort of analysis to your epic saga I got thinking last night about it as well, and while mine isn't as in depth I did notice one thing that bugged me. Is it me, or is it planned, that Rob isn't showing the same enthusiasm to his Job in the Rat Pack in comparison to Calcio? It just seems to me that In Calcio he was doing something he loved, whereas in this it feels like he is being a manager as a way of escaping his home life - much like depressants would bury themselves in work. Am I reading this correctly, or have I gone and taken a wrong turning somewhere along the lines? :confused: Either way, I am still enjoying this intensely and congratulate you yet again - god you must be getting bored of this - on being such a great writer.
  12. Luton Town : Staring into the Abyss

    I know it has been said countless of times, but you truly are a writing genius. To keep this going with such skill as to captivate us all is just pure talent. I actually love the quirky, sarcastic - whatever they are - comments that have popped up to end the last three posts. I really think that they add that bit more to your writing style, was this intentional? Or was it just something that came about? Either way it's brilliant, your story is brilliant and I thank you for continuing to share it with us
  13. Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    This is truly brilliant. I loved that last post, and in fact, every post that you make. I find myself being drawn into the tale so powerfully by your writing ability that I actually had a dream about the characters last night - which if it comes true, I will claim physic powers - which clearly shows how in-depth and simply entertaining this tale is. Thanks for sharing it with us, and long may it continue.
  14. Luton Town : Staring into the Abyss

    Out of interest, did you choose to have the manager of AFC Wimbledon hate you, or is it one of the in game 'dislikes' that you just thought up a storyline for? Your story making skills are beyond me, they are captivating and interesting in areas they shouldn't be - for example, if someone asked me do I want to know about some managers personal life I would say no before they even finished asking, but the way you have done it is beyond brilliant. Thanks for entertaining us with it, and I hope you keep it up.
  15. Luton Town : Staring into the Abyss

    Haven't posted in a while, so I'd thought I'd pass on my compliments once again; this is truly a great piece of work and consistently entertains me. Kudos to you and keep it up ... and yeah, like all the rest. I hope your wedding went well and married life is treating you well